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Government is dealing with Parastatals draining money from the Treasury-Mutati

Headlines Government is dealing with Parastatals draining money from the Treasury-Mutati

Minister of Finance Felix Mutati
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati
Minister of Finance Felix Mutati has said that government is taking practical steps to deal with State Owned enterprises that are negatively impacting on the national treasury so as to enhance the economic stability as a basis for positive growth.

Mr Mutati said that government has taken critical decisions such as the removal of subsidies on fuel and is further dealing with legal reforms to enforce fiscal discipline.

Addressing an IMF spring meeting in Washington D.C, Mr. Mutati said Zambia has also prioritized social protection to enhance the welfare of the citizens.

Mr Mutati maintained that the IMF economic programme being negotiated will be wholly owned and managed by citizens.

And Former African Development Bank(ADB) president Donald Kaberuka urged developing nations to sustain infrastructure projects that are already underway.

He said infrastructure development is the pillar for Africa’s future growth.

Mr. Mutati is accompanied by Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba, Bank of Zambia Governor Denny Kalyalya and Finance Permanent Secretary for Economic Affairs Mukuli Chikuba.

Mr. Mutati is leading a Zambian delegation that is expected to conclude talks for an economic recovery program with the IMF by next week.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Planning Lucky Mulusa said that the participation of Youths in economic programmes remains key in Zambia’s quest to attain the middle income nation status.

Mr. Mulusa said that the youth are a vital human resource that can effectively contribute to national development if well empowered.

He however, says advanced nations such as China should partner with Zambia in creating value addition firms to create jobs for the youth and women.

ZNBC staffer Kennedy Bwalya reports that Mr. Mulusa was speaking at a side event on Youth Empowerment on the sidelines of the IMF/World Bank Spring meetings in Washington, D.C.

He said the school re-entry programme is helping to re-kindle careers of young mothers that drop out of schools after getting pregnant.

Mr. Mulusa however, noted that early marriages and high poverty levels in rural areas are hindering government’s efforts to empower the girl child.

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    • Mutati is a breath of fresh air.

      He will drive your country to prosperity.

      I am completing my PHD this June and I would like to
      Succeed him under one condition. Allow my fiancé Zambian passport which we were refused 2 years ago.



    • At times i reach a point where i feel like siding with the professor from Leeds university who said we Africans have a low IQ than our white counterpart, Why is African still in poverty, Not developed and full of corruption, dictatorships and yet all the natural resources are found there.

    • This is good you need to pay particular attention to the parastatels balance sheet some like Zampost claim to be making profit and actually paying government but in fact have not paid their statutory obligations like Tax to ZRA, NAPSA, Workers Compensation.
      They have a huge debt mountain and always battling with balifs. Zampost is always paying workers late. And yet this party cadre of a PMG is tricking the government and board to believe the company is making a profit. To start with ask him for audited accounts!

    • Mutati has a very small speaking voice like a young boy. For that reason nothing he says makes sense. Try singing.

    • @bantubotatwe
      Take that lens and look around the world. There are dictators in other regions too, poverty is everywhere including USA but it reported differently. Instead of looking at failures praise is poured on those who do very little about it.

      In the African region, on the other hand, every little incident is generalized.

      We Africans must work against this tendency to reflect us in bad light.

    • A very Dull Minister of Finance, how would you expect Zambia to move forward with such backward thinking ministers. They have no Strategy, they think revenue can only come through ZRA. Crooks who are putting Zambia in Debt. The most Corrupt. He abandoned MMD just to eat well in PF as hitch-men for RB.

    • UNIP built the parastatals that the MMD/PF/neoliberals can only think of selling off to the lowest price. Their mantra is ‘Market Based Solutions’. They want the Zambian economy to be owned by transnational corporations, because they and all neoliberals work for the Rothschild barons and their institutions: the World Bank/IMF (Wolfensohn), Anglo-American (Oppenheimer, Morgan) De Beers (Rhodes), Goldman Sachs, the invention of Privatisation, Globalisation and the Eurobonds.

      That is whose interests they serve.

      Google: rothschildarchives

  1. But what do you expect when you staff these parastatals with incompetent relatives like Mwanakatwe at ZAMTEL and use them as conduits to fund the PF. As it is now, all parastatal heads are either only Nyanja or Bemba. And your record at good governance stinks.

    • @One Zambia, jut to list a Few, 1- McPherson Chanda at Zampost, 2, Kingsley Chanda at ZRA, 3, Davies Chama at Zambia railways…

    • Is there a tribe called Nyanja?Ok this is fun.You close the post that was at least paying tax although delaying yet maintain money sucking companies.Working in reverse or what? Do you have a strong team to negotiate with IMF otherwise they will force you to close all the parastatal companies.Just ask Greece.The Znbc of Greece was closed.Now that you negotiating a financial pakage, can you also trim your government including removing such weird ministries like religious whatever, also trim funding to first lady whatever,also control your government expenses including removing all those allowances for ministers pretending to work.While you at it can you also look into diversifying of this economy away from over dependence on the mining sector.You seem to be doing only a lip service on this…

    • @Obatala good point to not that McPherson Chanda is Sunday Chanda’s brother so you can see the kind of thinking we have in this country. Then you wonder why the country is not doing well. We have id!ots masquerading as leaders!

    • This queer Mushota has been doing a phd for 4 years,what kind of phd is that? Are in China iwe ka trangender ka Mushota?

    • Mushota, if it quacks like a duck, moves like a duck, eats like a duck, then it is a duck despite the appearance of a lion.

      I will believe you have at least a degree when I see maturity in your posts. It does not help to claim it, you must be seen to be it.

  2. Felix, what you feel when knowingly peddle untruthful statements?
    Shame to be associated with the gang of embezzlers or hope that you will get that IMF loan percentage which will end-up, like the moneys from privatization, in your account in Channel Islands?

  3. Parastatals don’t steal money, people do! Start by arresting your president and the rest of the pf cadres who are now managing Parastatals. I think I believe now that mutati was passed by discretion in his degree in UK

    • Mutati has failed to get money for Zambia….! IMF wanted the government to make cuts on international travel and make more cuts on police and army, but instead the PF government overspent on all these and are now trying to repair the damage..! but if there is not money coming from the citizens, then who is going to pay back the IMF loan? We failed to pay the loans KK amassed, and the MMD took over, ZAMBIA was put out on sale the the Caymann Islands for £1…. Zambia failed to pay back all the money Chiluba borrowed. Levy Mwanawasa managed to repair the damage done by FTJ and Zambia was spare the shame of being sold…! Now PF are making the same mistakes KK and FTJ made….! YABA

  4. @2 Roy mushala, before you open that debate please do an introspection.
    Try to put some members of the famous tribe and in no time the complexion of all staff starting from cleaners all the way up will be uniform, so will the official language in that organisation. For all those from the tribes that you have mentioned, their appointments and even their confirmations will be frozen or files go “missing”, i.e. hidden in the drawers of managers from the special tribe.
    To make it worse the head boss will start reporting to a known leader of an opposition party instead of the appointing authority, and …..wait for this one!…..kikikikiki….. they will even replace the authorised portrait with one photo copied from the dead petition.
    Before the last elections when the known opposition…

    • PF, UPND and MMD are all the same people… You political cadres think alike…!!!! It is no wonder most professional Zambians refused to vote for these parties – hence the disaster in the country….! Government offices are full of uneducated cadres – go to the National Registration offices for a NRC – forms you fill in don’t even make sense. Then they ask you to go and have the form photocopied outside the building, which is operated by a brother or cousin of the same person sending you over there. With new age in Information technology, National Registration can can these jobs digital…!

  5. Contd….
    Before the last elections when the known opposition leader and his supporters were so overconfident of winning, they lost their guard and exposed themselves and even started asking questions like “Now if you can’t speak our language, how are you going to work with us?”. Mwali cimonapo? Education does not seem to change some people, just look at the political comments of a few well known foreign based “professors” and you will understand what I am saying. You just succeed in narrowing the choices of the appointing authority. Let’s be civil and unite as a nation and build the nation together as one people.
    Lastly a reminder to UPNDonkeys of the old adage “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”, paraphrased in the current situation as “don’t light petrol…

  6. Contd…
    Lastly a reminder to UPNDonkeys of the old adage “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house”, paraphrased in the current situation as “don’t light petrol fires if you live in a grass thatched house”.

  7. Zambia can save money by reducing police force and making huge cuts in police expenditure and putting that money into healthcare projects. A healthy country is a productive nation.
    Train more nurses, healthcare assistants, mental health practitioners and medical doctors, pharmacists and laboratory technicians. Most illnesses in Zambia are curable and go unchecked.
    Improve on food security for healthy eating and affordable food for ALL. Educate grassroots and urban people on these projects.
    Maintain schools and clinics – equip centres with medication. Teach young mothers on how to look after their families. Support young families and develop the nation. Encourage families to maintain their relationships by helping all those in work. Give tax cuts to working parents and help the mothers…

  8. Where we sit, we can already see the results of Hon Mutati’s work. As suppliers and contractors our arrears from government have reduced drastically and on a steep downward trajectory. We can do.more work, acquire more machinery and goods, we can employ more workers and pay them on time.
    The trouble with UPNDonkeys is well understood: As donkeys, they can’t think or see things normally because everytime they try to do so only a big picture of HH comes into their brains. And this will continue for them until 2026 while we prosper ALL the way.

  9. MMD, PFand UPND are all donkeys…! Go to government offices are being run by cadres.. where are the UNZA graduates?

  10. All Zambian political parties are donkeys and their followers are just like them…..! The country fantastically corrupt and the ALL fail to see it and instead praise the PFOOLS and when the day is over retire to their dirty shanti houses while those in power live in mansions – you then wonder who the donkey is?
    Zambia has money to make cuts and support her people and build proper houses for all and remove the shanti housing and make it a thing of the past. Sata told them, “Vote for me and you will get better housing and money in your POCKETS IN 90 DAYS” It never happened to the PFOOL donkeys and they still live in dirty shanti houses…!

  11. Only if Kamwendo Munjila & CO could cut down on his tours, there would be enough left in the coffers for economic recovery

  12. This no good for nothing talkative minister of finance is a loose cannon, who has embarked on a voyage of destruction and economic ineptitude. This fake home grown initiative whatever he is calling it, is a disaster that will spew its results reminiscent of the MMD’s privatization program. Who comes up with such a flawed economic recovery in a pace of three months after his appointment? Its no wonder people like Magande, Musokotwane and Fundanga have not said anything about this gibberish.He thinks he can fool the IMF the the way he fooled the visionless one. Bottom line is, no money until the rule of law is upheld and HH released.

  13. Terrible, so you are a beneficiary of government contracts, as you say OUR arrears have reduced. So you wre owed money by mmd. Wake up wally, proof read what you post

  14. It’s impossible to believe a Finance minister hailing from a part of Zambia where their nearest comparable to an economy is DRC Katanga, where there is practically none! Anyway, whether people like it or not The Western half of Zambia from Solwezi straight to Livingstone is seceding leaving you bunch of losers alone to screw yourselves up!

  15. @Roy Mushala I hope Dr Akashambatwa Mbikusita Lewanika the just past MD of TAZARA n Mr Muyenga Atanga just past CEO of Zambia Railways Limited are Bembas or so called special tribe. Is Mr Mundende CEO of ZESCO also bemba ? Stop the tribal hate it’s a cancer to development. All persons are equal whether Lozi, Bemba , Kaonde , Tonga you name it. Just get the necessary education and work hard be your own employer don’t wait on people doing things for you

    • @Shimwana, why are all public officers, civil servants speaking this one Language these days. Even in Petauke, Monze etc. officers are speaking this one language , WHY. Who is promoting this behavior?

  16. Shi mwana,
    Let’s face facts as they are presented before us, both the two people you mention above were appointed by Rupiah and I for one had no problem with him, he was not tribally bigoted. What Chiluba and Sata engendered and let fester has destroyed Zambia. The sooner we split the better. We do not like you guys anyway and I know from Mumbi Phiri, Kambwili etc that the dislike is mutual.

  17. We warned Old man Sata and his empty tins about this IDC but they never listened…now they are back to where we were 30 years ago…Mutati lives in his own dream world he thinks he can change the mindset of empty tins.

  18. Well @ Roy Mushala much as I respect your views without agreeing with them I would like to correct you Mr R.B appointed Mr Aka as MD TAZARA but he resigned himself in in PF government. Mr Muyenga Atanga was appointed by MCS after departure of Prof Clive Chirwa as CEO Zambia railways, Mr Mundende was appointed by ECL after Departure of Mr Cyprian Chitundu n there many more others who are serving in these Agencies n other government departments who are not bembas , may be the biggest offence we did to you was to be bembas otherwise your arguments can not sustain what you are promoting but hate alone can sustain that. But too bad for coz Zambia as it is now is a mixture of tribes n half casts coz of intermarriages n so that is too bad for you

  19. It is very sad that Mr. Mutati is speaking as if the performance of the parastatals is poor by their own incompetence. The fact is that for all these years, all CEO’s of these companies are cronies of the party in power. To make matters worse, their boards of directors are not composed of professionally knowledgeable people, but empty heads and slogan chanters. In some circumstance, the late Presiednt Sata even appointed a one man board for RDA, the late Willie Nsanda! We all know that in all countries where there parastatals, these entities work hard to ensure that services for the citizens are offered of good quality and on time consistently. But in Zambia, parastatals are seen as cash cows by the ruling party in office, using them as damping ground for their relatives, whose capacity…

  20. We know the biggest drain is that office at state house. Liquidate that one first because it is not helping anyone

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