Tuesday, May 21, 2024

super gifted celebrity couple Izrael(Exile) and Nalu are back with another collaborative love song


The super gifted celebrity couple; Nalu and Izrael (Exile) are back with another collaborative love themed single titled “Si Manso” produced at Romaside Studios.

Download the song HERE




  1. I have just completed my PhD and restrain from watching Zambian music.

    So who are these z listers again ?



    • Anything to do with pf irritates me. Nalu Joyce simukoko labor minister’s step daughter. Get lost, used to like exile not anymore.

    • Mushota you are pathetic! You are always demeaning yourself! See a shrink soon or your bipolar will break you down!

  2. Seriously, artists need to realise that the come a point in one’s career when your songs run out. That’s when as an artist you need to move on to something else, e.g. Dr Dre.

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