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President Lungu meeting Snr Chief Mweemba of the Tonga people of Sinazongwe

Videos and Audios President Lungu meeting Snr Chief Mweemba of the Tonga people of Sinazongwe


  1. Kiki control damage. They are really trying to exploit this meeting. Lusaka times you reported on it yesterday. Just because he meeting a chief from upnd stronghold it becomes a headline. No matter what propaganda you try the people in that chiefdom support hh and the chief will say what lungu wants to hear in order for him to receive grants. It is donchi kubeba reloaded kikik

      Zambian Eagle has been informed by CONSTITUTIONAL experts that Article 1 of 275 of the Amended Constitution, there is no Constitution Office bearer who is authorised to declare a State of Emergence.
      There is no provision to invoke. So Lungu will use dictatorial powers to declare a state of emergency.

      Miyanda vehemently told him not to sign the amended constitution with his eyes closed.

    • When hh was being arrested mutinta the wife said “Zambia is sitting on a volcano and anytime it will explode and they won’t handle it EOC” what did she mean by this? What I know about volcano is that it discharge heated larva like fire which burns anything. I can easily connect these fires to the volcano mutinta talked about. I will talk to mumbi phiri to signal the cops so that mutinta can be brought to account for her own utterances. She rightly predicted this episode like a prophet. To me this fire thing has been in plan by the upnd way back and I can confidently connect upnd and mutinta to this issue. Police pick mutinta up and make her explain what she meant by volcano

    • Indeed this issue is getting too much attention. This headline is appearing twice on LT. Kikiki. The damage has already been done. This form of damage control is childish.

    • kikkikikii, I am not UNPD but, I really don’t know what Zambians see in leaders they elect. This guy can’t even express himself.kikikikiki. No wonder the Kiazer Zulus are keeping him under hostage to never hold a press conference.

      And LT what projects did the president go to inspect with all those ministers; Agriculture, Justice, Health.. etc? If you have a video of the meeting, you can at least show us pictures of the projects……

    • Okay, now i know why the president has a short-temper. Ali na chi BWIBWI…..kikikikikikikiki… Thanks for the video….

    • Atase Lungu cant speak Tonga. Sata had swag, he would go in there tell jokes and close the deal.
      Lungu’s plan was to lock HH up and then go into HH’s country freely with no clashing of motorcades and cadres.

    • Don’t Kubeba can never work for HH, let him not copy but try his own method.
      To be President is not his destiny. He will forever be the tail and not the head because of his evilness and arrogance. For those who don’t know HH, let me tell you now. He is evil, mean, pompous and arrogant.

    • Chief Mweemba was only installed a few months ago amid terrible wrangles in the Mweemba Chiefdom. Very few people even attended his installation. The other man ni balweele. So for a Head of State, I would be worried actually….

    • ngamunamwa – So, what? abamano – HE ECL went to Chief Mweemba’s Chiefdom to inspect projects, he did not go to meet chiefs at Chief Mweemba’s palace.

  2. Just kill hh and all this bickering will come to and end ,all this is centered on HH so remove him from earth and it will stop

    • I encourage you to do it.Then when the s.h.i.t hits the fan and the country ends up like DRC or Ivory Coast.You will wish that ECL never existed in Zambia.

  3. kikikikiki….The man is really dying for recognition as head of state. I pity him.
    Even going to the extent of having the meeting with a Tonga sub-chief filmed and posted on Youtube.Ba LT nabo in typical PF cadre style make sure the story is headline news..kikikikikik….That is the downside of stealing elections.

  4. His excellency has been visiting chiefs, have we seen this kind of “acting”? We all belongs to some chief and it is their duty to receive everyone who pays a call on them. There is no way you would expect them to turn away the head of state. my worry in all this is ‘the stage managing part of it”

  5. Southern province is part of Zambia and the president has rights to go anywhere. The damage is only in HH himself and a few blind followers. There is no UPND stronghold, thats utter nonsense, the is only one Zambia

  6. Southern province is part of Zambia and the president has rights to go anywhere. The damage is only in HH himself and a few blind followers. There is no UPND stronghold, thats utter nonsense, the is only one Zambia

    • If he never visits any part of Southern province the same people condemning him here will say he is too frightened to go there or he does not care about the province. He is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. If UPND supporters saw Lungu walking on water they would say it is a shame he cant swim!

  7. It is indeed correct that Mr Chagwa Lungu has a right to freedom of movement like any Zambian national or a legal immigrant within the Republic of Zambia. That said, as an analyst, Mr Lungu and his colleagues, in particular, the translator laid down rules of the undemocratic discussion in which the contents thereof were measured in the interests of the state visitors. The visitors imposed rigid bureaucracy during the discourse. Then, the question that becomes is; why did the government officials identify themselves as visitors if they ordered the petrified chiefs in their own palace to utter certain things and left out obvious pressing matters? The hollow talk about the usual narrative concerning development is fake news.

  8. Mr Lungu should explain to the people of Southern Province why he is persecuting HH. He must not evade the matters which he clearly knows that preoccupy the traumatised people. Mr Lungu is preoccupied with the fixation that innocent Tonga people cannot recall that he is part of the problem in reference to the false arrest of HH. The so-called senior chief Mweemba was busy wagging his tail and rolling over like a small pappy so as to please Mr Lungu. The visitor (Mr Lungu) was laughing and falling over himself because the petrified Mweemba was just making irresponsible statements which do not enjoy the support of the majority angry Tonga people. An injury to one (HH), is an injury to all Tonga people and all fair-minded peace loving Zambians. Thanks.

  9. ECL should allow the petition come to a conclusion to claim Legitimacy. I do not think meeting chiefs will take away this need.

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