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President Lungu congratulates his party over Masaiti, Kasamba victory

Headlines President Lungu congratulates his party over Masaiti, Kasamba victory

President Edgar Lungu has congratulated the Patriotic Front (PF) members for the victory in Tuesday’s Masaiti, (Copperbelt) and Kasamba (Nchelenge, Luapula Province) Local Government by elections.

The President is pleased that the result demonstrates that the party still remains a formidable force on the political scene.

Mr Lungu said the victory is an affirmation of the people’s confidence in the PF leadership and in the promise of hope the party gave the Zambians through its 2011 and 2016 general election manifestoes.

“I wish to congratulate all party members and the leadership of our great party for the commendable job done during the campaigns leading to Tuesday’s Local Government by elections,” Lungu said.

He noted that the victory demonstrates the firm belief in democracy with elections as a platform of fair competition in the game of politics which is about winning and losing.

The President has also urged party members to engage even in greater mobilisation to ensure that they win more elections and make the party even stronger.

“But l want to emphasise that our political engagement must be based on peaceful campaigns and exchange of ideas amongst ourselves and with our opponents. Violence has no place in our scheme of things. Violence can not and must not be the currency of our politics,” President Lungu pointed out.


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  1. PF wins all the time, i dont even know why some people have been entertaining petition. We know the party that win and the other party that loses all the time even when they are no elections.

    • How many times has your man lost for you to accuse innocent people in broad day light like that. For 5 times its only HH whose votes are stolen, come on guys you gat to change the game.

  2. This is pf stronghold so why has Lusaka times deliberately not told us how many votes upnd garnered and the difference between pf and upnd Bebside you will find that the gap has become even smaller. Typical of a pf online news site to lack any analysis. Give us numbers to show if pf has increased its popularity in those areas. You tried blocking me but you won’t keep me quiet Lusaka times

    • Whats important is a gap regardless of the size, thats what makes some winner and others losers. Keep dreaming about narrowing the gap.

    • NEZ, p f000ls should not be excited over this because it was all about v0te buying. This mafias0 called chagwa sent his fellow c0n man, the disgraced former father with bags of money to distribute from one village to another-so what to you expect with all the hunger which has gripped the nation?

    • You claim HH has money, why didnt he also buy votes if that is possible or is it blood money with conditions?
      What about the other four times he lost, were votes stolen as well?

  3. Kikikikiki upnd cadres like NEZ are crazy.in any election,how narrow the gap is doesnt matter as one can be declared a winner by having one more vote than others!!!in Gabon,the current president won the presidency with less than 5 000 votes in 2016,to date he is leading Gabon.so stop comforting yourselves in upnd.politics is a game of numbers.as long as upnd remains a regional party,you must as well forget about the presidency.in Zambia whoever wins 5 or 6 provinces shall always win the race to plot one!!AS UPND IS CRYING ABOUT 2016 LOST ELECTIONS,PF HAS MOVED ON AND MOBILISING ITS VOTERS ACROSS ZAMBIA FOR FUTURE ELECTIONS.THIS IS WHAT WINNERS DO.THEY SERIOUS PLAN FOR THE FUTURE!!CONGRATS PF AND KEEP IT UP!!


    • Only two parties stood, Upnd and Pf so what are you talking about? Upnd have indicated they’ll petition the results.

  5. Look at this from Zameye:
    President Edgar Lungu has warned that if HH manages to come out clean in the charges he is facing in court, then PF is finished politically as many Zambians will look at him (HH) as a hero. Addressing judges and prosecutors handling HH’s case at State House last night, President Lungu also blasted prosecutors for allowing UPND lawyers to mock them in court, much to the embarrassment of the executive. “I thought we are paying you for this job. I am disappointed that you have allowed yourself to be fooled in court by the UPND. Make sure that HH does not win these cases otherwise we are finished as a party (PF). We are really receiving backing from some of our friendly neighbors, so just carry on the case”, Lungu told lawyers.

  6. Congratulations to the winners and hard luck to the losers. Life continues as there’ll be another chance for others. I pray for the attitude of accepting things you cant change!

  7. @Semeki:upnd stood and lost as you usual so dont cheat yourself.even early this year,upnd took part in Mushidano and in Lumwana (both in North western).am sure upnd won these two.SO THE FACT IS UPND IS ONLY POPULAR IN 3.5 PROVINCES AND WILL ALWAYS STRUGGLE TO WIN A SINGLE SEAT IN 6.5 PROVINCES!!ITS A PITY THAT YOU IN UPND ALWAYS IGNORE THIS FACT.COME 2021,VOTING PATTERN IN ZAMBIA IS MOSTLY LIKELY TO BE THE SAME.

  8. Nez limo uleumfwako panono. Masaiti like Mpongwe, Lufwanyama are Upnd strong holds. The figures are PF 7,770 against Upnd 5,500.

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