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A high powered team from the IMF arrives in Zambia tomorrow

EconomyA high powered team from the IMF arrives in Zambia tomorrow
Director of the IMF's African Department Abebe Aemro Selasie
Director of the IMF’s African Department Abebe Aemro Selasie

A high powered team from the International Monetary Fund [IMF] led by First Deputy Managing Director David Lipton and IMF African Department Director, Abebe Selassie, will tomorrow arrive in Livingstone, Zambia, for a High-Level Conference on Managing Capital Flows in Developing and Low-Income Countries. The other members of the IMF team headed for Zambia include Jonathan Ostry, Anne-Marie Gulde-Wolf, Chris Papageorgiou, and Giovanni Melina.

The Conference is intended to explore the landscape on policy challenges in managing capital flows in a globalized World and interrogate policy tools that could be deployed to manage the challenges posed by capital flows: macroeconomic policies; macro-prudential policy; and capital controls. The conference will also discuss recent trends and behavior of capital flows to low-income countries in the current juncture of fragile external economic conditions globally. The event in Livingstone is also a learning platform on reforms which have been implemented towards improving capital flows.

“It will provide an opportunity for establishing ways of replicating best practices behind successful and bigger capital flows in developing and low income countries,” commented Minister of Finance Felix Mutati today during a briefing on his role as host and guest of honour for the event.

The Minister said Zambia has become a point of focus for the international financial and monetary community due to the positive demonstration effect which the active participation of country has had in international events such as the recently held IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings.

“Coming barely a week after the IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings, the Livingstone Conference is a confirmation that Zambia has not only become the preferred destination for Conference Tourism, but it is also a point of focus for the international financial and monetary community,” he said, adding that, “this is due to the positive demonstration effect which Zambia had in international events such as the recently held IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings.

Speakers, panelists and delegates at the Livingstone Conference will be drawn from United States, Kenya, Cameroon, Mozambique, India, Chile, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Zambia. The Cameroon delegation will be represented at high-level by the Minister of Finance, Alamine Ousmane Mey, while Zambia will also be represented at a high-level by the Minister of Finance Felix Mutati, Bank of Zambia Governor Dr. Denny Kalyalya, and Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary – Economic Management and Finance, Mukuli Chikuba.

Meanwhile, Mr Mutati has described the media in Zambia as the harbinger of hope and transformation in government’s quest to reach out on the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Programme.

“On this special day of World Press Freedom, I am optimistic that the critical minds of our partners in the media will play a reinforced role in our outreach programmes on the Economic Stabilisation and Growth Program and in the various activities aimed at boosting investor confidence, inspiring Zambians to be patriotic, and playing their role as channels of information, education, and communication,” he said, adding that, “the media is the harbinger of hope and transformation in reaching out to our people.”


    • @Ndobo, I am happy that former Minister of Home Affairs is out of country on HH court hearing day.
      Zambia feels good under President Inonge.

  1. They are coming to inspect Lazy Lungu’s kitchen again…really laughable..they are expecting change.

  2. Kiki they are coming to train the incompetent illegal pf government on sound economic management skills. They are not going to open a cheque book until benchmarks of governance and sound money management are reached. Protection of human rights is high up their agenda and pf have continued to dig their own grave. You are even failing to beg for money while other nations are discussing how to improve on their economy through self sufficient methods.

  3. They coming to deliver a message. Lungu has to have that petition heard. What is scared of? Visitinv chiefs and having comprimsed diplomats like the UK one will not help. Lending to a badly governed countries bares a lot of risk

  4. We have to let them know that our president HH is still in prison and that as long as the pf cr00ks continue playing hide and seek over the petition and continue abusing human rights, Chagwa and [email protected] must not receive a penny from IMF.

    UPND secretariat should send a clear statement to the delegation team in Livingston

  5. Let me put it this way: The govt controlled media in Zambia are not the harbinger of hope but the Trojan Horse, journalistic viruses undermining and destroying democracy and human rights from within, while being vuvuzelas of it’s creators and pay masters.

  6. @Pepe,NEZ and other upnd dreamers:Zambia would not get a ngwee from IMF if the IMF is a Dundumwedzi bank.but since its not,the $1.6 billion loan will be given to mother Zambia soon.

    Ati “UPND secretariat should send a clear statement to IMF delegation in Livingstone”.ON WHAT CAPACITY WOULD UPND LEADERS MEET IMF DELEGATION AND WHICH GOVNT WOULD ALLOW THAT NONSENSE?”

    UPND is running out of ideas.IMF team has no time to listen to UPND because are not politicians.its true “inkalamo yaililwa ilya necaani”meaning “AN HUNGRY LION WOULD EVEN GRAZE THE GRASS”.AFTER THE ARREST OF HH,UPND IS TOTALLY CONFUSED AND DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO RUN TO!!sadly for you, Zambians have already moved on and forgotten about HH.the longer he stays in jail,the more quieter Zambian becomes.other upnd members…

    • Iwee @Njiimbu, all in all, there is absolutely no need of giving PF not even a penny because we know once they get 90% of that money will go into their pockets-tell me what has happened to the Euro bond, this is the money the pf were throwing around during campaigns. There is absolutely no accountantability under Chagwa because the man is crueless over economic issues.Even the late Chiluba the perceived grade 9 dropout was more knowlegeable, far better than this mwembeshi engineered fake graduate you have at statehouse.

  7. Please include this 60 % Zambian in your talk and action so when we will look back years from now will say it was not in vain influential organizations came to Zambia at the same time.

    “The situation of the right to food in Zambia will be investigated by United Nations Special Rapporteur Hilal Elver during an official visit from 3 to 12 May 2017.
    “I will pay special attention to the situation of peasants and smallholders, including women, and the efforts made to improve their livelihoods,” Ms. Elver said, launching the first visit to the country by an independent expert on the right to food mandated by the Human Rights Council.

    Around 60% of the Zambian population lives in poverty, mostly subsistence farmers in rural areas”.

    There is a strong concern about the levels of…

  8. malnutrition in this context, leaving around 40 percent of children under the age of five at below average height.
    .1 leaving around 40 percent of children under the age of five at below average height.
    .2 leaving around 40 percent of children under the age of five at below average height.

    I hope Ms. Hilal Elver get invited to the meeting

  9. Where does it say it is to discuss IMF money for Zambia. Have googled meetings for imf and this doesnt show.
    You dont organise a meeting like this in 2 weeks. This has been in planning for long time to get all the participants together. Does it have a name this conference.
    Why the sudden emphasis on frees press when the world is coming here. Interesting

  10. Hunger and poverty at the moment are the main concern in Zambia. A second largest copper producing nation is reduced to begging for money to feed its nation. How can Zambia fail to generate income from resources the country has?

  11. Yes UPND secretariat should send their other side of the story. Meanwhile we should also be given
    the contact details for IMF, AU, UN, ICC, SADC so that we work together to inform these organizations.

  12. The IMF officials are coming to attend a Conference in Livingstone,Zambia thats all. With gross violations of Human Rights,lack of Respect for the Rule of Law and Poor Governance Mutati should stop dreaming for an IMF Loan. With HH languishing in Jail on trumped up Treason charges No loans and grants will come to the Illegitimate Lungu govt. Instead Mutati should budget for Sanctions on the illegitimate Lungu Regime.

  13. In fact this is the greatest opportunity for protesters so that the IMF gets first hand information about what is happening in Zed. We should protest en mass and carry play cards, with release HH immediately written on them and abash dictatorship. This will send a clear message to these so called delegation which they will relay to Donald Trump so that no penny is given to these misfits devoid of any human emotion. They have taken us back 20 years with their misrule and poverty is now entrenched in over 70% of the population. Why should the poor keep on paying for increased fuel, electricity, air time , meal meal and other stuff while these minions get everything for free on government ticket?

  14. The PF Govt doesn’t know how to access IMF Loan.U cannot be abrogating your Constitution, engaging in Poor Governance practices, dis -respecting the Rule of Law and violating Human Rights in Zambia. By arresting and jailing HH on trumped up Treason charges the Illegitimate Lungu govt is blocking its access to IMF Money. Lungu has been blocking the Petition Hearing Process and therefore he cannot prove that he was Democratically, Legally and Constitutionally elected President. Lungu has No Petition Hearing Certificate (Declaration) from Concourt and is therefore an illegitimate President. Imprisoning HH and slapping him with frivolous Treason charges will not force him to recognize Lungu as President. Lungu should just get a Concourt Declaration stating that he truly won the 2016…

  15. Polite advice to PF cadres. The IMF meeting in Zambia has come at wrong/right time while the International community is closely monitoring political events in the country. IMF work on guidelines one of which is good governance and political stability. There is every possibility that IMF officials arriving have picked up the treason trial in Zambia. That too, will be focused on beside economic evaluations and other conditionals set by IMF. Given this scenario, Zambia will be told to do more and the pressure is on and suffering of Zambian masses goes on with PF in power(less).


  17. To you PF minions if you are expecting even a ngwee from from IMF is building castles in the sky. The real reason they are coming here for is to give your illegitimate government a tongue lashing and give you lessons for your filthy human rights abuses and a string of other so called inhuman abuses.

  18. Africans are too naives oh God. You are still following this imf? They give 1000 dollars and collect 2 millions dollars from you. Hahahhaa shallow minded Africans.

  19. Why these stupid imposter Ashkenazis and Khazars jews using imf to break your countries, African. Wake up shallow minded people. Open your eyes, you’re no more a stupidities.

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