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Bwalya claims PF’s response to Catholic Bishops shows respect

Headlines Bwalya claims PF's response to Catholic Bishops shows respect

The manner in which the Patriotic Front government has responded to the statement by the President of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu speaks volumes about the respect President Lungu’s government has for the church in Zambia.
PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya sais he is  impressed by the approach and choice of words  the Chief Government Spokesperson Ms Kampamba Mulenga in her response to the statement by Archbishop Mpundu.
Mr Bwalya said given President Lungu’s appreciation of the work of evangelisation by the Catholic church and other Christian churches in Zambia the PF is not surprised that his government has taken a conciliatory and not antagonistic approach despite being on firm ground to dispute the contents of the statement.
He noted that in the past statements such as the one by the Catholic clergyman received sharp and harsh reactions.

The PF Spokesperson claimed cadres were allowed to ridicule sources of such statements and in some cases even threaten violence.

He said  President Lungu has introduce a new culture of dialogue based on mutual respect. This democratic tenet is a hallmark of President Lungu’s leadership and will feature prominently on his legacy.
“Therefore, Zambians should be sure of the fact that the PF government will not scandalise church leaders for raising concerns on the governance of the country whether such concerns are based on accurate analysis or not,” Mr Bwalya noted

Mr Bwalya said  the PF government has demonstrated commitment to accommodate divergent views from stakeholders with a reputation of meaning well even when such views are based on opinions that don’t reflect reality.
He urged Archbishop Mpundu not to doubt the sincerity of the PF government to dialogue with the Catholic Church leadership and the church leaders in general.

“In the same vein we wish to encourage the Archbishop to heed the request by Government Spokesperson Ms Mulenga to engage the United Party for National Development (UPND) regarding issues that can cause unnecessary conflict including their refusal to recognise a duly elected and validly sworn-in Republican President,” Mr Bwalya said.

He said many Zambians believe this is important because they think it is what made the UPND leader and his members refuse to follow the law regarding Presidential Motorcade in Mongu recently.
Bwalya pointed out that  Catholics in Zambia will continue to appreciate the God-fearing leadership of President Lungu that makes him embrace the clergy and value their voice.

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  1. The forced PF motorcades are crushing, so many accidents after the Mongu saga. And still not convinced whom to blame.

    • Am I reading this correctly that Bwalya is saying that PF cadres are justified to threaten violence against the Catholic Bishops?

    • “The PF Spokesperson claimed cadres were allowed to ridicule sources of such statements and in some cases even threaten violence.” Bwalya is inciting violence against the Catholic Bishops!

  2. Can we have some sanity in this country? The bishops letter was written to the government, not PF. On what premise is the PF spokesman issuing a statement? Just to show that he must be paid? If we take the issue of recognising the president logically, this only makes sense when the petition is disposed off. Otherwise, recognise and forget about the petition, pure and simple logic.

    • That’s why the PFolice can dare to charge HH for treason against the “govt of Lungu.” They are clueless about such technical differences and nuances. The treason charges are drawn up using street language.

  3. Excommunicated Frank Bwalya trying so hard to ask for sympathy from Catholic Church after his PF club read a gospel.
    And that Mumbi Phiri should not be given Eucharist, she a sinner who spoiled this year Easter.

  4. As PF we need to educate each other including our man Frank Bwalya. Its not every thing that has to be responded to, please

  5. The petition was disposed off already by the Concourt.It will go back to the courts,whats at the high court is a mere request by GBM and HH as whether their rights were violated or not in the petition case.So,whatever outcome from high court will change Anything at all.q

  6. its naive of frank bwalya to try lecture the bishop. I have never seen a grade 2 drop out lecture the headmaster

  7. Let bwalya know that a better response by pf would have been to end DICTATORSHIP. What your MUPAMBA Mulenga said has no substance. A wastes of tax payer’s money. END DICTATORSHIP

    • The wisdom of archbishop Mpundu is admirable and he has given it free of charge. So Father Frank, take it or leave it.

  8. The other name for Frank Bwalya is Chiyabi. Frank bwalya’s father is Tonga. I wonder why he is using a surname as Bwalya when his mother is Bemba.
    Probably he should explain to us why he uses Bwalya not Chiyabi. Why he hates Tongas ? Let him tell us what relationship he has with HH and why he hates HH?
    Kindly, Many who know father Frank Bwalya and sisters can tell us why his father did to him?
    Frank Bwalya needs prayers……………

  9. This is the problem with electing these tins they have no respect for boundaries of power or the difference between Ruling Paarty or govt or the Police…

  10. Zimu No.2, the Pastoral letter was neither written to PF nor the Government. It is a Pastoral letter to Parishioners. It is intended to communicate important issues with Catholic worshippers.

  11. Why worry is Bwalya not one of them (Catholic Priests)? How did Bwalya find him self in politics? It was just the same way Mpundu is doing. In short Catholic is just another opposition party hiding in the church.

  12. They’ve come to realize their time is short. When the Catholic Bishops are against you, you cannot win an election.

  13. @15……..for your own information, that was the opinion of the Catholic Bishops…..not ALL Catholics. Most of us voted for ECL and even if elections were held today, I can assure you ECL would still go through. So, Please dont feel comfortable

  14. The views of the Catholic Bishops do not reflect the views of all Catholics in Zambia. Given the chance we can contest our bishops biased opinion which is misconstrued and out of context. Am a contemporary Catholic

  15. Fatherless Bwanya does not like the Catholic Church since they excommunicated him for s’exually molesting boys. Anyway, no wonder he is fatherless, if he is going to be having se’x with the intention of siring anything, he had better stop having oral, anal or indeed s’ex with partners of his own gender. He should try Dora, Mumbi-Phiri, Nkandu Luo (though that one is barren) or indeed Simukokoliko!

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