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PF most politically intolerant government since 1991-TIZ


Transparency International Zambia has described the PF government as the most politically intolerant government Zambia has ever seen since the reintroduction of multi-party politics.

In a statement, TIZ Acting Executive Director Wesley Chibamba accused the PF of clamping down democratic space adding that anyone who says something they are uncomfortable with is attacked.

Mr Chibamba has since reminded the PF that Zambia is still a democratic state where freedom of expression is a right that has to be enjoyed and protected as such.

He said the organisation is dismayed at what it called the unwarranted attacks it has received from the Patriotic Front (PF) through its Provincial Youth Chairperson Kennedy Kaamba.

“TIZ is a professional organization whose responsibility among others, is to provide checks and balances to the government. It is rather shocking that simple advice can be taken with such venom and hostility as to warrant direct attacks on the organization and its leadership. We will not be drawn into a media brawl with Mr Kaamba or the PF. The PF needs to learn to take advice and constructive criticism. That is what happens in a democratic dispensation,” Mr Chibamba said.

He added, “We find it interesting that when we say something that praises the PF, TIZ is labelled to be PF. When we say something that they are not comfortable with, we are labelled to be UPND. This is very unfortunate, as TIZ is an apolitical organization. In striving to promote good governance, we are alive to the fact that some things we may say maybe uncomfortable for any ruling party. But we will not neglect our responsibilities simply because our statements will make people uncomfortable”

“TIZ has desisted from issuing statements on the arrest of the opposition leader, TIZ has indeed desisted from making political comments. The comment that has angered the PF provincial youth chairperson was advice for the PF to use someone who is an authority in interpreting legal issues when making statements bordering on the subject,” he said.

He said, “TIZ will continue with its work of promoting good governance, which entails respect for the rule of law, democracy, protection of human rights, transparency, accountability, justice and equality among others. So when there is an exhibit of poor governance by virtue of abrogating any of these good governance principles, TIZ will be there to criticize and provide guidance. TIZ will not be silenced by political party cadres.”


  1. TIZ,ignore Kamba… We know these PF cadres want to prove to His Excellency that they are working… In PF talking is work …if they don’t speak , they think the President cannot be protected by State institutions… Hear what SG, Deputy SD, Frank bwalya Chiyabi,Sunday Chanda, Fube,Brian Hapunda,Kapyongo,Given etc will say….
    Forgive them and sometimes simple education background plays a part…
    Kamba, when shall you receive a phone call from Kaizer Zulu?

    • Wesley Chibamba is acting director.

      To act and issue such careless non holsing statemnts which are UNTRUE is horrifying.

      This Government to my mind is arguably the best assembled Government since Michael Sata’s

      I rate Lungu very highly not as good as Sata but certainly better than Banda, Mwanawasa and Chiluba

      TIZ should talk about Road Infrastructures, Airports, Malls being constructed

      If that is NOT progress, I would like to know what progress is



  2. PF should learn to accept a friendly advice at no cost. They are most brutal regime ever in Zambia, the earlier changed the better because what goes around comes around. Some of PF sycophants will spend most of their time in jail when we have a change of regime. Whatever you do and say remember that power will one day change hands.

  3. Zambia has never seen such unprecedented levels of indiscipline from an opposition party as in the case of UPND since colonial times. Anyone who is old enough can tell that NGO’s are slowly losing it, they have no ideas to add to development of this nation, they have become shortsighted and power to analyise has dwindled remarkably due to being politicians in NGO coats.
    PF is proving to be efficient in running the affairs of this country, no wonder so many cries. All these complains are symptoms of indiscipline traits – for us who have been good citizens we see no problem at all.

    • Munone; do you call standing up for one s right as being indisciplined? Zambia is still a democracy until a one party state is imposed but over our dead bodies; only wrong doers are afraid of people freely speaking up;

    • She’s a blogger. One can make a living blogging. Fyi, there’s lots of advertising on this site to indicate some money is made. Blogging can be lucrative. Let her be, it’s the stories that need commenting on not her.

  4. Mushota you put Sata above ECL because of tribalism…
    “I rate Lungu very highly not as good as Sata but certainly better than Banda, Mwanawasa and Chiluba”
    Every President was good or bad in one area or the other…Humans err .
    Don’t idolize Lungu or Sata…. they are mortal …

  5. Current PF party and President Lungu are the best government in modern day Zambia.

    They represent the people and their aspirations and adhere to cultural ideology better than any of the crop of new Opposition. President Lungu has been challenged by unscrupulous opposition and misguided opposition supporters, who do not have the country’s interests but rather their personal ambitions.

    PF is fully representative of Zambia. They were voted into power with promise to sort crime in Zambia and have partially been successful in Land, property thefts, and this article is unwittingly confirming it by noting crime fight is bringing results. Best ZRA performance. Best infrastructure plan and delivery. However they have a Poor record on convictions for corruption in Public Office.

    • Intolerance is just a poor assessment. Currently a strong and firm hand must be applied to prevent internal war caused by misuse of Tribal representation particularly by UPND, who have fronted themselves along Tribal lines with a Tonga agenda. This has back fired on them and is the sole reason why they are not winning elections.

    • Good and constructive analysis, Patriot. But in terms of corruption, I feel PF inherited compromised anti-corruption institutions. This happened during the Mwanawasa era where anti-corruption was selective and controlled by individuals targeting their perceived enemies. If all those resources were invested in a super specialised crime & corruption unit using the best brains Zambia has and technical support which was available from the western countries, we could have created a unit like FBI or the scorpions/hawks which would have been more effective. ECL needs to look into this aspect, this I feel has led to poor record of convictions for corruption.

  6. Name calling on social media entails the low level of diplomas and education in this irritating blogger. When HH comes out of prison he will have learnt how to respect authority and office bearers.He insulted the judges and he is seeking justice from the same people he undermined.This is total under five behavior.

  7. PF should sober up. You’re a governing party. You can invite any organization to your secretarite or meet with them at any conference room and explain your position? according to your manifesto. That is Political maturity?expected of a ruling party. Labeling everyone UPND is failing to govern. You need to come out of the campaign mode and act civil. Engage the people, engage the organizations.

    • That’s my thought as well!…..”MOST politically intolerant…” I am not sure Mr Chibamba knows that you cant use “MOST” when you are comparing only TWO things. I am probably being unfair to expect much from Mr Chibamba.

  8. Some individuals do no represent the voice or actions of the organisations they are affiliated to. Maybe the man alluded to in thisTIZ furry has equally disappointed the PF if indeed he uttered things that are un democratic. Sometimes lets condemn and hold indivuals accountable for what they and say and not necessarily the group they belong to. Few rotten eggs could be found among fresh ones , lts possible I bet

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