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Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s remarks are inappropriate-Chief Government Spokesperson

General News Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga's remarks are inappropriate-Chief Government Spokesperson

Citizen Journalists from Mama Sosa take selfies with Information and Broadcasting Minister ?Kampamba Mulenga in Lusaka's PHI area. (Photo by LUU MACHILA - MIBS PR UNIT)
FILE: Citizen Journalists from Mama Sosa take selfies with Information and Broadcasting Minister ?Kampamba Mulenga in Lusaka’s PHI area. (Photo by LUU MACHILA – MIBS PR UNIT)
GOVERNMENT has described as inappropriate remarks by former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has called for the quick release of treason-accused United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga said in an interview yesterday that Mr Odinga should know that Zambia is a sovereign State whose three arms of Government deserve respect.

Ms Mulenga said Mr Odinga’s call for the release of Mr Hichilema is not in tandem with the tenets of democracy which demand that those accused of committing crimes are tried before the courts of law which should prove their innocence or guilt.

Mr Odinga was yesterday quoted in some sections of the local media as having said that the quick release of Mr Hichilema would be the first good step to promote democracy in Zambia and Africa.

But Ms Mulenga, who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services, said it is inappropriate for anyone to call for the quick release of Mr Hichilema whose case is being handled by the judiciary which is constitutionally mandated to prove the innocence of suspects.

“Releasing someone who is still being tried in court cannot in anyway promote democracy but lawlessness because every other suspect will also ask to be released,” she said.
And Ms Mulenga said Zambia is a sovereign State where the independence of its three arms of Government should be respected.

She said Zambia does not expect people from other countries to interfere with the operations of its three arms of Government.

“We are a sovereign State and we don’t meddle in other countries’ governance issues. So, we don’t expect other countries to meddle in the running of our affairs, especially those that are in court,” Ms Mulenga said.

She, however, said Government welcomes genuine advice from other countries provided it does not interfere with operations of the executive, judiciary and the legislature.

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    • Th remarks were a joke and an infringement of the sovereignty of Zambia.

      I think people do not know what Treason constitutes.
      It is an almost indefensible crime.

      Kampamba has been an ace of an appointment, I am a little surprised she didnt just say what ALL ZAMBIANS wanted to hear.
      ‘Go to hell Kenya’!



    • I read the article that supposedly was written by Odinga. The writing is very familiar with UPND press releases. Am 100% sure Odinga was just given the statement by UPND stooges and asked to append his signature. HH thought the International Community cared deeply for him. That’s why he is in jail today. Sadly the realization has come too late that actually no one in the International Community gives 2 $hits.

    • everyone is seeing something wrong with our country and still we are in denial,people will wake up when police has started kicking doors and disappearing those who oppose the government,by then it will be too late

    • patriotic
      Why do you think we are called niggers?Most of the f00ls posting aganst what Raila has written are doing so to protect their interests.That is how short term our thinking in Africa is.The fools cant even think of their own children’s future if the lawlessness shown by the present regime continues.They cant even think of their own personal interests.They cant ask themselves what if what is happening to HH happened to them.Most of the 1diots have no ambition beyond the next meal,the next posh car etc.We are without doubt a bunch of cursed 1diots and our actions,values and perseptions confim that.That is why most whites don’t believe we are capable of leading ourselves.
      This applies even to the rulers.Does Edgar even realise that this can boomerang?Was there anything surely in…

    • everyone has a perception on what is happening. most neutrals will tend to agree with Raila than Hon Kampamba.

    • Both Raila and Kampamba are Right:
      1. There’s nothing with Raila advocating for HH’s release, after all he’s an opposition leader too. Any advocate of plural politics would do that, and it doesn’t amount to meddling in Zambia’s sovereignty.
      2. It is true that an accused and detained person should not just be excused from court processes based only on the noises of their supporters.
      3. An accused person should also not be denied justice just because the charges preferred against them are ambiguous
      4. We should allow other people (or countries) to express their opinions of us, and even respond to them without necessarily accusing them of meddling in the affairs of our state institutions; there’s wisdom in listening – especially to divergent views

  1. Kapamba this is the problem when you get your job not through your mental ability but rather through what is in between your legs. Learn to think before rushing to issue statements and looking pathetic. You were given 2 ears and one mouth for a reason. And not to mouths. If lungu urinated in your mouth you would still find a way to defend his behavior. Grow up mate

    • NEZ, just wondering what kind of family reared you! Either you’re a huge let down to them or they must be a huge misfit in society; which one is it?

    • I doubt if UPND will ever respect women. Way back HH failed to hand over UDA presidency to Edith Namwakwi on account that he can never afford be under a woman. Here is another UPND foolish guy insulting a Minister on account that she is a woman…

  2. Simply look at that photo even the school girls look smarter than her who is always dressed as she is going for candle lit dinner with Lazy Bum.



    • Looks like even Zuma has ganged up against Lungu by talking about angry African Presidents who lock up critics. Don’t blame the whole world if they point out your crazy psychotic behaviour.

  4. Thank you Odinga. Unfortunately these people in government are so busy stealing public resources they are trying to hide their crimes behind a smokescreen of sovereignty.

    As a true son of AFRICA you have pointed out that an injury to one is an injury to all. An injustice in one place is an injustice everywhere.

    But these criminals that have stolen and subverted Zambia for their own selfish gain are too dull to understand that.

  5. When your neighbour on the left tells you that your trousers zip is open, then the neighbour on the right tells you the same thing & the one in front & the one behind, you still deny. Then you are a f00l.

    When is Kampamba going to condemn Jacob Zuma’s statement that dictatorship is where an angry president arrests people boo him (referring to kaminamisa).

    Traffic offence cannot be treason. How can a cookie & garden-boy plot to topple a government? Those charges only exist in a vacuum, as Judge said. They exist in vacuum heads of people with deep hatred for HH, i.e. kaminamisa & his PF00ls.

    • Maloza, I think zuma did not mean ECL, if he did, he should have not embraced him during the just ended forum. Are you connecting?

    • @ KC- Kingdom Citizen, the delegates were selected by WEF, not Zuma. Zuma only sent out the invitations. Watch the entire video.

      Even if he didn’t imply lungu, it’s the case of “who the cap fits, let them wear it”.

  6. Odinga ….

    .” When the result was finally announced Lungu won by just 16,000 votes…”

    Can the PF kaponyas dispute this ?

    • so what is the problem here?
      why are you disputing the results when you have stated here that “HE WON BY JUST 16,000”?
      upnd, please cool down your temper…..

    • Even that 16,000 votes were stolen. That’s why the ConCourt judges were bribed to sabotage the petition because they did not want to consider the evidence.

  7. What are you talking about Kampamba? Just enjoy the job you were given through bottom power. Odinga is right and the whole world is watching imwe ba pf who are the worst in Zambian history. Which fake charges are you talking about? Pf is just guilty of stealing votes so you had to come up with fake charges. God is not asleep.

  8. I find it almost shocking to have the Government spokesperson respond to only the last sentences of the paper of Mr Raila Odinga when he has spoken about the whole issue of the conduct of the 2016 election and how the government handled it. I wish she took time to respond to everything he has said. Does anyone need to remind her that probably Mr Odinga has researched well what he has spoken about. I wish she respond to everything he has talked about

  9. That was unresearched response to Mr Odinga’s appeal. Where are political scientists in PF government? The implications here that when X is released on nolle Y will also ask to be released on nolle, PF leaders where is this on earth. I think the problem is liking fake and honorary PhDs your handlers whose reasoning is below par and irrational, hence confusions everywhere.

  10. The PF and it’s government have the monopoly of wisdom and knowledge,so all of you continental noise makers need to travel to Zambia so we school you about democracy and the rule of law.

  11. According to my assessment all my Tonga friends are UPND. 95% of my Bemba friends are PF. 85% my Nyanja friends are PF. 99% of my Lozi friends are UPND . 95% of my friends from Northwestern are UPND. What does this tell me? We are a divided Motion. Why? Lets discuss.

  12. According to my assessment all my Tonga friends are UPND. 95% of my Bemba friends are PF. 85% my Nyanja friends are PF. 99% of my Lozi friends are UPND . 95% of my friends from Northwestern are UPND. What does this tell me? We are a divided Nation. Why? Lets discuss.

    • Where is Paul Moonga, Bravo Mweetwa, Hamududu, Hapunda and many others when it comes to Tongas you are economic with the truth.

  13. I think kampamba should be taken to another ministry where she will be less visible since ECL does not want to fire her..imagine her on BBC’s hard talk..

    • Don’t imagine the impossible.The legacy of Edgar is surrounding himself with the most incompetent pipo for whatever reason.Look at Freedom Sikazwe,Kaiser Zulu,Kampyongo,Chitotela,Lusambo,Mulenga Kampamba.What possible value can one get from the lot.Can any of the mentioned even be called on a program on BBC’s Hardtalk?Unless the organisers deliberately want to expose the lot to ridicule they can never consider them.They belong to their so called PF News Forum or Grevazio Zulu’s Sunday Inerview.

  14. Power is so corrosive that the one imbued with power tend to know everything under the sun. Only after one out of power that one tend to see his errors. In life , humility lies in you not in others and be wary with when people praise you today because tomorrow your praise singer will be your worse critics.
    When you are down , you have few or no friend and anyone can spit on you. Let GOD exalt you and you will see a crowd of friends and foes at your doorsteps shouting to the whole world that you are the best man in the world….
    PF are a darling when they were in opposition… We empathized with them when insults were hailed at them….
    Some words such as that “anyone who will vote for PF is a child born out of wedlock( chigororo)” .This is what RB , his wife and MMD said.
    Today PF…

  15. ” the judiciary is constitutionally mandated to prove the INNOCENCE of the suspect”. Looks like all prisoners will be set free. Or is she saying all prisoners are guilty until proven innocent . Thought it was assumption of innonence til proven guilty.
    Is this the speech of a well educated MP. please speech writers proof read before you let her loose on the public

  16. I only want to congratulate zambia from the very old times of KK to date , we are not meddlesome , we don’t issue unsolicited comments on individual sovereign state internal issues. HH is one of our beloved states men,and will always defend him appropriately.But foreign interference in issues ni upungufu wa akili bwana Ondinga.Elewa alama ya mipaka yako mzee

  17. Ms. Minister it’s your duty to speak on behalf of government, but please say something credible, something worth reading. You sound like a grade Nine school girl in a debate club. I’m Not PF or UPND. You speak on my behalf as a Zambian. So please consult with others on how to articulate yourself. Thank you!

  18. Lombe, you’re simply a UPND member and are bitter with the truth. What the minister has said is very true. How do you allow little election loosers from other countries like Raila Odinga to meddle in the affairs of a sovereign state like Zambian. I am mixed blood Zambia/Kenyan and I know the man is a bitter election looser in Kenya but he wants to vent his anger on innocent Zambians. Please Zambians, be proud of your country and guard it jealously. I have lived in Kenya and I have never read any article written by a Zambian against the Kenyan government. Not even HH has done so.

  19. Ms Mulenga, if you were of sober mind, objective and a believer of justice you would know that what Odinga is saying is correct. To-date the Police have not explained the charge to HH. If HH committed the treason charge what was is it? How can you accuse somebody to have committed a very serious offence without explaining what it is?

    Saying that on unknown date HH and 60 others or 5 others conspired to overthrow the Government of ECL can not stand as a treason charge. An overt act must clear, open with solid evidence such as arms, planning meetings held with enemy, Hostility is not treasonable unless it involves arms.

  20. This is how dictatoships start, when most people play cheer leaders until Lungu has nobody else to arrest and that’s when he will come full speed to hang treason around Mushota’s “wobbly ERECTION”.

  21. ODINGA is a disgruntled fool. ECL won by more than 100000. Where did he get the 16000 nonsense?

    What he wants is for the world to speak for Hakaikatisha Heka- HH, so that the same world can also speak for him, when he loses elections in August 2017.

    Prepare for your loss and leave Zambia alone

  22. This Odinga is a business associate of HH and is part of the cartel that sparked mass reduces in our mines so that HH would win the 2015 election. Why ain’t he talking about Kabila . Kagame and other dictators?

  23. What Odinga said has been said by the USA govt,EU, SADC and President Zuma. So why single out Mzee Odinga for criticism?The message is very clear from all these Commentators. The Treason Charges are politically motivated and trumped up. Zambia is a Multi Party Constitutional Democracy and it is wrong for Lungu to imprison HH simply becoz he Petitioned the 2016 Election Results and refused to recognize Lungu the alleged Vote Thief ,as a Legitimate President and b4 the Petition is heard. Lungu has not proved in Court that he was Democratically, Constitutionally and legally elected President and therefore he is illegitimate. Its not a crime to Petition Election Results and its not a crime to refuse to recognize Lungu as President. The Obstruction of a Presidential Motorcade in Mongu was a…

    • @masauso don’t tell lies none of those you’ve mentioned has commented on rebel leader HH imprisonment

    • @masauso don’t tell lies none of those you’ve mentioned has commented on rebel leader HH imprisonment

  24. Zambians are very different people from many African nations, imagine how Kenyans butchered each other during elections.
    The country lost 3,000souls because of Odinga and Kenyatta.
    Something zambians cannot attempt to do.


  26. Why is it that all remarks and comments from UPND members are always mean, hateful and stupid? Do they know anything about logic and common sense? Right and wrong? No wonder there’s no one to give sensible advice to their equally brainless leader who thought interfering with the presidential motorcade was the best way of expressing his grievances!! Didn’t any of these *****s ever think of warning their leader that was the best way to get shot! I really wonder how much they really love their leader…Somehow, I really smell a rat… from within.

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