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Media freedom is still a hurdle in Zambia

General News Media freedom is still a hurdle in Zambia

World Press freedom Day Organizing Committee (WPFDOC) Chairperson Enock Ngoma has charged that the media freedom in Zambia still remains a challenge.

Speaking during the world press freedom day commemoration at the Livingstone Civic Centre in southern province today, Ngoma  said the media is difficulties is as a result of high taxation on acquisition of printing materials and broadcasting equipment,.

He said the non-enactment of the access to information bill, violence against journalists and low levels of professionalism and ethics in Zambia among the hurdles which have rocked the media industry.

Zambia joins the rest of the world the 2nd May, 2017, commemorating world Press freedom Day under theme “critical minds for critical times: media’s role in advancing peaceful, just and inclusive societies.”

He stressed the need to focus on the importance of strengthening free and quality journalism in Zambia and the world at large.

Ngoma further noted that strengthening free and quality journalism will enable the media to effectively contribute to national development.

He added that this is only attainable if freedom of expression, justice for all and the rule of law in Zambia is upheld which will in the end promote peace and inclusiveness in all aspects of human endeavour in Zambia.

“The media freedom in Zambia still remains a challenge” Ngoma said


  1. Freedom comes with reponsibility. In Zambia this freedom is abused and the media becomes a platform for fights rather than informing and educating the nation. Take for example watchdog, thats neither informing nor educating the nation. Its total malice.
    Government must even become more strict in monitoring how media is being used before talking about freedom. As a case study, UPND must not use media to insult the presidency but speak about how they could improve the nation if we gave them a chance to rule – though we will never give them a chance at all, NEVER NEVER.

    • Shame on you, freedom of speech is freedom of speech, you do not have to like or agree with what the other is saying, period.

    • That is why lungu has never given a free press conference in his entire presidency thus far…..he is afraid of being asked about the corruption and moral decay……if you asked him about Kaizer zulus transgressions we would close down your paper.

    • You chaps from UPND are full of accusations – if PF gives you chance to prove your accusations in court then you start delaying in giving ‘evidence’ until time runs out. Hope on treason you will not use those tactics, its a matter of death and life.
      You watch EL on TV everyday, isnt that press conference enough for you? What questions to you have for him…when he is going to pardon HH? I can give you an answer to save time…after HH is convicted and serves maybe a decade.

    • Most people who love to be oppressed are immigrants who fled oppression from kamuzu & kasai’s who fled Mobutu’s oppression.

      The only solution is for N/W & N/E rhodesia to go their separate ways. Paraffin & water cannot mix.

      Let NER deal with its humble dick-tators. We shall have HH as our beloved leader.

      We have nakambala sugar, solwezi mines, kariba, maamba coal, tourism vic-falls, kafue national park, barotseland etc.

      Besides we have morals, low crime, corruption, are not rude, sarcastic, do not steal elections, are hard workers, more intelligent than N/E rhodesians, do not seek high office to enrich ourselves etc.

  2. Lungu is the worst culprit when it comes to suppressing independent media.

    An ignorant population is easily duped.

  3. Uko, unfortunately your fraternity is immoral and unethical and only dances to the beat of politicians. If you as a profession adhere to set standards you will not be cowering to these good for nothing politicians, so say I!

  4. It is one of the characteristics of an illegal dictatorial government. Fear of dissent over something not genuinely known. Insecurity.

  5. leave as alone with this freedom we have on the medias so that we can educate some id!ots who are doing wrong in this nation, its ure nation we need to strand for it. you do stup!d things and you expect us to keep ure mouths shot. late us talk wen we have seen something wrong we, ah, you want to start ale-sting us?


  7. The media in Zambia did not stand up for The Post. Instead, you looked the other way as The Post was shut down, liquidated and it’s property auctioned.
    Do you want more media freedom in order to be more timid and mute in the face of injustice? No.
    Now listen, and listen well.
    If the current timid and muted media in Zambia must wither and die a painful death in order that a new, fearless and repurposed media is born, so be it. In the meantime, you don’t deserve more media freedom to be mute and cowards. What you deserve now is a cross, and a quicker escort to your Calvary.

  8. All the pillars of democracy have been eroded by Kaminamisa. LAZ is the only institution left standing.

    – Judiciary is ROTTEN to the core.
    – Anti-Corruption Commission is WEAK.
    – Parliament is a rubber-stamp, a conduit for sitting allowances & gratuity.
    – Presidency is ROTTEN, CORRUPT, WEAK & cannot stand any opposing voice.
    – Media has been intimidated after closure of Muvi, komboni radio etc. DeadNBC is in hands of chinese. Post has been crippled.
    – Police has become a brutal Nazi style SS-police. Soon people will start disappearing.
    – Opposition have been slapped with treason traffic offence.
    – ECZ is a disgraceful 419 SCAM. Results from Kanyama (3km away) arrived 5 days after those from Shangombo.
    – Economy is in the hands of a chap who only believes in IMF borrowing…

    • – Economy is in the hands of a chap who only believes in IMF borrowing. He failed ACCA 3 times.
      – Huge tracts of Land is being sold to chinese & other foreigners
      – Foreign debt are over $15 billion
      – Forex reserves are almost depleted
      – Youth unemployment is a crisis
      – Malnutrition is rampant, the worst in the world for a non-war torn country
      – hospitals have no drugs

      Zambia is a rotten cursed country under PF. Ati they built roads & malls. Are people going to eat roads?

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