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Chelsea give Charly Musonda ultimatum: sign a new deal or you’ll be sold


Charly Musonda
Charly Musonda

Chelsea are demanding Charly Musonda to sign a new contract.

The Belgium Under-21 international, who has just over two years left on his current contract, is on the fringes of Antonio Conte’s first team.

Belgian journalist Sven Claes says Chelsea have warned Musonda to commit himself to the club or leave.

Claes tweeted: “Chelsea have a clear message for Charly Musonda Jr (20): sign a contract extension or move permanent this summer.”

Upon moving to Real Betis on-loan 18 months ago, Musonda revealed: “It was simple: many English clubs wanted to buy me. Man U, City, Arsenal… but only rent was an option for Chelsea.”.

The forward was loaned to Betis at the beginning of the season, where he was playing sporadically, yet a change of manager and a mystery knee injury made life very difficult, leading him to return to Stamford Bridge.

Since his return, Musonda has made three U23 appearances for Chelsea, scoring a goal against Manchester City, but hasn’t even come close to being a part of Antonio Conte’s plans, which has put a big question mark regarding his future.


  1. Preserver young man…..btw have you been selected to play for Belgium or England as your mother told the Zambian fans when they were asking for your availability to play for Zambia??

  2. @kanjimaano
    This boy has all Zambian Bemba blood in him not Belgium.Let his parents get him back to the roots…otherwise in future could be a lost sheep.

    • Your ignorant Comment though! He can choose whatever country he wants. The nonsense in your comment is upsetting.

    • Both mother and father have inferiority complex. they now want to feel more belgian than the white belgians. isukulu bane.

  3. let the young man think about it.than putting him in the corner .that is the problem with European club.please respect us too.

  4. They go to Europe and become useless once they taste kebab and ichivelo chamusungu

  5. Okay Charly is at Chelsea but does not play for the first team. Conte is not Mourihno and he is not interested in loaning players, it appears. Charly will not see the first team selection if he remains at Chelsea. If he has ambitions this is the time to move. He needs to be seen playing more to up his marketability. Lets face it the premier league is the most watched league in the world. Going to Italy, France or Spain while may see him playing some games, will not up his marketability unless he was Messi, Suarez or Neymar, which he isnt it. My advice to the young man if he cannot be loaned again (this time let it be in the premier league) is to remain in England. Let him go to Southampton, Westham, Palace. Going to Liverpool would be a great advantage. And let him play for Zambia!

    • He can not play for Zambia his mother said Zambia should not bother as he was being looked at by England and Belgium.

  6. He is a Belgian.He grew up there and that is only place he knows unfortunately.Have met a Zambian who basically was born and bred in Canada.He told me is never being to Zambia yet his name is all Zambian.There are many out there

    • You clearly don’t know or watch Chelsea youth football the boy has been at Chelsea for long now.

  7. @Grant just as much with many on the borders with Congo, who have been to L’bashi but never to Ndola or Lusaka. Globalisation

  8. It’s the parents obnoxious attitude that will cost their childrens? careers. The father is a quitter and the mother acts like she never went to school.

  9. I wouldn’t like to talk much about their mother or father, the boys have the chance to choose for themselves which country to play for whether England or Belgium. But the boys should learn from people such as Drogba, Kanoute, Prince Boateng, the list is endless who wanted to play for the country of their mothers birth. So don’t be cheated by he will play for this or that country, in those countries put so much conditions that you will not be able to meet then you will useless to them anymore just use you for one much and that it. And the moment you appear once on a senior level, you will not be able to play for another country the door is closed.

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