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Let us stand up for our rights, Masebo urges Zambians


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

Sylvia Masebo has called called on fellow Zambians to stop and say no to the current trend of human rights violations in this country.

Ms Masebo said she is concerned at the rate at which Zambia are sitting back while their human rights are violated by fellow Zambians.

” I am, in particular, concerned at the rate at which the majority of Zambians are sitting back while Human Rights of fellow Zambians are being violated. Most Zambians seem less concerned because it’s not directly happening to them,” she said.

“In order to truly put a halt to oppression and the supression of our fundamental rights rights we, the people, need to care about our liberties,” Ms Masebo said.

The Former Chongwe Member of Parliament said Zambians need to have a united vision and purpose.

“If we fail to stand up and speak against oppression and the violation of our rights then we will never be a strong enough force as an independent nation,” she said.

“We should not lose sight of the things that matter most. Our rights and freedoms should be first!!!. Only then will we see us stand strong against bad leadership. Regardless of your political affiliation, wrong is wrong.”

“First things first. Protect your rights. Stand up for your rights,” she added.


    • Welcome back Madam real Vice President we missed you. Where have you been while this Lungu business has been misbehaving. I almost thought that you had disserted us and you were cuddling up with RB to get a job from ECL! Joy you are still in our camp in our quest to get our country back. Well done baby Silvia soon we will defeat the enemy and you will be flying first class again. Aluta continua

    • I think Masebo should be the next addition to the group of offenders on Treason Charges. If you read carefully her comments, she is asking Zambians to rise up against the democratically elected government and destabilise peace in Zambia. I am sure she is part of the group that is burning government buildings. THE MAJORITY OF ZAMBIANS ARE NOT FOOLS TO BE WOOED INTO VIOLENT PROJESTS AS SOME SECTORS OF OUR SOCIETY HAD HOPED FOR WHEN THEY WERE COOKING UP THEIR PLANS TO COMMIT THE TREASON CHARGES. I really miss KK because he would have dealt with this issue very squarely.

    • Too much of politicians! The problem with politicians is they all want to become a part of the rest of us when the going is bad for them yet they totally forget the rest of us when the going is good for them enjoying among themselves! I’ll just be for myself and the circle of friends I have for ourselves enjoying the ‘politics’ of among ourselves!

    • Adult excort service provider with a dildo in hand, thinking and eating LT. I will have no choice left but to expose your real identity to the masses…just wait!!!!

    • Change your outdated profile picture. You are just like UPND who want to have a Tonga president regardless of the calibre. Change it or you will be blocked

    • ‘Leave me alone’ is single be Micheal Jackson also featured in his seventh Album Bad(1987) realesed outside USA and Canada. This appered as a bonus track on the CD release. Now the same words are being used on LT outside Zambia, a great coincidence. Well done MU BB SH 20 OT 14 A. Tha 16 nks

    • Mushota you seem to lack origin and if think you cannot be fished out you are mistaken[it appears you have nothing better to do no wonder you respond negatively just to arose followers’ anger who if you are a real zambia or half colored.

    • Mushota please go get married and have kids so that you are busy doing productive things in life like supporting your family. Not supporting an ilegal president from a party that is full of thugs and criminals. It is quite shameful to see the entire state machinery which belongs to each and every Zambian abused by one man and his thugs. Awe sure. Who will ever stand up foe what is right in Zambia if we all accept wrong things in society. Lungu has damaged Zambia’s international image and judicial system we are now like Zimbabwe with an expired leader.

  1. We will never allow a right to prostitution in zambia and anyone who support lawlessness in zambia is a prostitute

    • Tell that to Mushota, and adult full service provider, possing as PhD student in her dreams

  2. So Masebo you want us to protest on streets over HH?never!!your nonsense in upnd was too much and Govnt did well to you have proved that majority Zambians cannot support your stupidity.our human rights are very police officer disturbs my freedom.its you politicians who can complain because you are fighting for state house (money)!!!BRAVO TO ZP FOR PROTECTING OUR PEACE!!KEEP IT UP AND CAGE ANYBODY WHO PUTS OUR SECURITY IN DANGER!!ZAMBIA IS BIGGER THAN ANY POLITICIAN!!

  3. Only when politicians will tell us the truth about what they want will this country see meaningful development. you want the poor because things are now tough for you you can’t sleep. Where were you when the poor has been spending sleepless nights?

  4. Respect the people of Zambia, you are the some leaders who told the Zambian to vote No for the bill of rights during the referendum now today you are telling us that human rights being violated in this country. as leader do things that will benefit the nation and not you and your family, that’s being selfish.

  5. The law is oppressive and segregative by design and nature. The good thing is it never toughes those who abides by it. No cop has ever touched me in my life. Masebo telling people to stand up is a good idea but remind them not to break the law. The best is to tell people to stand up and work hard for the development of Zambia not destruction of the country. If you are not in power doesn’t mean you should destroy the peace. Becacuse of stupidity hh is behind bars today. We already fought for our freedom and therefore we can’t have any freedom fighters in this erra.
    This govt is ok the problem is you

  6. HH and UPND are behaving like they lost the very last election before our Lord Jesus Christ returns! Take it east, the gospel is still be preached and is yet to reach every corner of the globe. So we still have many elections to run; so HH please sit back, be a good boy and wait for your turn. By the way, if UPND really loved Zambia, they’d not be burning our infrastructure!

    • Umwina Nkana you are actually right, they behave as if there will never be another election in Zambia hence they have turned a blind eye to long term planning. How sad.

  7. I pray that God will reward Mushota according to how he responds to issues. God understands motives & He cannot be mocked forever. You can not forever trifle with the hearts that Christ died to redeem. You can never forever go on carelessly celebrating humanity’s suffering unless it suits you. Careful, the ‘numberer’ of your hair watches & will not be silent eternally.

  8. But Sylvia Masebo run away into the maize fields in New Kasama when police raided HH’s home. How come she could not stand up for HH’s rights by remaining put at HH’s home? At least, Nkombo accepted to receive police beating before he also bolted into the fields and found himself at the UTH. After that beating, all he remembered was that the police had beaten the stupidity and all hell out of him.

  9. Uyu namakwenkwe afuma kwisa? Sylvia you are socially and politically expired. just continue paying young boys for sex. We know how randy you are.

  10. @fuehrer, You are the same people who are escalating docility in this cant even ask your self why things like call out or search warrant are put in place.How do you explain officers breaking into your house without first issuing a call out or presenting you with a search warrant?

  11. I hope Masebo realises that she is also speaking for Lungus’s rights. He, more than all of us, needs to stand up for his rights as a citizen and a Republic President. It would be a mockery for Silvia to only assert her rights while constantly abusing the rights of another citizen. It is political delinquents and lumpen anarchists like Masebo who turn mild leaders into hard-boiled despots. Live and let live.

  12. Why would majority of people who rejected you and your party stop their income generating activities and protest against the very government and ECL they endorsed?? You are seriously disillusioned about a supposed dictatorship which will bring mass uprising and hh will be freed then the people will take him to state house and ofcourse…you shall be minister again…NOT IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS, LOSER!!! YOU GO AND STRIP NAKED AND PROTEST ON THE STREETS BY YOURSELF, MAYBE YOU CAN ENTERTAIN US A BIT…KWEKWEKWEKWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Politicians have been using the masses to raise the thermometer of their popularity.A politician is a very carnal animal.People should not be taken that politicians will fight for them.The human rights they talk about is just to hoodwink the masses and forget about them.A politician will not fight battles whose value he does not benefit at all.People should just have a civic duty of casting a vote and whoever wins should not be a big fuss.These politicians are all liars cut from the same cloth of deception.Never trust them lest you get disappointed.People have been sued as tissues and thereafter dumped in a toilet of oblivion.

  14. Politicians have been using the masses to raise the thermometer of their popularity.A politician is a very carnal animal.People should not be taken that politicians will fight for them.The human rights they talk about is just to hoodwink the masses and forget about them.A politician will not fight battles whose value he does not benefit at all.People should just have a civic duty of casting a vote and whoever wins should not be a big fuss.These politicians are all liars cut from the same cloth of deception.Never trust them lest you get disappointed.People have been used as tissues and thereafter dumped in a toilet of oblivion.


  16. @Chaoz you shock me. They say silence is golden. Sometimes if you know not, it’s better to keep quiet. A warrants of arrest is a written order issued and signed by a magistrate, instructing the Police or some other person specially named, to go and arrest the person named in it. So, the arrest warrant can be presented to the accused person at any time that the police deem appropriate. If the accused person is co-operative and willfully obliges to the terms of the arrest warrant , no force is used to arrest the accused. But if the accused person resists arrest, the Police are compelled to use reasonable force. What constitutes reasonable force is hard to define though. From what I read in some sections of the media, Mr HH hid in a bunker, which amounts to resisting arrest. I rest my case…

  17. be sober… don’t call masebo a prostitute unless you have slept with her…..
    she is a mother just as you have a mother. stop sinning.

  18. We all have wrights , that is why the law is in place to protect each one of us not only individuals called politicians .
    Every one has to respect the law to live in peace law breakers are not good for the common populace .
    We refuse to be used by selfish politicians who want to ride on our tired backs for their own gain, we say no to selfish greedy politicians who comfortable because our labours .
    If I broke the law you wouldn’t have even visited in prison .
    Now it is about your friend you want us to rise up .

  19. We once had prper leaders in Zambia
    Mainza Chona
    Elijah Mudenda
    Kebby Musokotwane
    Harry Nkumbula

    Did the above leaders destroy Zambia….? I did my history lessons, but I could be missing something

  20. even mushala was a great leader and father……
    The police did not have a search warrant…. Never assume that HH is guilty as the case is before the court….
    Trust me we may say a lot of about HH case but the fact remains the court is yet to determine the matter.
    Lawyers on both sides treat each other kindly and better than most bloggers..

  21. This same Lady was among the people who campaigned and championed people to vote against THE BILL OF RIGHTS and now that people she is close to are in hot soup for breaking the law she wants people to stand up……..akuna matata…..

  22. @Bo, the civics you read (we read) misrepresented a lot of historical facts. I suspect because it was authored by the victor, UNIP. The true faces of the ‘gentlemen’ you list are to be found in contemporary historical works that post-date the Kaunda era. For a start, I suggest you read One Zambia, Many Histories Towards a History of Post-Colonial Zambia, edited by Jan-Bart Gewald, Marja Hinfelaar and Giacomo Macola (a free copy is available on internet). I bet you will come back with a reversed view of those ‘proper leaders’. You will also be informed that today’s cycle of violence is a repeat of the 1959-1962 violence that pitied ANC and UNIP along the same ethnic lines we see today. Interests may not exactly fit but the simmering tribal undertones do coincide. Good luck.

  23. This two faced maggot has resurfaced from the cesspit of failure. The usual suspects out to cause mayhem in Zambia. This is bordering on Treason. Another one for the Hangman, ….gonna be busy!

    So if we the citizens sued with our government, it’s Human Rights abuse, BUT if we side with Treasonist Arsonists it standing for Human Rights? Something is wrong here. What she means is we get onto their side and prevent gov’t doing its job.

    They can’t win elections and are bent on bringing down the gov’t. Besides these are the same bitter enemies of President Lungu resurfacing to try again. These elements need to be put out.

  24. You endanger the president’s life and the police take measures and you call that human rights violations. Please go back to school! Some people do not deserve to be called “leaders!”

  25. na MASEBO yanyokola njala one can even tell from her looks now, so kulabosafye, what rights are talking about?
    yes the Zambians are and will defend their rights which is the right to protect their voted leader (Edgar Lungu) or do you want the losers (upnd) to have more rights now?
    democracy unfortunately doesn’t and can never please everyone, thtas why we vote, if we were 100 people in Zambia it would be like this; 53 voted Edgar Lungu and 47 hh, meaning the rights of the 53 suppersid the 47 so the 47 should compromise and that’s democracy which gives human rights, otherwise it will be of no use to vote and expect to still be equal when clearly there is a winner/s. the problem we have in africa in general is accepting defeats, if America was in Africa i can assure you there was going…

  26. Since when did locking away law breakers and ensuring peace for the vast majority of citizens become a human rights matter? Not even in the human rights bill that you decampaigned.
    Donkey, you are hallicinating, have you just come from a night visit to Chimbokaila?

  27. Father Frank Chipena Bwalya & other PF Cadre Police Officers are the ones who ate Pet Food in HH’s looted house on that Fatefull night in New Kasama.They have stopped Feeling hungry.

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