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Sunday Chanda’s media statement is misquided-TIZ

General News Sunday Chanda's media statement is misquided-TIZ

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has charged that the statement attributed to the Patriotic Front (PF) director of media Sunday Chanda was a misguided statement.

Chanda issued a statement to the media today saying the opposition united Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema is just an individual and his arrest should not affect the entire party machinery.

He added that there is currently sheer bankruptcy of leadership and governance within the opposition UPND.

The TIZ executive Director has since urged the ruling PF to always ensure that whenever they want to issue a statement that borders on interpretation of the statutes , it is imperative that they use qualified lawyers, not Sunday Chanda.

Chibamba added that the levels of political intolerance Zambia has reached are alarming and wondered how the country will be in the near future.

He further noted that the political space in Zambia is marred by cheap propaganda on either side.

“The Statement by Sunday Chanda is a misguided statement, PF should be using qualified Lawyers not Sunday Chanda” Chibamba said


  1. My namesake is just too dull, i wonder how he was given that name chanda, all the chandas i know are not dull like him. and the president tod them not to be commenting on the same matter, why are they commenting now?

    • But then KBF, Tutwa Ngulube. Rabson Malipenga, Hobday Kabwe, Terrence Chabu, Makebi Zulu and Chagwa himself are equally useless. No wonder Chagwa settled for a non-lawyer as minister of justice.

  2. He will end like his namesake Chanda Chimbwi! People never learn. How do you allow yourself to be used to do dirty work? A good name is worth more than the entire wealth of this world! Learn from what is happening to Kambwili!

  3. As I sa8d we are different people living together so why forcing the union of NW and ÑE Rhodesia to make Zambis?

    • Zambia is definitely experiencing a clash of incompatible cultures. It is impossible for farmers and fishermen to live side by side with thieves.

  4. At one point I said it that this guy from Zambia Open University is incompetent to comment on sensitive matters but PF vuvuzelas on this forum were not happy. So tell your Sunday Chanda that he is an embarrassment to PF family.

  5. Levels of incompetence and intolerance we are witnessing now have never been seen before.One is left with no option but question the kind of morals these so called leaders are inculcating in the youngsters. Even the newly created Ministry of National Guidance…..seem not to know its mandate. It’s individuals like Sundæy that are tarnishing the image of our country and dividing it even further. Wise counsel TIZ

  6. What beats me is the guy has not pointed out any misguided statement at all for us to conclude that truely Chanda missed interpretation of the law.
    UPND is full of crap, soon these guys hiding under NGO must come out so that they are dealt with accordingly.

  7. It is amazing to see how people mock others when they are inflicted with pain. We saw this from Dora Siliya when should would mock and insult our late President only to be saved by the very party that he formed. Sunday Chanda you dislike HH but remember that what he is going through almost all or 75% of our former presidents have been victims of treason charges that have been politically motivated in order to try and silence them. Today you may laugh and write trash just to put food on your table, how about tomorrow? The same person you are mocking today will be your President tomorrow. Let us not lose our humanity for the sake of politics, we need checks and balances if this country were to develop and not lopsided one party militaristic type of governance.

  8. TIZ is another ambit of stupidity. Go the LAZ way or else you will lose it. What are the issues that Mr Chanda has issued that are misguided if I may ask? Don’t just make statements that are hollow and hope that we the readers will follow.

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