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Mayors have failed to grasp Constitutional terms of reference -Dr Mwanawasa

Headlines Mayors have failed to grasp Constitutional terms of reference -Dr Mwanawasa

Former first Lady Maureen Mwanawasa has said the current Executive Mayors in Zambia have not understood the Constitutional terms of reference for their offices.

Speaking recently during the Panos Media workshop held at the Lusaka’s Cresta Hotel, Dr. Mwanawasa wondered why Executive Mayors have continued using the old constitutional terms of reference in their offices.

She explained that Zambia’s 2015 constitution amendment elevated the mayoral office to a third position from the presidency, hence mayors have continued operating ineffectively.

Dr. Mwanawasa further stated that Executive Mayors’ position is currently not felt because mayors across the country are not following the amended constitution as they execute their duties.

“The current Executive Mayors have not understood the Constitutional terms of reference that is why their positions are not felt” Dr. Mwanawasa said


  1. There is too much politicking in this country madam Maureen. Mayors belonging to ruling party in opposition strongholds are having hard time to perform. If opposition can learn to think above politics and support development in their area that would make mayor perform. Not this habit of disputing everything just because you are opposition.

    • It is amazing how people in Zambia like using honorary titles Dr. Chishimba Kambwili, Dr Vernon Mwaanga…..it is wrong. Honorary titles are used only at events organised by awarding institution. To be called a Doctor one must be a medic with a minimum of 7 years training or has defended a PhD thesis.

    • Mrs Mwanawasa, right now we do not give a hoot what any mayor is doing or not doing in Zambia. There’s only one pressing issue : FREE HH!

  2. One does not need to be a medic to be called a doctor. Ask my friend…..
    there are doctor in many fields eg law, business admin, geography,
    MM is a doctor in her field but not in medicine

    • Obatala is absolutely spot on. An honorary doctorate should not be bandied around as if it is one gained through academic endeavour and examination. Mandela, RB and many others have such titles but they don’t use them at every opportunity. Much like once upon a time professors who hang on to the title long after they have left the chair and in most cases are no longer in academic life; or indeed retired generals who omit to indicate that they are not serving officers.

  3. We had a chance to elect this smart lady as Mayor but we opted for an empty tin who thinks street vendoring is employment creation!!

  4. On PF ticket Maureen Mwanawasa could have won as Lusaka Moyor,but she lost because of associating herself with UNVOTABLE HH!!!so dance to your tune Maureen.in 2021 make sure you seek adoption on PF so that you can replace Mr Kalumba who is doing nothing as Lusaka mayor!!!ONLY DANIEL KANG’OMBE WORKS AS KITWE MAYOR!!!ALL OTHER MAYORS ARE NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!

  5. Madam Mwanawasa the asented constitution just says that there shall be a Mayor and a deputy Mayor who will be elected by fellow councillors among them selves not an executive Mayor, moreover we don’t have provincial assemblies in Zambia to have an executive Mayor.

  6. I heard him saying people are spreading false hoods that I am killing democratic governance in Zambia, I immediately realised that he is not aware of what he is doing. And we just need to forgive him. Maybe it is the Kampyongos misleading him.

  7. This is not only the mayors’ fault but to blame is the Presidency too because the Executive wing should be following the new constitution. Why is it allowing mayors to operate in the past

  8. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dr Mwanawasa using her title however it was bestowed on her. Honorary or not it is a worthy recognition of her contributions or a result of cherished research work in her field of exoertise.For you damnhazis to demean her for simply clarifying a Mayoral issue is shameful. If you are that good at public policy assesment or academic exellence you should not be willowing in ignorant hateful impugning of character but sitting on academic boards so you can your villains the deserved academic pinnacle.

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