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Embrace agriculture and seize the business opportunities to feed mankind, Lungu challenges Zambians

Economy Embrace agriculture and seize the business opportunities to feed mankind, Lungu challenges...

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu tests one of the equipment during the Agritech Expo in Chisamba on Friday,April 28,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017
PRESIDENT Lungu yesterday challenged Zambians to embrace agriculture and seize the business opportunities that will be available to feed mankind when the global population reaches 10 billion by 2050.

And President Lungu has directed the Water Management Authority (WARMA) to immediately revise downwards water fees and fines that are prohibitive to the promotion of irrigation to develop the agriculture sector.

This follows a complaint by Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) president Jervis Zimba that water rights have now changed to permits with a shorter period, affecting the future of investments in irrigation farming.

Officially opening the fourth Agritech Expo at Golden Valley Agricultural Trust, which is hosting 227 pavilions with over 20,000 people in attendance, President Lungu said Government will continue supporting research and development to actualise modern agricultural systems that will embrace key drivers of the industry.

“Increased global population is posing a challenge to feed people, but this presents an enormous business opportunity to Zambians to feed this market that will be readily available. This country is among those blessed with good climate and soils that allow cultivation for almost every crop, and we have enough water and abundant resources.

“Personally, I am into fish farming with about 2,500 fishes in the pond at home and it will be ready next week, hence, I am encouraging everyone to get into this sector, and Government will continue enacting sound policies to drive agriculture forward,” he said.

President Lungu urged international investors to keep coming to Zambia since the country will remain economically stable and peaceful.

“Those alleging that Zambia has lost direction are misleading you through the international media because we are working to develop the business sector through building of infrastructure to enable the private sector to thrive.

“Agritech Expo is a good platform, and through implementation of sound policies, farming will be conducted 365 days, and not seasonal. Various irrigation projects are happening across the country, and K18.5 million has been allocated to develop the fisheries, and measures are in place to fight animal diseases,” he said.

Agritech Expo event managers Spintelligent Group director Emmanuelle Nicholls said the expo presents a platform to increase and strengthen linkages in agri-businesses.
ZNFU acting executive director Ellah Chembe said the expo has become the second biggest in Africa after South Africa.

“Everything now depends on the farmer to apply what skills they have learned at the expo,” she said.

Minister of Fisheries and Livestock Michael Katambo said Zambia is now self-sufficient in poultry and beef, but Government is developing various programmes to promote and develop the livestock and fisheries sub-sectors.

And Minister of Agriculture Dora Siliya said the Agritech Expo has challenged Government to start “holding farmers with both hands” to promote the industry.


  1. In simple English the pres is advocating for hard work amongst Zambians.

    He attributes hard work with a successful Zambia.

    He is not wrong really is he ?



    • Can Edgar drive anything imwee sure? How can you entrust a man holding machinery like that, so insecure and loose?
      We hold things passionately, tight, and steady! Being a country or a woman.

  2. What does this rat know about farming. All he knows is beer consuming in chawama and theft. It is his beer addiction that led to him stealing client money when he was masquerading as a lawyer. Now the chap is claiming to be president. Please do us a favour and jump off Victoria falls and take mushota with you

  3. Zambia is not supposed to be importing any veg and fruit.

    That is the first step towards feeding the world. GRZ must be proactive in promoting marketing and quality assurance among local farmers. You can’t just issue speeches and hope it falls in place…..it requires hard work ba PF.

  4. We can’t feed ourselves so how will we feed mankind. Let’s crawl before we walk, Does anyone really belief that we can feed mankind. 2500 fish all we need now is 3 loaves of bread and pipos hunger will be satisfied.

    We want investment , does anybody realise where the profits go……outside the country.
    Until zambians trust each other and form business partnerships with mutual trust we will be asking for grants and loans. Build the nation from within

  5. Why is this man everyone?? Does he not have more important things to attend to? I guess this is what the presidency has been reduced to in Zambia, what a shame

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