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Mazhandu bounces back on road

Economy Mazhandu bounces back on road


azhandu Family bus after a road accident
in February

Mazhandu Family Bus Service has been give back its operating license.

The License has however been restored on condition that the Bus service fulfils three conditions.

The license has been restored following the Road Service Appeal Tribunal sitting.

Mazhandu Family Bus Service has agreed in a consent judgment that it shall avail all its vehicles to the Road Transport and Safety Agency -RTSA- for road worthiness inspection in accordance with the law.

According to the Tribunal judgment availed to ZNBC News by Ministry of Transport and Communications Head of Public Relations Brian Malama, Mazhandu Family Bus Service shall also avail all its drivers to RTSA for retest pursuant to the road traffic act.

The bus service will also implement the workplace road safety policy of 2017 on or before May 31, 2017.

The policy involves driver management, vehicle management, journey management and health and safety at the work place.

In Febuary, RTSA suspended the Road Service License for Mazhandu following a spate of crashes resulting in the deaths with the last one  killing 10 people on Great North road.


  1. Who will board on a moving coffin. They should have just changed the name otherwise it goodwill and reputation is dented.

    • They just had to, as was argued well by Tutwa. How many people has ECL’s so called convoy killed in the last 72 hours? Those poor men and women in uniform are humans too, they have families to look after, and must be protected just like any other Zambian.

    • We always seem to do things in retrospect. No sense of National pride and patriotism whatsoever.
      One would have thought that part of the tribunal’s seating would be to review the results of road worthiness of the vehicles and re-testing of the drivers. But no it turns out that those will only be submitted (at the discretion of the bus company itself), after the licence has already been reinstated.

      You really can’t make this stuff up even if you tried.

    • Oooohhh, shame!! People’s lives are in danger again. Please, if you value your life, avoid this blood thirsty bus company.

    • The issue is speeding. Zambian roads should not be driven at speeds above 80KM/h. They pass through highly populated communities and there are no dividers, all contributing to high collision rate.

  2. Only in Zambia where you can kill people like flies..an HGV driver ferrying cattle to the the slaughter house has better chance of excercising extreme care due to the high value of the cargo. This is a country where you are sent to prison for allegedly not slowing to incompetent poorly trained State House motorcade police drivers.
    No fundamental changes simply continuing from where they left off…no lawsuits nothing…what a country..oh its a christian nation whatever that means.

  3. Now what will be happening is that the drivers of this bus company will be driving with fear, bearing in mind that if they cause any slight accident they are in trouble even if it’s not their fault. We are also waiting for the government to reverse the ban on night driving, particularly for trucks

  4. Ba RTSA through Mr. Soko C.E.O please when they avail buses to you, make sure that you clump their speed not to be exceeding 80KPH some of us have School going Children at Hill Crest and mostly they use Mazhandu from Copper belt. This is my request if it can be considered. God bless Staff of RTSA

  5. Real recklessness of the tribunal. People have died and we cannot continue to lose lives. This company was supposed to be banned completely. Obviously bana dynamo Zambili.

  6. Japhet sober up and run the family business properly, your father laboured for years to build the company you want to destroy. Do you want him to come back from retirement, let the big man look after his grandchildren now. Beer will not take you anywhere. Can’t you be proud that MFBS is the only surviving fleet from old operators?Mabena, Mudadi, Chimuzinga, Chipungai, Chisambi, Chigubbu, Tandeo, etc.

  7. Do not blame the bus company, or RTSA at this point in time, lessons have been learnt and judgement is yours. If you board Mazhandu bus and die it should be considered SUICIDE. Don’t blame the bus company or RTSA. That all for now.

  8. Why doesn’t lungu officiate this by travelling to chipata on these buses without seat belt on

  9. Blood thirsty blue bus could be more thirsty than ever b4….MFBS is among the 1000 ways to die pa Zed.Choice is all yours ba passenger.Think twice.

  10. Blood thirsty blue bus could be more thirsty than ever b4….MFBS is among the 1000 ways to die pa Zed.Choice is all yours ba passenger.Think twice.

  11. you simply advise your children,and the public not to use the bus.It not must that you use late only those with no idea what mazwado bus can do to you.

  12. Mzhandu bus offered the best customer service time bus in Zambia. Accidents happen many buses have had accidents on our bad roads. The mazabuka road is terrible people we often see trucks overturned on roads.Great north road is single lane potholes yet we pay at toll gates no improvement. The chingola Solwezi road is still in bad shape Juldan bus has had many accidents there not taken off road Post bus has had it’s fare share of accidents Powertools name them. I got on shalom bus to kazungula poor service bus in terrible condition had a burst tyre in mazabuka they did not have courtesy to explain to us they charge you for laguage terrible dirty bus. mzhandu had clean buses they must hire more drivers to avoid fatigue. Our roads are in bad shape.

  13. yes,,,amazingly greatfull MZHANDU is back..its the best period..Everyone knows accidents happen..Lets not jump to these stupid conclusions,,If u v lost faith or what not,where ever ur emotion takes you,seeing as population of human beings go by emotion;DONT GET ON BUS.simple..

  14. I like mazhyandu family bus, but let those drivers stop speeding. This advice should also be extended to fm mini-buses on Lusaka/LIvingstone route.

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