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Power to recognise Chiefs now lies in the House of Chiefs – Dr. Chongwe

General News Power to recognise Chiefs now lies in the House of Chiefs –...

A veteran legal practitioner has disclosed that the power to recognise traditional leaders on behalf of the State lies in the House of Chiefs after the new Constitution was put in place.

Dr. Rodger Chongwe disclosed this during a meeting between a Joint United Nations System Mission Team to Luapula with representatives of the Luapula Council of Chiefs in Mansa.

Dr. Chongwe claried that after the new Constitution was put in place, it was discovered that there was an omission in the Constitution on who should recognise the Chiefs on behalf of the State because in the past it was the President through his delegated Ministers who were exercising the power and officiating at such ceremonies.

He said a decision was reached after discovering the ommission and the powers to recognise the Chief is now vested in the House of Chiefs because it is a traditional matter and the State does not want to interfere.

This came to light after Chief Kashiba of the Lunda people of Mwense District in Luapula Province pointed out that the new Constitution has created a vacuum because currently it is difficult to know how Government will be recognising traditional leaders once they are installed traditionally by their Senior Chiefs.

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    • I was even wondering why Eddie was trying to threaten Chiefs over their monthly subsidies from government, miyanda told him not to sign the Constitution with his eyes closed, only chiefs who have not read the Constitution would be scared of his threats.

  2. I had a dream last night that lungu died in plane crash. Last time I had such a dream sata died. We pray for illegal president lungu

  3. Dr Choongwe Dictator Lungu does not believe in Rule of Law and Constitutional Democracy so he will just direct his Minister not to pay the disloyal Chiefs. Lungu thinks that he pays Allowances to Chiefs in exchange with Loyalty to Lungu and not to the State. U see Lungu believes he is the President,the State and the Govt of Zambia. Lungu has touched a raw nerve when he arrested HH thinking that the Tonga Chiefs will agree to the persecution of their God Given Son,HH in exchange for the three pieces of silver called Allowances. Quite rightly the Tonga Chiefs have refused to betray their Son, HH and is calling the bluff to Dictator Lungu. Now Lungu is persecuting HH,Tonga Chiefs,Tonga People and all those who are opposed to his views and misrule. This means Lungu is persecuting more than…

  4. Dr Rodger Choongwe speaks with objectivity and Zambians respects him for that. He ensures thtat personal interests and emotions are divorced from his statements. Thumbs up big man

  5. At the moment Amos and KZ are the constitution. We may have to hear from them and for sure they will declare this fake news, the in thing for that office.

  6. @ZEZ & Zebigge. The two of you are same wine in different bottles. Why on earth would you wish someone dead or convicted & sent to Jail? Lets be fair in our postings and try by all means to avoid attacking people who can not defend themselves on this platform. This is simple to do if people can stick to the topic & debate issues

  7. Comment:
    Dr Roger Chongwe is indeed a respected and respectable Zambian, with no axe to grind against anybody, unlike some always- masquerading – know -it – all commentators and charlatans.

    • And yet this is the same man who was told off by Mr. Sata for writing an overzealous report that Mr. Sata trashed!!

  8. @9, You sure? Even if he criticised HH for uncivility you would still say the same good things about Rodger Chongwe?
    If you are a donkey let me answer for you. No you would instead call upon Chilyata to do the needful on behalf of fellow donkeys in UPND, i.e. to give us a sample of traditional insults……kikikikiki…..donkeys dont know what they want and yet they want to rule our country.

  9. An omission, in error should be corrected. BUT, HOWEVER, it helps they are ‘accidentally,’ put out of causing harm to our governance. Let them control themselves. We acknowledge good Chiefs like Mpezeni and others who support our gov’t. Some are a great shame, fighting against their country and stealing land from their people to sell to the highest foreign bidder at the cost of future generations.

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