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Kalusha heads CAF Technical and Development committee

Ex-FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya
Ex-FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya
Ex-FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya
Ex-FAZ President Kalusha Bwalya

Ex-FAZ boss Kalusha Bwalya will head the CAF Technical and Development Committee.

The CAF executive committee member takes over from ex-COSAFA boss and CAF vice president Suketu Patel was the previous head while Kalusha was his deputy.

Kalusha is also vice president of the CAF Organising Committee for Futsal and Beach Soccer.

The appointments were made during the CAF executive committee meeting held in Manama, Bahrain.

A) Finance Committee
President: Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco)
Vice-President: Monteiro Domingos Fernandes (Sao Tome)

B) Organising Committee for Africa Cup of Nations
President: Amaju Pinnick (Nigeria)
Vice-President: Philip Chiyangwa (Zimbabwe)

C) Organising Committee for African Nations Championship
President: Musa Bility (Liberia)
Vice-President: Wadie Jari (Tunisia)

D) Organizing Committee for Interclub Competitions
President: Fouzi Lekjaa (Morocco)
Vice-President: Mutassim Jaafar (Sudan)

E) Organising Committee for U-20 Africa Cup of Nations
President: Tarek Bouchamaoui (Tunisia)
Vice-President: Rui Da Costa (Angola)

(F) Organising Committee for Women’s Football
President: Isha Johansen (Sierra Leone)
Vice-President: Moses Magogo (Uganda)

(G) Organising Committee for Futsal and Beach Soccer
President: Moses Magogo (Uganda)
Vice-President: Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia)

(H) Referees Committee
President: Souleiman Waberi (Djibouti)
Vice-President: Lim Kee Chong (Mauritius)

(I) Technical and Development Committee
President: Kalusha Bwalya (Zambia)
Vice-President: Souleiman Waberi (Djibouti)

(J) Committee for the Management of Club Licensing System
President: Leodegar Tenga (Tanzania)
Vice-President: Dany Jordaan (South Africa)

(K) Committee for Legal Affairs
President: Ahmed Yahya (Mauritania)
Vice-President: Augustin Senghor (Senegal)

L) Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility
President: Almamy Kabele Camara (Guinea)
Vice-President: Isha Johansen (Sierra Leone)

(M) Media Committee
President: Amaju Pinnick (Nigeria)
Vice-President: Hedi Hamel (Algeria)

N) Medical Committee
President: Adoum Djibrine (Chad)
Vice-President: Yacine Zerguini (Algeria)

O) Marketing and TV Committee
President: Danny Jordaan (South Africa)
Vice-President: Rui Da Costa (Angola)


    • It is common knowledge that some senior government officials in this country sit on more than one board. Some even own their companies and are board chairmen or women there.

    • Let’s not forget the ticket racketing, double dealing, rampant corruption etc etc… at FAZ when Galu was there…this bootlicking has to cease right now. Surely how can I be jealous…do i want to be an administrator…really laughable.

    • But what qualifications has he got to be appointed to that very high position in CAF. But you Africans??? You all behave the same and politics everyone! I am very disappointed and disgusted! I thought we had buried him once and for all. Sad!

  1. This chap is a greedy chap who has failed to bring about any development in Zambian football. He is an attention seeking money hungry chap like lungu. He is always bought at the fifa elections. Some times I wish he was on that plane alone while our players survived

  2. Congratulations Kalu. You have made the nation proud for many years, no wonder you are a house hold name

  3. Our memories are fresh, you made us proud on the pitch as a player, beginning with the days at Circle brugge, moving to Holland and Mexico, and giving us our first real prize, the Prestigious Africa Cup as President of FAZ, the epitome of African football(Africa Cup). And now still at CAF and in charge of developing football. Surely even if I hated you, this record is impeccable – Well done Kalusha Bwalya. We will give praise where it is due, and HERE IT IS DUE!

  4. I really feel thats where Kalu should be, this is good for us all. He is better placed there than imposing himself here and ‘mis-managing’ FAZ.
    Am happy for him. But this time once again make Zambia proud NOT fighting Kamanga, support him!!!

    • Great Kalu cannot fight Andrew Kamanga. The two are miles apart where football is concerned. Yes, talk of corporate world and NOT the game of mpila! Kalu is a professor of football. That is why he is well respected and connected worldwide. I see him becoming CAF president in future. I think he did his mathematical calculations well not to stand for any position during this last CAF elections.

  5. Wish you the best Great Lusha. While this presents an opprtunity to develop our game all the negatives masters see is negativity. Kalu brough honor to our country and continues to do so. Simata and Kamanga above are one and the same person. Your aim is to divide, riot and destroy just like your evil symbol.

    • Simata and Andrew Kamanga ni mfwiiti aba bantu. They hate great Kalu beyond any human imaginations. Just accept your guys that Kalu is way above you two combined in world football.


  7. Congrats ba kalusha, you are a true legend of football, those criticizing you were far away from the history of Zambian football and your career to be precisely. They no nothing about the history of Zambian football, teti tubwelele panuma ba Kalusha, teti tubwelele panuma. Congrats once more.

  8. Happy for Kalu. What you see above are revolution fighters of african football.its only wise that these fighters know that the next step is development which they will not be part of in the next 10years.

    • Great Kalu is worldwide respected and above all very well respected, my brother! Please just accept that fact.

    • Great Kalu is worldwide respected and above all very well connected, my brother! Please just accept that fact.

  9. Apparently Kalusha told CAF that despite Zambia being landlocked, he must be appointed the vice chair of the Organising Committee for Futsal and Beach Soccer because kuLuapula eko balya faeces there is Lake Bangweulu and it has beaches where as a kid he was playing beach soccer with abena ng’wena.

  10. I’m proud of Kalu and congratulations for the new post.Some people enjoy seeing others fail so that they have something to talk about “ati alipwa anwafye kachaso”. I don’t care about what you think of him he’s a progressive person.He is not afraid of trying new things.

  11. Thanks Great Kalu. A real icon and patriot, thanks for your selfless dedication to football and putting Zambia on the map. For SOME OF US, that have really traversed the world, we bump into your name in many corners of the world. Great Job

    • What selfless dedication …you think he was running FAZ for free…really laughable..he was getting PAID and stealing from you.
      Wake up!!

  12. Africa is a very strange and funny place. You have a vice president for Beach soccer …kalu who comes from a country that has no beach.

    • Who told you Zambia has no Beach? Samfya has got one of the best beaches in the world and big enough to accommodate beach soccer. Maybe you meant the beech tree

  13. Congratulations to Kalu the Great. I told you haters that Great Kalu is not in your class. You will die of hatred while Kalu continues to rise and rise and rise …. Go Kalu, Goal!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just try hard to love him or you you will die from chikonko mwekate!!!LOL..
    Great KALU…. Go and be CAF/FIFA president… still in you early 50s…

  15. Wait a minute! A court injunction will do to stop him from taking up that new appointment. As a matter of facts, he mentioned in that FIFA Blutter scandal. So, I will handle him from there.

  16. Southern Africa is not well represented. We have 17 states here but only 3 member in CAF

  17. Congrats GREAT KALU we love you. This beautiful game soccer needs to be headed by people who have had eyes on the ball. More money on the job

  18. Nelson Mandela,once that that “It always seems impossible until its done.”So it has bin done for Great Kalu and no one wil take away that from him.Be it Simata Simata or Kamanga.

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