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PF welcomes calls to pray for HH-Frank Bwalya

General News PF welcomes calls to pray for HH-Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya addressing the defectors who re-joined the party
Frank Bwalya addressing the defectors who re-joined the party

Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has welcomed calls to pray for detained United Party for National (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Below  is the entire statement from Frank Bwalya:



WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017.


We have noticed that calls to pray for the detained United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema, including the one I made on a Lusaka based radio station recently are receiving mixed feelings with some people opposing such prayers on grounds that Mr Hichilema has been refusing to take part in national prayers.

Against this background, we wish to put it on record that our party sincerely welcomes calls to pray for the detained UPND leader. We believe in the power of prayer and that God still works miracles of transforming people in the same way he made Saul become Paul the instrument of evangelisation.

The condition Mr Hichilema and some of his supporters find themselves in could be the appropriate situation for God to touch him in a special way and make him a national asset in promoting peace, forgiveness and reconciliation in Zambia while still striving to be President one day.

Therefore we wish to dissociate our party from sentiments that Zambians should not pray for Mr Hichilema since he has consistently refused to join Zambians in praying for peace, reconciliation and unity such as we have been having on 18th October after President Edgar Chagwa Lungu promulgated the National Day of Prayer.

Acknowledging the fact that it may be a security risk for our members to join public prayers for Mr Hichilema, we instead urge all our members to join such prayers in spirit and earnestly pray for him. Doing so will go a long way to demonstrate the true Christian spirituality of praying for one another especially during trying moments.

Finally, we are praying that Mr Hichilema will received a fair trial and that justice will be done in his cases.

Frank Bwalya


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  1. Frank Chumbumushololwa Bwalya & PF Bandits are useless hypocrites the have ever seen. Its this same PF bandits of visionless Lungu persecuting innocent HH & all other opposition parties with diverse views from PF.
    Shame on you PF bandits.
    The Skeleton Key

    • These utterances of verbatim from Frankless Chumbumushololwa & PF bandits are not surprising, the wise & well meaning people of the world knew that PF minions will apologize for their own selfish, ruthless & devilish persecution of HH.
      PF nincompoops have realized that its the illegitimate, illegal,fraudulent, undemocratic & unconstitutional PF against the democratic world. The HH case was a nonstandard issue without any merit.
      Time is catching up with PF. They are not sleeping well, their own verbosity is gnawing their rotten medulla oblongata.
      Whether PF bandits likes it or not, the presidential petition will be heard.
      Tomorrow it will be either one of these PF bandits apologizing~ Mosi Chanda aka State House, Monday or sorry, Sunday Chanda, Mumbi Mulomo Phiri, Davis empty skull…

    • That’s a very good gesture by frank bwalya.

      Indeed for those that feel agrived, you are allowed to pray for a man charged with Treason offences.

      A round of applause for frank bwalya.



    • This is mockery from a man who should know better! The end for these PF people who are so full of hatred will be bad time will tell !

  2. HH absolutely needs prayers so that the problems he has are cleansed away with the blood of Jesus.

  3. Frank you childless barren father. Kanyonke mbol0 ya lungu because that is the only thing you and kaiser are good at. You dog

  4. Instead it’s Frank who needs prayers because he is facing a curse from God after rebelling against him.
    We don’t need prayers from hypocrites like PF. God does not listen to such. Even your national day of prayer is hypocritical before God.

  5. HH does not need the prayers of WICKED PF. More genuine citizens are praying for HH. Wait for God to speak. You will all be shocked!

    • @B Bwembya, you are so right. How many prayers have they had without changing their WICKED WAYS? Why should HH join HYPOCRITICAL GATHERINGS OF WICKED PEOPLE? HH has done well to stay away from HYPOCRISY!

    • Well said @B Bwembya! When the time will be right, God will scatter PF and its WICKEDNESS! No one mocks God and gets away with it!

  6. I thought the President stopped PF members from commenting on HH’s case and let the due process of the law and court take place and be done way with?

  7. Comment: I hv never seen a fool like Ba Bwalya.Pls stop mocking God, no wonder God fired u as a man of God nw u the man of Lungu.Any way continue worshiping him u empty bottle.

  8. Just as well he dropped the title of Father because he’s spewing hate from his mouth. How can he say things like this. Why not just keep quiet if you’ve nothing to say. He has so much hate in his heart.

  9. If you were baptised by Frank Bwalya, kindly reconsider having another baptism

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