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Police confirm Kambwili’s accident

General News Police confirm Kambwili's accident


Former Information and Broadcasting Services minister Chishimba Kambwili has been involved in another road traffic accident.

Police confirmed the accident and named the causer as Reuben Zulu, 49 who was driving a Suzuki.

“We recieved a report of Road Traffic Accident which occurred at around 10:30 hours today at 22 miles, Protea junction on Great North road involving a motor vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero registration number AJD 7443 in which Honourable Chishimba Kambwili was a passenger and was being driven by Alfred Phiri aged 40 years of Kamwala South driving from north towards south direction; and another motor vehicle Suzuki registration number BAE 6389 which was being driven by Reuben Zulu aged 49 years of Chunga Lusaka, driving from east towards west,” police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo stated.

“The accident happened when the driver of the Suzuki which was joining the Great North road did not give way hence hit into the Mitsubishi Pajero which had four occupants including the driver, causing it to flip over. Honourable Chishimba Kambwili and the other occupants sustained minor injuries and were taken to UTH. The Mitsubishi Pajero had a damaged side view mirror, cracked windscreen and deformed doors, while the Suzuki had its front part extensively damaged.”


  1. Sorry Ba Kambwili; Please talk to God in prayer, and all shall be well. The devil is a liar….

    • Someone knows his desire to stay on after 2021 is under threat as long as Chishimba is still kicking and hence desperate to clear him. Either way, CK is capable of unseating Changwa at 2020 PF convention or him forming his own party would split the PF vote and see HH win easily-Kaizer the chief n’ganga at Statehouse is well aware of this.

      CK must start trending carefully and always watch his back,he is daring a very desparate regime capable of doing anything to stick on. Knock, Knock, Knock, the PF mafiasos are knocking, there is real danger!

    • I have constantly warned PF supporters like Mmmembe and Kambwili in the past that propping up a dictator has very short lived benefits because a dictator can suddenly change against you when his fear of being overthrown or killed by his close allies grips him. Every dictator has from time time to time eliminated those close to him.

      Who ever thought that people like Kambwili and Mmembe would treated like faecal matter today, runing away from the very PF dictatorship they so cherished?

      I would like to warn those who are busy pushing Lungu to treat HH unfairly to stop because what goes around comes around. I want them to remember Sata ‘s words, that “Chaona mzako lelo mawa chili pali iwe”. What they are pushing Lungu to do to HH will done to them by Lungu himself because…

    • dictators’s gratitude is very short lived indeed and they can change suddenly when threatened.

      My warning is directed at people like RB, Kaiser, Amos, Kapyongo, Mumbi Phiri, kennedy Kamba, Davies Chama, Kanganja and all those who think they have Lungu under their control have not got any thing to fear under Lungu’s dictatorship.

      I want all those I mentioned above to think about what would stop Lungu from killing them or arresting on trumped up charges to have them locked away so that no one can blackmail him any more.

      Right now Lungu is tasting his power on his opponents with the help of his stooges. At least his opponents have the sympathy of ordinary people including international community. What will happen when lungu turns against his close allies? The opposition will…

    • The opposition will remain silent and international community won’t bother at all. I can only imagine them suffering alone.

      My advice to those close to Lungu’ is; please try by all means to play it fair by acting as though you were on other side of the fence. You should try to curb Lungu ‘s dictatorial tendencies so that in future when you fall out of his favor you will be guaranteed fair treatment and safety.

      Don’t say I did not warn you. Remember what I say comes to pass in no time. I warned Kambwili and Mmembe, where are they today with PF?

      Free HH now or else.

      Regards Wanzelu.(UK).

    • Kambwili needs to talk to his wife. She’s stands to inherit a lot with him out of the picture. Bye!

  2. This just confirms how Lungu is desperately scared of CK. However, whether Lungu and his minions like it or not, CK is the PF presidential candidate in 2021.

  3. The only person I can blame and infact laugh at is HH (T) . HH(T for treason) prefered to make friends with the Sata ‘Familiy Forest’. He himself coined that phrase so he knew very well when he went to bed with then that nothing good will come out of that marriage of convinence ! When Cornelius mweetwa, Nkombo et al were sidelined for the Running Mate position in favour of a person who hounded UPND,GBM, HH(T) was so adamant by his choice (Under-5 Politician for sure) that he could not listen to anyone. Ask yourselves, where is Maureen mwanawasa, Bob ‘Bashi Nono’ Sichinga, Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa, Guy Scott in all this ? Balimwikatisha handball (olo henzi) uyu HH(T) wenu !
    You cannot go to a political bed with Bembas and expect to win, thats out ! Where is GBM ? He was informed of…

  4. Kambwili is statically prone to accidents , it is not a good idea to travel on the same transport with this man. I’m sure the insurance companies will up the premiums of all cars on which Kambwili is traveling on.

    Come on, who get involved in so many accidents over such a short period of time. This is now even defying the old adahge that lightening does not strike the same place twice!!

    It seems to strike repeatedly every place where Kambwili is. Is this about the bad omen of being information Minister who everybody hated or or what? Surely you kant be as bad the late Kamalondos, the Alex Shapis, etc

  5. How many assassination attempts on this guy’s life by the pf

  6. Was he travelling to attend HH’s treason case? Looking for another bemba running mate probably? The fat one cannot walk anymore?

  7. Is there anybody in the house who remembers: ” We have a saying in Chicago Mr. Bond; Once is happenstance; twice is coincidence; third time is enemy action!
    Are we reaping the seeds of lawlessness, greed, impunity, pompweism, etc.

  8. CK seriously watch your back. The niggas are on your case mark your steps carefully. Every week an accident its not normal.

  9. @mental wanzelu don’t you dare refer to the Late Great MCS you swine! It was chaps like you and Nostra-dumb-ass that in 2014 were busy wishing death on that great old man (MHSRIEP)! You chaps are simply cursed and your curses will continue to increase until you repent and become accepting of all Zambians, you need to do away with your tribal bigotry and senseless support for a known embezzler of State Assts during privitisation your tribal god Human Hyena (HH)!

  10. If CK wants to live in Zambia it’s better for him to go and kneel and bow his head down b4 King Lungu and apologize for his Political Ambitions. Lungu and Kaizer Zulu will not rest until they finish CK off it seems. CK’s life is at great risk.

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