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The screening of churches and Christian organisations should be handled with care

Columns The screening of churches and Christian organisations should be handled with care

IFCC President Bishop Simon Chihana
IFCC President Bishop Simon Chihana


The screening of churches and Christian organisations is a good idea in its own sense, but the criteria for screening is what can be a big challenge if not handled properly.

The issues of doctrine, fundamental beliefs and practices can be very divisive and light an uncalled for fire among church people and their denomination lines.

The question comes who is the authority to stop the other because already we have a challenge whereby CCZ and ZEC opposed the establishment of the ministry of Religious Affairs and even if it went through, most of the parliamentarians are members of the two church mother bodies and this makes one to wonder where their allegiance is to.

There are churches and religious groupings in Zambia whose practice is extremely questionable, and some of these congregate in the night only.

The minister of Religious Affairs is an evangelical believer and it is the subscribers to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia that spearhead the establishment of the ministry, does this mean that the ministry shall only look into the affairs of the EFZ related matters or they shall be incharge of all the other churches and religious groupings.

We believe that if the government has to do an effective job, they must invite the stakeholders and in this case, all church bodies must be invited to the table without exceptional.

And this goes without forgetting to say that currently a number of Pastors coming from outside have suffered some small persecutions. We had an Evangelist that held a crusade at the Heroes stadium who was stopped from laying hands on the sick and yet it is biblical to lay hands on the sick so that they recover, then we had an Evangelist by the name of Christopher Alam who has always come to Zambia for crusades around the country, he was also stopped on false accusations and last week another preacher known as Prophet Angel was denied entry to hold his meetings on very clear unjustified grounds by the ministry of Religious Affairs.

When a preacher flies into the country with a team of workers, they use money, to set the meetings it involves money, to be accommodated its money, to have food its money, to move to and fro its money, to hire a place such as government complex its money, use the Showgrounds or other grounds its money.

Government must be very careful with this screening thing before it dents the name of the current government that they are persecuting the outside preachers, when it is not the government but few individuals outside the government are the ones influencing such undesirable decisions.

We also all know that, if one wants certain results for their lives, they will pay what it takes. People pay a lot of money to lawyers, medical practitioners and even the type of education they want because they know ultimate benefits they shall get.

I encourage the Ministry of Religious Affairs to be broad minded and also avoid being used by few outside individuals whose interest is not the Kingdom of God but their personal kingdoms.

The Author is the President of the International Fellowship of Christian Churches (a church mother body for independent churches and an ordaining body church leaders)

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  1. The government was right not to allow Uebert Angel in and was right to deport Seer 1. I hope they won’t allow the likes of Shepherd Bushiri if he tries to come back to the country. If people are too gullible and are easily manipulated by tricksters posing as real men of God, government has to step in. As real believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ we have had enough.

    • When a preacher comes to zambia he uses money. ……….go on keep going! When they are in zambia they come to make money!

    • People like me who have rejected the CHRISTIAN belief are the bravest and smartest people in the world, because we set out to find the truth even under the threat of ‘eternal hell fire.’

    • You are right . The people need to be protected by its government. Its amazing to see the kind of fleecing by the so called prophets of poor people while they lead lives of movie stars, jetting around the world in private planes, showing off their mansions, flash clothes , employing private security to guard them and chemists to assist in making fake miracles- the list is endless.

      People are so desperate for quick solutions- instant wealthy , healing , finding love etc . In this pursuit of these , a lot of people have been fleeced of their money and property by these crooked prophets. If you check the fake prophets are selling all sorts of merchandise , water, oil , rings , t-shirts for a lot of money and all this goes straight into their investment accounts – yes investment accounts…

    • Bushiri has already been allowed in the country through his Shepard Bushiri Mining Corporation in Ndola Rural. He also claims to have learnt money to the Zambian government. The crux of the matter is that if Uebert is Bushiri’s spiritual father, doesn’t it follow that the latter’s spiritual practices should be questioned as well?

    • Ever heard of David Koresh and his Cult Coumpound in Waco, Texas? Learn what the US Fed has done to him through FBI. Bottomline, Chihana is dead wrong. Let him come back and ask why we say he is dead wrong, we could then dedicate time on details. The state need to protect its citizens from some of these cults and corn artists. Religious tourism does not mean condone every malevolent acts in the faith marketplace. We fought Alice Lenshins cult, but must do the same on cults regards of colorist and suits they come in with their money.

  2. This man is a suspect, I hope he is not being politically motivated to make such comments,
    We know you sir.

    • Christianity
      The belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree…
      Yeah, Christianity makes NO sense.

    • Remember that the Ministry of Religious Affairs is not the “Ministry of Christian Affairs.” Therefore, it needs to cover all religions without fear or favour. Muslims, Buddhists, JWs, Hindus, etc. need equal protection.

    • Good point @Mop. As you obviously know that its only in christian circles were politics have become the order of the day.
      Others are never heard at all because they are concerned with spiritual matters.

  3. It’s true Bishop their are many person interests and this might work against Zambia.
    @Robert P -Seer 1 was deported but he was facing a charge. If not person interests, why didn’t they allow the court process to finish b4 deporting him.

    • Christianity
      A really cool religion, because if you follow it then you can go around raping, beating, and killing people, and as long as you confess your sins at the end of the day and repent you’ll go to heaven!!!!!
      I masturbate fifteen times a day, but I’m going to heaven because I tell God that I love him after I’m done!

  4. I do not personally believe in the bible and silly African prophets. However if if we claim to uphold human rights of freedom of expression and belief then then we then we need to tolerate these chaps. Same way we we can tolerate illegal pf government without resorting to violence even tho we know they lost elections

  5. I can only advise the government to scrutinize this move because it can cost the PF during the elections. Please , I am Christian who has been voting for PF since 2006. This move will make the name of the government into dispute. God bless ou mother Zambia and our president. Lord give our president more wisdom as he takes on some decisions.

  6. Most Pastor and church leaders have become crooks. They are just after milking desperate sinners of their money. It does not make sense to ask believers to pay K2,000.00 to attend your so called conference. If you have not charged money they entice you to give strange offerings to receive blessings. Christ did not charge any money and yet did the greatest job. He instead paid with his life to save us. Most Pastors are richer than business houses through stealing from sinners. They must be regulated and educated on how Christ conducted his mission work. Not money always and building personal mansions and driving expensive cars some even have jets. These are a bunch of satanists in my view

  7. Most Pastor and church leaders have become crooks. They are just after milking desperate sinners of their money. It does not make sense to ask believers to pay K2,000.00 to attend your so called conference. If you have not charged money they entice you to give strange offerings to receive blessings. Christ did not charge any money and yet did the greatest job. He instead paid with his life to save us. Most Pastors are richer than business houses through stealing from sinners. They must be regulated and educated on how Christ conducted his mission work. Not money always and building personal mansions and driving expensive cars some even have jets. These are a bunch of satanists in my view

  8. black folk love religion because they can’t innovate or create. ability to think rationally is virtually non existent that is why black folk see nothing wrong in worshiping a white messiah. religious but backward. sad.


  9. Bishop Chihana is very right on this one. The moslems have been left alone but the Christian pastors have been persecuted by our so called men of God. The reason is very simple in zambia men of God are materially obsessed and are scared that people will know the truth and Will desert them. They think we are very dull and that we don’t know what they are looking at the church as personal source of income. May God deliver us from this mess.

    • This is a confused posting or is it ignorance! Haven’t yo heard of radical Moslem groups that are banned in several countries? Here in Zambia, there is need to protect the poor gullible Zambians who still believe in pastors who can create manner from heaven for them. Belief in miracles instead of science and technology is keeping our people enslaved in backwardness. Why would any responsible government allow that on its own people?



  10. Bishop Chihana, I totally agree with you on issue of being careful when it comes to screening churches. However, I disagree with you in strongest terms to compare free gift from God to acquired professions such lawyers and doctors. I believe to be a doctor or lawyer demands alot of sacrifice money inclusive hence lawyers deserve to be paid.Bishop Chihana, its my strong belief that a pastor can only sale healing prayer if that pastor bought a gift from a witchdoctor. A true gift from God cannot be bought or sold. Freely you received freely you give kwamana.

    • My cousin owns a church and has become a millionaire by cheating that he has healing powers yet we’ve got a lot of sick people in our family but he’s not cured any of them.

    • @ndanje khakis, even a barber man can have relatives who have beards and long hair. It doesn’t mean he is a fake barber man.

  11. I dont get it. Was this guy coming to force people to pay? Arent Zambians capable of deciding whether to attend and pay for something by themselves? If I pay K2,000 of my own money, hard earned money, whos business is that? I see a serious encrochment on citizens space here. I see a shrinking freedom space where the state is extending a little too much and too quickly into my space. This could be why we had this ministry in the first place, to ‘guide’ adults because we seem incapable of thinking and deciding for ourselves, to reduce freedoms. You should be worried.

    • You are spot on. How many people are spending such amounts on beers or prostitutes……. So if I take the same amount to ‘her’ Bishop will she ban him? Stifling people’s freedom is unconstitutional.

  12. The Preamble of the constitution says “WE, THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA:
    ACKNOWLEDGE the supremacy of God Almighty; DECLARE the Republic a Christian Nation while upholding a
    person’s right to freedom of conscience, belief or religion;……”
    So the Minister abrogated the constitution which she swore to uphold. Every person has the RIGHT to CONSCIENCE, BELIEF or RELIGION. She cannot impose her own religion or belief on Zambians.
    Jesus teaching on the parable of the sower said, “Let both grow together until the harvest, and at harvest time I will tell the reapers, “Gather the weeds first and bind them in bundles to be burned, but gather the wheat into my barn.” (Matthew 13:30). It is NOT the job of the Minister to remove the ‘weeds’ from God’s Kingdom. She CANNOT help God, God is too…

    • Christianity
      The devotional worship of a 2,000 year old mythical dead Jew on a stick, as Chriatianity prefer Jews in that condition.
      In Christianity, churches have a dead Jew on a stick hanging on the wall.

  13. @by Elaygee June 04, 2006, You have the right to your own beliefs, so has any other person. The discussion here is not a contest of who believes in who or what. We believe in JESUS CHRIST and we are whole heartedly glad to do so without shame. If that bothers you it’s up to you.

  14. The basis of denying Albert Angel entry into Zambia is not valid. He was denied entry on the basis of the fees which ware purported to be charged to attend his conference and not on ideology or christian teachings. A man of God can be barred only if he/she is proved be teaching heresy or wrong christian doctrine. I agree with Bishop Chihana that there are invisible hands outside govt but within the christian community who are manipulating the minister for fear of losing the income from the same members they are pretending to protect from their own illusions. We know them and they are all members of EFZ. We all know that different servants of God carry varying levels of anointing. Please dont stop us from taping into other anointing. For the Minister you should be very careful because the…

  15. Uncontrolled freedom can be dangerous. Chihana has vested interest in the whole issue. Surely how can you support a pastor who orders his HIV inflicted congregation to stop taking ARVs and depend on prayer only?

  16. cont. For the minister you have to be careful because the anointing on the servants of God can start fighting you. this is free advise. Dont say you were not told.
    In any case it is my money and Angel is not forcing anyone to attend. It is on voluntary basis and most importantly he is not teaching heresy.


    • Those don’t carry any power. People want solutions not stories. People want the Holy Spirit. When bars, taverns and night clubs are mushrooming Christians are not concerned. They only get concerned when Churches are mushrooming. I’d rather every street has a church and people are getting saved than pretend to be of Christ but block the expansion of HIS Kingdom. Ama Christians always want to be HOLIER than THOU. God is watching you.

  18. The government has a inalienable right to regular the nonsense that propagated in the name by crooks masquerading as men of God and they can use any measuring that will restore sanity in the nation.

  19. The prophet did not force any one to pay the 2000.people have a choice and who is the ministry or religious afairs to judge,the bible says do not judge.Infact there was a free admission at the show ground and those that paid whatever amount had 1001%choice.Ba Rev & ba bishop Joshua Banda please do not put Zambia the christian nation in desripute.The is free worship and thats why bonse abapepaa ifyo bapepa are in this country,i nganga,moslems indoshi all have been accoommodated.Dont take ifyakwalesa political or personal

  20. Remember that we are living in a world full of sin. We need to pray to get rid of evil. The devil is trying by all means to create confusion and misunderstanding throughout the entire nation. Do not follow him. Jesus Christ gave his life to save us all. We are all loved by God. If you don’t believe in God, then what do you believe in? You were born and you will die. The real life is after death.

  21. Why so many churches? let us identify 40 churches only and those that remain should merge with others that they share something in common with and those breaker away should be reunited with their original churches.Then these should be ensure they guard against anti christian, i still believe there is one true church but that is not the matter for discussion now

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