Tuesday, May 21, 2024

TIZ welcomes ACC’s appointment to the African board on corruption


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has congratulated Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for being elected to serve on the board of the Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities in Africa (AACAA).

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) as an institution and the Acting Director General Kapetwa Phiri has been elected to serve as Vice President on the board of the Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities in Africa (AACAA).

The TIZ Executive Director said the Anti-Corruption Commissions and agencies in the African region have shown confidence in the Zambian ACC to the effect that they have chosen them to represent the other commissions and agencies on the board.

Chibamba noted that the confidence exhibited by the African Anti-Corruption Commissions in the Zambian ACC is in good faith and requires everyone’s support in Zambia and the entire region.

He said the appointment of the ACC to serve as vice president on the board of the Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities in Africa (AACAA) means that Zambia now sits at a strategic position to influence Anti-Corruption policy in the region.

Chibamba added that the appointment puts Zambia in a unique position to learn and share best practices with other African countries in the fight against corruption.

He has since urged the ACC to take full advantage of the opportunity and remain steadfast in their work, affirming that the ACC has continued to make positive strides in the fight against corruption but there still remains room for a lot of improvement for them to be truly effective and win the full confidence of Zambians.

And Chibamba said the appointment also serves as a challenge to the ACC to remain above board and exemplary in their execution of their duties such that their appointment to the board will be credited to have been on merit.

He also urged them to be swift and thorough in their investigations, impartial in the execution of their duties, to investigate and prosecute even serving public office bearers.

The TIZ Executive Director further encouraged the ACC to be reasonably communicative with regards to what they are doing on a number of corruption allegations including on issues from the Auditor General’s report.

“That said, TIZ wishes to congratulate Mr. Phiri and the ACC once more for their election to the AACAA board and we are wishing them God’s blessings as they discharge their duties” Chibamba said


  1. A corrupt Zambian commission being appointed to another corrupt African board. Will corruption ever end on Africa when here in Zambia yesterday lungu directed that all cases be dropped against directors of quantum mines.

  2. What a joke. This is probably the most preposterous news of today. The most Incompetent institution given such an appointment. Maybe it’s a ploy to try and bring some sanity in the incorrigible arm of governance. They have seen that it is the most useless institution which has lost its credibility. Shame.

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