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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

TIZ commends Zambian government for taking steps to screen churches and religious organizations

General News TIZ commends Zambian government for taking steps to screen...

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has commended the Zambian government for taking the step of screening churches and religious organizations.

Chibamba has said if the church is going to be contributing to steering policy direction in Zambia, then it is only prudent that such groupings are properly screened.

“As TIZ, we are cognizant of the fact that Zambia is a Christian nation, and consequently policies and other key decisions made by the government are often times influenced by various religious groupings, it is in this vein that we commend government for introducing measures to curb the mushrooming of churches and “false” prophets”, Mr Chibamba said.

Chibamba was making a comment on the decision that has been taken by the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs to scrutinize churches that are operating and wish to operate in Zambia.

He was quick to mention that TIZ compliments the freedom of worship and association to a religious grouping as enshrined in the constitution as an organization that values transparency and accountability in the country.

Chibamba also observed that some churches are alleged to be purporting to serve the people spiritually yet unsuspecting Zambians are just profiteered.

And in light of this, Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has said TIZ contends that churches should be held to the same standard and scrutiny as other social institutions in the country.

“Furthermore, religion plays a major role in our lives, thus it is only prudent that the government take appropriate measures to curb the mushrooming of unscrupulous churches” he stated.

Meanwhile, TIZ Executive Director has urged Government to provide clear and concise administrative provisions of the criteria to be used in the screening process least they undermine citizens’ rights.

“ We hope the government will be open-minded without any bias towards particular groups and individuals and consider consulting civil society and various established churches before going further with this decision”, he stated.

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  1. The fact that these religious houses are commentating on political landscape in the county is quiet frightening.



    • TIZ are you aware that all churches are registered in Zambia? Are you questioning the authority’s competency to screen at this stage? May be you are advocateing for something else. Dictatorship feeds on possession to control people’s thinking. TIZ what are you standing for?

  2. The government can screen the establishment of churches but it should be with the preserve of the Constitutional amendment that guarantees? freedom of worship.

    There shouldn’t be one set of rules or standard for everyone, since people and locales have people of different social and economic standing in society.

  3. I am a Christian, and this is long overdue. There are too many crooks deceiving our people.

  4. It is not going to work bcoz politicians cannot guide the church on issues they don’t understand. This is the beginning of the GREAT FALL OF SOMEONE. YOU CAN’T TOUCH GOD’S HOUSE AND REMAIN IN POWER. THE MOTIVE IS VERY WRONG. AFTER FAILING LAZ THEY COME TO THE CHURCH. IN VICTORY KNOW WEN TO STOP!

  5. Of course, there are false prophets and teachers in our midst. The problem here is how to identify them for they prophecy and teach in the name of Jesus just like the genuine men of God. In order to identify a genuine bank note from a counterfeit one needs to study the features of a genuine note. If any feature, even only one, is missing or is not proper, then that note is counterfeit. Same with the identification of genuine/false prophets. If only a single teaching is in contrast to the Word of God, the prophet is a false one. Therefore, study the scriptures, understand the Word and thou shalt not be deceived.

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