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The way HH was arrested was not professionally done-Highvie Hamududu


former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu
former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament Highvie Hamududu
Party of National Unity (PNU) leader Highvie Hamududu has castigated the manner in which Zambia Police officers raided United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema’s house before arresting and consequently charging him with treason.

Hamududu who recently launched Party of National Unity (PNU) after being left out of adoption by the UPND hierarchy in the 2016 general elections said it was unfortunate that Zambia police used a brutal approach to apprehend opposition leader who have always complied whenever his subpoenaed by the police in Zambia.

“The manner in which the Police raided United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema’s house before arresting and consequently charge him with treason was not professionally done” Hamududu said

Hamududu noted that if Zambia Police had summoned Hichilema using a police call-out and had disregarded a police summon, then the raid would have been justified, adding that concerning the recent case the police did not subpoena Hichilema like they have always done and the records indicates that the opposition leader has always been conforming to the police summon.

And the former UPND Bweengwa Member of Parliament added that has echoed sentiments by some stakeholders suggesting that the current amended constitution is defective and a breeding ground for dictators.

He explained that the current constitution is dictatorial due to the fact that it gives the President a lot of power hence making the seating president look like is above the law.


  1. Who doenst know that the arrest of HH was politically motivated Triple H. Concentrate on your small family party and eat as much as Lungu can provide you. The real Zambian is fed up with petty politics and need economic solutions!

    • Lungu has created far too many enemies within his house, within Chawama, within PF, within other stakeholders and third sector organisations. He has to continue running away even from his shadow as the death blow wont even have a sure source…I am just saying, because even the dirty Kaizer Zulu can shoot Edgar!

    • Hamadudu is full of doodoo! Exactly how is any arrest supposed to professional,

      ZP – “Excuse me Mr. HH, am a professional policeman, do you have a moment to be arrested?”

    • @nubia
      Why are mentioning my name in your fight against sexual drought,,… You were fighting miles now it’s hamududu and you dragging me in… Sorry all men you are fighting are married

    • @Ndobo 1.5; Is your other name doodoo? If it is, it actually explains your reply to @Nubian princess.

    • That’s the sad part, they wait for the milk to spill then talk as if they are so wise. When hh is misleading people they keep quiet, when he is insulting judges, they keep quiet. I wonder what kind of morality these people have, really shameful!!

    • Leave him alone. He has just launched his party. Its fine to keep silent until you are able to defend your comments.

  2. You have said well Hamududu. But I am afraid lungu will stop funding you as you are speaking the truth now. You know lungu and his pf revel in lies, intimidation, violence and thuggery.

  3. Stop accusing the police in this matter, it was the pf cadres in Zambia police uniform who went to attack HH.


  4. Hamududu I can imagine, its been a month from the incident, that’s when you’ve found a voice. laughable.

  5. How and where do you expect professionalism to exist when there are no professionals? Any way you have also asked your question late, perhaps giving us insight as to how a slow thinker you are and how slow your party will grow and how slow you will move to become Zambian President in 3021.

  6. The arrest was obviously demonic, not professional. The govt has power, did they have to go full force to arrest a meek, law abiding opposition leader like they did? And HH is a guy who has in the past demonstrated his availability to the brutal police forces whenever he was required to appear before them. Lungu’s action against HH was devilish, evil. But then he is a drunkard and doesn’t actually know what he is doing. He is ordered by mad thugs like kaiser zulu and amos chanda.

  7. Hamudu your very Sponsor Lungu is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and he authorized the Raid on HH’s House in order to destroy HH Politically or Physically. Hamududu has been recruited and financed by Lungu to destroy HH. Hamadudu is just shedding crocodile tears. He should shut up and enjoy the bribe he has been given by Lungu to destabilize a fellow Tonga. Hamadudu is now an accomplice in persecuting HH and UPND in exchange for money from Dictator Lungu. We all know Hamadudu’s Mission but it will fail.

    • Hamududu maybe trying to go back to his house in Bweengwa and by saying this, he thinks he will be welcomed back. He is saying what the HH supporters want to hear but does not mean it.

    • Hamududu maybe trying to go back to his house in Bweengwa and by saying this, he thinks he will be welcomed back. He is saying what the HH supporters want to hear but does not mean it.

  8. Mr. Hamududu HH was treated just the way he behaved in Mongu, how do you expect the police to act professionally when HH’s act are unprofessional. As you have said it they always treat him with kid gloves that is why he behaves like that, so the police thought let us change and they behaved just like him. The problem is all of you don’t see how bad HH’s behavours is. He has been behaving like a teenager not president in waiting.

  9. And why should ECL fund a replica party for HH (UPND) instead of giving the money to marketers whom HH’s people are burning shops. He is talking now because Hakainde is funding this new party considering UPND is dead.

  10. I should say this, Hamududu is probably thinking ahead of most upnd leaders and supporters. He thinks HH might not make it back to lead his party hence he (Hamududu) may stand a chance of being adopted as a new party President after dissolving his backyard party.

  11. How do you arrest a man in that manner? Some of us are PF but very mindful that the sequence is supposed to be stone age – iron age – computer age – digital age. Civilisation is not anywhere near the horizon. Whether you hate the man or not, the man has not refused to cooperate, we know that dullness could be in stages but this one is at another level, truth be told

  12. What Professionalism is Hamududu expecting from the PF-ZPS? Is Hamududu not aware that ZPS was infiltrated by PF Thugs and ill trained PF Militias? Ever since ZPS imported violence and thuggery from PF it ceased being a Professional Service. With a Thug and Criminal being the Commander in Chief is it surprising that ZPS is now a lawless State Institutions? Dictator Lungu has destroyed all Institutions of Governance like ECZ, ZPS and the entire Judiciary. Even Parliament is tottering on the brink of a Rubber Stamp controlled by Lungu and his Cabal.Lungu should release HH and others unconditionally and let the Petition be heard in an Impartial Court.

  13. That’s because, he parked his car not too professional in front of the President’s motorcade. It follows, he does not expect respect in return.

  14. UPND has become a party of orphans after one millionaire was gassed and nabbed and another fled out of cowardice !

  15. The end justifies the means. And anyway where in the world have you seen police sending a call out to a treason or terror suspect?

  16. “I want my country back”
    As young lads, our eyes opened up to our country’s joy of independence being smothered by a political stranglehold that is still having it’s effects on the quality of leadership to date.

    “We are moving back to to that country,one that would be the most beautiful place to live if the leadership was genuine and did not lose focus as leaders get to know how power can be a passport to silence all those that appeared to be clever enough to see that what the leadership was promising the people was actually Rhetoric and that they were actually looking for an opportunity to enrich themselves. you’ll see that they will begin to use the word of God to pacify the masses as they appeal to their deep rooted mercy and for space for forgiveness for the blunders they…

  17. during their strong hold onto power when elections seem far off.
    My surprise is that they tend to think Zambians are foolish and suddenly see themselves as supreme beings above the electorate.
    It was only September2016 when we saw the once pompous leaders sink so low as to dance for the electorate and awkwardly kneel down for votes, the year when Zambia registered yet another Holiday in the form of A Day of Prayer, Fasting,Forgiveness and Reconciliation! This happened on the Podium, yet as soon as they turned their backs, they unleashed their ‘wolves’ to terrorize any form of Opposition.
    One time Small Pastors in this Nation in the Heart of Africa finally gained Recognition by joining in the song of Blasphemy after being promised liberation from Poverty. They are so quiet for…

  18. It was only September2016 when we saw the once pompous leaders sink so low as to dance for the electorate and awkwardly kneel down for votes, the year when Zambia registered yet another Holiday in the form of A Day of Prayer, Fasting,Forgiveness and Reconciliation! This happened on the Podium, even in the face of the injustices

    We witnessed an unprecedented rise in Ritual Killings and actually saw Pictures of PF Branded Trucks laden with Human Parts suspected to have been removed from the victims of Ritual Killings impounded, but the cases have died a natural death and have not been followed with the passion that a case of Traffic Nuisance has been treated. The Pastors’ mouths have been stuffed with corrupt funds to an extent they are prepared to forget their core function of…

  19. function of preaching salvation, reconciliation, forgiveness, peace and Love.
    Seeds of division have never in the History of Zambia been planted as they have in this PF government.
    It so Happens too, that Poverty has been used to their advantage as they pretend to care for the poor during campaigns only. Now that they are back and holding firm, they can literally tell the electorate that they don’t care if they were not elected in 2021, whether the decisions they make leave Casualties along the way or not.
    I remember when the era of Democracy dawned in 1991, we were so happy the ‘BY- AIR BOYS’ were now a thing of the past and people felt free to talk about super Ken who was a nice man himself but turned brutal by boot licking cadres who have now come in another form – the RBs of…

  20. this world.They are the Mumbi Phiris, Frank Bwalyas, Kaiser Zulus, Bowman Lusambos, Kennedy Kambas and the list goes on. They are the parrots singing the song of hate and threat.
    The Kaunda days were not that bad as those of the masses that did not plunge themselves into the fight for appointments were clear of the cross fire.
    Those were exciting times as Education was prime on Super Ken’s agenda. Food was plenty and affordable at one time though Many families had fled the conflicts within UNIP and settled abroad.
    After 1991 many were slowly returning, some after years of absence. A few promising leaders were eliminated by what Super Can called Movement for Mandrax Dealers or Movement for Mass Destruction. Humphrey Mulemba, Baldwin Nkumbula, Paul Tembo, Ronald Penza, Dean Mungomba…

  21. and Anderson Mazoka were just some of the casualties of the infighting for recognition and Mwanawasa just survived by the Grace of God.
    He was God Given and brought back some sanity in the governance of this country. Progress was there for all to see as He shook off Zambia’s debt burden accrued over 27 years of Kaunda’s Rule. We understand Kaunda was in a serious fight with the West and so it was believed the poverty affecting Zambia was due to the ‘squeezing’ pressure from the Western World. He tried under very difficult circumstances as He fought for the liberalization of the Neighboring Countries, some of whom have come back to seek refuge in the Zambia they used to laugh at.
    I can feel the euphoria in the air now as we are on the fast track sliding back into that trap, where…

  22. people have began disappearing and dying mysteriously. We seem to have lost our Freedom once again and we can not point out the wrongs government is doing. That has become a Taboo and now people have resorted to hero worshiping even when they can see where the mistake is.

    The Bourgeois stroll the streets of Lusaka sporting their distinctive expensive shoes – Drive the most expensive Cars and Drink from Exclusive Clubs with their infamous Women folk. Students are eager to learn and obtain the highest Level of Education but the whole tertiary education System has been messed up and poor children can’t advance their education because they can not just get a bursary despite having good brains.
    Families of those in government and Lecturers are the ones enjoying what is supposed to be…

  23. a National cake.
    I want Zambia to go back to the country with anticipation and jubilation, rekindling links with long-lost relatives and colleagues, a country flourishing with a people that are always wearing a welcoming smile on the face. A country where tribe did not matter and one could move from West to East, From North to South and not feel like a stranger.

    I want the capital to bustle with energy.
    Embracing my familiar identity,
    I want my Children to quickly grow to love my country and its people, a united and not fragmented lot.
    I want the richness of its culture and language, seeing the President walking down my street, unaccompanied ( even waving at me!).
    The beautiful weather, the art-deco architecture (remnants of the English colonial past), the pine trees, the…

  24. undefiled forest full of all species of trees- Mukula, Mukwa, and the flora. I want back my United Zambia and not what I am seeing now.

  25. As an innocent offender one has to surrender peacefully not hide in a bunker what was that all about. In so doing you leave yourself open to abuse and hence the smoking out with tear gas.Because he came out in his birth suit out of fear and panic they ended up smoking his equipment

  26. When I tell you that Lungu is a hypocrite who is using Christianity to deceive gullible Christians FF cadres don’t see it;how can a true Christian be doing what Lungu is doing?how can a true Christian be surrounded by violet thugs like Kaizer and kamba and kanganja etc?

  27. This HH thing will not cease to amaze us. When was his hero arrested and thats when he makes a comment. What a shame! I am sure someone from Tongaland has just reminded him that he is Tonga and has to behave like a Tonga – tribal remarks. All the same I did not expect anything different from this tribal man. Hamu – Hichi – Hango etc these names stink thousands of!

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