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False prophets and missionaries will not be allowed to extort money from poor Zambians-Sumaili


Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
GOVERNMENT will not allow prophets and other missionaries entering the country to extort money from poor Zambians desperate for spiritual attention.
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili said Zambia is a Christian nation with laws that govern the land and Government expects all prophets and other men of God to abide by its laws.

“Only men of God, be it pastors, missionaries and prophets preaching the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ will be allowed in the country. My ministry wants to see sanity in the body of Christ,” Rev Sumaili said.

She said men of God who want to charge exaggerated amounts of money for their meetings will not be allowed in the country.

Commenting on Government’s refusal of entry of Prophet Uebert Angel, a Zimbabwean national on Thursday, Rev Sumaili said it was wrong for the prophet to charge K2,000 for a “Millionaire Academy” meeting.

“It is taking people for granted, especially those desperate for spiritual attention. Is the gospel for the rich people only? What about the poor Zambians? Some prophets just want to come and extort money and go back, which my ministry will not allow,” she said.

The Department of Immigration at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport last Thursday denied Prophet Angel entry.

Prophet Uebert Angel , who is the founder of Spirit Embassy, a Pentecostal ministry in Zimbabwe, was travelling from the United Kingdom in the company of his wife and two others, aboard an Emirates flight.

He arrived at around 15:00 hours at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport where he and his entourage were refused entry and subsequently made to return to the UK on the same plane.

And Speaking to Onward Christian Radio, Rikki Doolan said Prophet Angel is not a political leader.

The spokesperson said the prophet is exclusively a Christian leader.

“What I can assure you is that the conferences that were pencilled for Friday the 5th and Saturday the 6th will still go ahead as planned and Prophet Uebert Angel will be live, he will lead the conferences as planned. No-one can stop the work of God not even a government,” said Rikki Doolan.


  1. Men of gold…we have enough of them, Nevers , Joshua, Banda, Mwanza,Phiri, etc y didn’t he go to Zimbabwe. Zimbos need him more than Zedians…Even Bushiri has been banned from fundraising in Botswana. He has to apply for a special visa. Kikiki. He should produce a miracle visa.hahahaha

    • Really laughable that Lungu and his biatch are the new gatekeepers of the True Word of Christ! These same devils who plotted to kill HH in the middle of the night and continue to “squeeze” him in jail. Sumaili used to cheat on her husband when she was at Standard Chartered Bank.

    • Who is sumaili to tell people on how they should use their money, what’s the difference between this pastor and what that Felix “galamukani” motivational speaker?

    • Zambia is haven for f a k e prophets and pastors whose only mission is to extort monies from brainwashed sheeple!

      A lot of Zambians fall for the scams of f a k e men of God every day because they are desperate.

    • A case of one mafiosi denying another access to her territory. Chagwa was stealing from the same ‘poor’ zambian at his ‘meet chagwa’ gala & she said nothing.
      Joshua Banda, Pukuta Mwanza & Ndlovu are just another bunch of vermin we don’t need.

    • You all missed the point here, Government through this irrelevant ministry will now decide for you what religious meetings you should be attending.

    • GRZ does not like competition in extorting money from the poor,men of gold should emulate pukuta mwanza,joshua etc in eating with GRZ.

  2. Can you also stop allowing these fake pastors who board Buses and Coaches to swindle people their of money! How would you feel if such cretins force you to shake hands with someone you don’t know who might be suffering from cholera, or has laced a drug on their hands to make you fall asleep so that they can steal your belongings. These fake coach pastors are in the habit of trying to embarrass you publicly when you refuse to shake someone’s hand. Heaven help us!

    • Fake pastors will never stop taking advantage of their church members

      Pastor Orders Female Members To Remove Underwear So God Can Enter Their Bodies

      “Mothers were also advised to do same and check their daughters when coming to church on Sundays so as to receive Christ too. ”

      Pastor Orders Female Members To Remove Underwear So God Can Enter Their Bodies

      Pastor orders female congregants to come to church with not underwear for Christ to enter

      SA Pastor Makes Followers Eat Grass!

      Pastor orders female congregants to come to church with not underwear for Christ to enter

      Pastor: women should not wear underwear so they can receive the spirit of Christ.

  3. It is true that this is becoming a problem even our president had a meeting where pipo paid to attend and then buy goods at auction.

  4. As for this Ubert cretin chap! These are the false prophets/ profits that have been spoken about in the book of Revelation!
    Ubert you are a child of sat.an – Jesus chased the merchants and money dealers from the temple of God- Jesus was against mamon (money)- No man can serve 2 masters- mamon (money) and God!
    To mama Sumaili well done! We don’t want such evil chaps as this Ubert cretin anywhere in this land. Let him go and donate his wealth in Zimbabwe- as Jesus said it is easier for a rich person to enter through the eye of a needle than the Kingdom of God!

    • Sheepdog Christians….I never seen such stupid people in all my life to fall for these Fake pastors

    • What foolish response is this?if its easier for a rich man what is status of a poor man .it’s easy for a poor to enter the Kingdom but it’s easier for a rich man. Don’t comment on the things you don’t understand fool.

  5. Since religion is a scam how can any prophets or priests of pastors or imans or rabbis be anything but fraud artists?

  6. Its not possible to overrule the will and choices of individuals. Some will choose church,others in’ganga and so forth. Just like others will choose pf, upnd, unip etc. Certainly there is no amount of measures that can be taken against religion otherwise ninshi even Islam which is dominated by Easterners shud b burned.

  7. The job description of this minister is not clear. She’s playing the role of mother body’s on soon I forsee a crush. In my view she’s supposed to b guiding govt n cabinet in particular on religious matters and become conduit between govt n religion. This ministry now is becoming a watchdog of the church-IMPOSSICANT!

  8. It’s a good move. The ministry should also scrutinize even the so called white “missionaries” operating in Zambia taking advantage of the poor people whilst enriching themselves.

  9. I have never heard of a white missionary enriching himself from the locals. Money always moves only one way….from the missionary to the locals. If a missionary is enriching himself, it is with funds from the parent mission abroad, not the stupid valueless coins you throw in the offering plates.

  10. The President is mean while allowed to have a stupid meet the President function were silly people pay for useless things worn by Lungu who in there rightful mind would want to put on Lungu’s clothes because the chap looks like some village wizard.

  11. There is freedom of choice and religion in Zambia. The minister should facilitate policy direction and police the border of who comes in / not. She should leave that to technocrats to thrash out the details. Lets have a clear law

  12. If the so called Rev cannot see the true Prophet of God then I pity her flock and more so the national office she is heading! By the way, who crowned her the cleaner of the Body? I thought our fight is not against flesh and blood!
    Prophet Angel has a specific anointing for wealth creation. If you take time to listen to his messages you will value his presence. You may not like him but at least learn from him.
    Zambia is where it is because of docile people like this possessed rev woman who is using her position to rob so many Zambians of opportunities to learn how to come out of poverty and create wealth.

    • there is no such type of anointing in the bible…not even one scripture talk of such a special anointing. Self proclaimed and blindly followed.

  13. Which true gospel of Jesus Christ is she talking about when Jesus himself wasn’t a Christian? How can the gospel of Christ be true when Christianity started long after Christ was gone? The Mosque where Christ used to worship still stands at Aqsa in Israel and the Jews are fighting hard to demolish or grab it. Anyway, continue dividing yourselves, worshipers of a Mzungu God. The Christian God is a Mzungu and so was his son and savior, another Mzungu; like fathe like son, while the devil is depicted as a muntu. How can we follow you?

    • Christ called Jesus was a figment of imagination by the Council of Nicea. As such there are many contradictions in his accounts by Mark and John. There’s no original literally works by those who chronicled the life of Jesus but reports about them also and only to the extent that they reported about Jesus.

      Truth Is no such individual ever lived.

  14. Why are you blaming these smart businessmen…you need to educate the dull docile Afrikan masses who have ignored their own history and embraced these lies instead of educating self.

  15. I agree galamukani is a cone man. he dwindles people by acting as the guy with answers like ponzi scheme. Just like thise drunk pastors in buses. Malepe sorry kings Malembe and his sons of tb Joshua. fake fake fake.Congo swindles, its like a military tactic,I hear they are now selling holy nsuko.

  16. Comment:
    Last time I checked Prophet Aubert Angel is the spiritual father of the world famous Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, currently in Pretoria, South Africa.

  17. You all missed the point here, Government through this irrelevant ministry will now decide for you what religious meetings you should be attending.


  19. Like medical profession, these so called religious leaders need to be subjected to some standard or vetting. The world has become something else. A Nigerian pastor in South Africa was sleeping with most of the young desperate girls in his church. He flew to Port Elizabeth from Durban just to go and hand himself to the police after a call out. Another Nigerian pastor in South Africa externalized large sums of money and sold the church only to buy himself a house in London. How much more gullible can southern Africa be to these false religious prophets? Wake up. These loopholes need to be closed so that we save our desperate girls and women as well as safeguard our resources from plunderers in the name of God.

  20. On this one I agree with the minister 100%. All so called men of God coming into the country to try and squeeze money from Zambian should go through extreme vetting similar to the one introduced by Trump in the USA.
    This group of Zimbabweans they failed to go and hold crusades in Zimbabwe. WHY? Because they know that Old man Mugabe won’t allow them to squeeze money from the already over squeezed Zimbabweans. At least on this one the Immigration department was alert. What the ministry did to these men should be extended to our own men of God in the country who continue to squeeze money from poor Zambia. The ministry should come up with educational campaigns or programs which will educate and properly inform the population on when to give to the right cause.

  21. is this not the same woman who used her NGO to get money for orphans and use to send he relatives overseas?; is PF not full of crooks who have enriched themselves with money meant to enrich the poor?;is it not Pf taxing the poor to pray for their corruption?is it not PF using people’s money to auction Changwa’s hat while pretending the money is from the young man who bought it?is is not PF milking people’s money and giving it to its false bishops and false Christians for Lungu?;is it not Pf breaking Zambian laws daily

  22. Well done GRZ. There is poverty in Zimbabwe help your brothers and sisters after all the Bible does not even cost the amount your are charging you thief…

  23. Good that the Zambian government is being critical on such issues as false prophets. But put sanctions on False prophets within Zambia.

    Our own Zambian prophets are busy misleading Hiv patients, etc.

  24. People let as not judge my prophet who is my father in Lord prophet Shepherd bushiri he is a true prophet
    If you can’t believe what he is doning miracles are happening
    My point is mrs goldfridah you don’t understand spiritual things open up your eye’s and see
    As for you you are busy accusing true prophets why why
    Moslems are busy coming in Zambia every day they just come here in Zambia to make business if they get rich they go
    Madam open your eye’s if can’t prophecy keep quite
    For you to be called a minister its because of prophets men of God
    If you can’t stop please Go and open your own Church and begin to prophecy

  25. Sumaili let the Church ,grow stop delaying the word of God. I’m supporting the work papa bushiri and ubert are doing, please stop being jealous

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