Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) President has expressed his displeasure over some farmers’ resort into selling maize at only K50 per 50KG bag and K80 per 50KG bag of soya beans.

Speaking when he met Kaoma District Farmers’ Association (DFAs) in Western Province, ZNFU President said farmers should notshow desperation by selling their farm produce to briefcase buyers at a lower price.

The ZNFU President who could not hide his disappointment over the desperation shown by farmers who have worked so hard to sell their farm produces for a song said they are alos exchanging their farm produce for second hand clothes which is demeaning to the hard working farmers.

Zimba has since called on farmers across the country not embrace those who he deemed mortifying briefcase buyers.

And Zimba has urged Zambian farmers to exercise patience because other buyers, including Government would purchase their farmer yields at a reasonable price as opposed to exchanging their farm harvests with second hands clothes.

“Am not happy with some farmers who have resorted into selling their maize at only K50 per 50KG bag and K80 per 50KG bag of soya beans” Zimba said

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