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It’s HH who needs dialogue and reconciliation with himself, Mumbi Phiri tells ZCID

Headlines It's HH who needs dialogue and reconciliation with himself, Mumbi Phiri tells...

Former Minister of Home Affairs, Davis Mwila confers with Patriotic Front Deputy National Secretary,Mumbi Phiri during the Luncheon at State House.
FILE: Former Minister of Home Affairs, Davis Mwila confers with Patriotic Front Deputy National Secretary,Mumbi Phiri during the Luncheon at State House.

The ruling Patriotic Front(PF) Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri has said that if there is a person who needs dialogue and reconciliation with himself, it is United Party for national Development(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema.

Reacting to a press briefing held by the Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) calling for dialogue, peace and reconciliation in the nation, Mrs Phiri said that the UPND leader needs to be at peace with himself and at peace with the world and that ZCID should help him come to terms with reality.

Below is the full statement


PF Headquarters, Lusaka, Zambia

Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) held a press briefing today at which they revealed that they had written to the His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to call for dialogue, peace and reconciliation in the nation. They also stated that they had written to the Prison Authorities for permission to go and engage HH on dialogue.

Let me correct something here: if there is a person who needs dialogue and reconciliation with himself, it’s Hakainde Hichilema. He needs to be at peace with himself and at peace with the world. ZCID, we are calling on you to help him come to terms with reality.

In responding to their remarks, I wish to raise the following concerns:

1. President Edgar Chagwa Lungu is on record as having extended an olive branch to all stakeholders, including Opposition parties that he is for dialogue on matters of national development. Therefore, ZCID is preaching reconciliation and dialogue to someone who does not need to be lectured on it. The President has been consistent in calling for unity and love in the nation.

2. President Lungu and PF have no irreconcilable differences with the Opposition and neither does it hold any grudges against any political party that may have contested in the last election and lost. For the record, PF has no time to pamper an opposition leader at the expense of taking development to the people.

3. PF’s mandate is not affected, not even an inch when some delusional opposition leader resign himself into dark corners of denial that Zambia. ZCID, help the gentleman to have inner dialogue and inner reconciliation and see that Zambians have no time for his clowning, the Country has a President in the name of Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu. For the record, it’s inconsequential to us whether he accepts that reality or not. It’s a narrative over which we do not lose sleep.

4. We ask ZCID what their envisaged outcome for this dialogue and reconciliation is. Are they making efforts to negotiate HH’s release to signal the same dialogue and reconciliation? We are a Country of laws and no one shall short-circuit any process rightfully before the Courts.

5. In promoting a culture of dialogue and reconciliation, let us emphasize context here: ZCID must realise like we do that anything else can be discussed at any forum except two non-issues: (a) There is no election petition in any Court. Elections are water under the bridge and the Country has no luxury of time to play ping pong by discussing whether there is a vacancy in the Presidency. This is because it’s a no brainer that Zambia has a President and only anarchists and retrogressive minds would seek to subject such a matter to a public spectacle. We ask ZCID to find time and counsel HH on what it means to be a good loser without losing yourself

6. We solicit ZCID’s position on UPND’s style of politics premised on lawlessness and criminality. What counsel do they have for the UPND leader HH when he fails to recognize a democratically elected President? Where was ZCID when HH before the elections called for Armageddon?

7. We ask ZCID to tutor HH that Zambia existed before him, it is existing now and it shall continue to exist after him. In that regard, let him and his financial backers stop giving Zambia a bad name for them to score cheaply. HH would rather punish Zambians with hunger just to become President. It is by God’s providence that he is not. HH is a puppet of the West in the style of Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangirai who was globe-trotting calling for sanctions against his own country. The Zimbabweans are suffering like they are because Tsvangirai sold out to corporations in the West, which seek to recolonize us as a continent again. That we shall never allow in Zambia. Let ZCID educate HH about patriotism and country first before his ambitions. We know that those who funded him heavily need their value for money but sadly they funded a losing horse.

8. While it is not within their mandate per se but ZCID should also counsel their royal highnesses like Chief Mukuni that he is more of HH’s business partner and UPND member than he is as an impartial traditional leader who must see all Zambians as his children. Of all political players, Chief Mukuni only has Hakainde as a son? ZCID should remind Chief Mukuni that Zambia has four (4) paramount Chiefs and there is a reason why he is not among those and maybe the colonialists had a good reason for it.

Having corrected these misconceptions being peddled by people whose motives for this country are questionable, I wish to reiterate the need for all the parties accept that elections were held, someone was declared winner, others petitioned, they could not be within stipulated time at the Constitutional Court and the winner was sworn to office. ZCID must remind UPND’s hired guns must be told that International observers and countries such as United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), among others, recognised the 11th August 2016 elections as free, fair and credible.

The ZCID must take the leading role in giving advice to political parties on how to deal with electoral disappointments and post-electoral trauma. An organisation of ZCID’s nature must be careful not to be used as a mouthpiece for one political party but must represent the interests of all political players in Zambia and ensure they advise those whose conduct boarders on lawlessness and criminality.

As a party, PF remains grateful to the Zambian people. With gratitude of heart, PF will continue to exercise the five-year mandate given to us by the Zambian people and we will work towards fulfilling all the commitments we shared in the runoff to the past election.

God Bless Zambia

Hon. Mumbi Phiri
Deputy Secretary General
Patriotic Front

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  1. This is bitter advice. Madam Mumbi should have used a civilised language to advise ZCID instead of this one.

    • Mumbi, my simple remark to your statement is: IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO. It doesn’t mean that your PF Party is the Alfa and the Omega of everything in Zambia! Yes, President Lungu has given an olive hand but with a condition to the UPND and that condition happens to be the main HURDLE between the UPND and the PF! You don’t give conditions when you have such sensitive DIALOGUE or whatever you call it. You go into that as equal partners but with your side’s Position and you literary sit on a ROUND TABLE OR AN OBLONG TABLE, BUT NON OF THE DELEGATION LEADERS SITS AT THE HEAD OF THE TABLE, IF IT IS A RECTANGULAR TABLE. YOU SIT FACING EACH OTHER ON THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLE. Ba Mumbi, i thought you knew this having been a High Commissioner!

    • We the informed citizenry know that the ruling and opposing leadership alike in our nascent democracy are diametrically opposed to each other beyond policy and ideology. Respect for institutions of power and all fellow citizens alike can be insurance for stability. We wish to see in all our politicians’ rivalry based on public policy and ideas of realizing progressive politics anchored on national interest for measurable development and peace. Show us even basic philosophical thrust with magnanimity and thought leadership open to dialogue and interaction. Martin Luther King left us this wisdom, “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness. We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love. (1958)”.

    • Commenting directly to Mumbis statement is stooping to her low intellect levels which I can only equate to Mushotas they probably hail from the same village

    • What is this Mumbi who even visited Pope ??? She first insults the west, degrading them to Tswangirai, then insult Chief Mukuni out of his pants… Then concludes by praising them for recognising Edgar Lungu. Only prostitutes behaves in such manner.

    • PF is a party of empty tins ..surely how do you let such a vile woman issue statements…there honorable about this foool Mumbi.

    • Why is that PF/EL do not want anyone questioning the last general election, If PF know that they won so comfortably why should they tell off anyone who wants to question the same, If EL/PF had let the concourt to do their job all this could have been avoided, In life they say a short cut can be the longest route, Now you are not at peace with yourselves PF, Faka pressure HH, these guys have something they are hiding, why say there is no case when the case was not heard but thrown out on a technicality, If anything they should say let the courts hear the case fast so we can move on.

    • This is Mumbo Phiri and her usual ranting. Thieves always defensive of their crooked actions. They always tag others, branding evil on then, yet it’s them that are demons.Haakande has only Zambia as his motherland. He has the right to exercise his rights for presidency as a Zambian citizen.

    • Leadership is about overcoming the challenges, PF have done nothing apart from harassing the opposition and who ever disagrees with their policies. It’s a shame the MMD mentality has damaged PF, hence running out of ideas with Dull Ministers like Madam Mumbi Phiri. So arrogant Talkative and thinking with emotions than facts. Reality is that Every Dog has its day. Who knew MMD would be out? PF will get their day.. Go on with your arrogance.

    • No need to read her stupid drivel, she’s an ediot. she overates herself..let her go fvck herself already

    • Mwilatumpika HH naimwe; who the hell does he think he is? He thinks losing deserves stupidity and misconduct? Atase/ Amarubish yeka yeka??? He’s even lucky I’m NOT Republican Presido…Elo mwi esha nokuntalika ba mubwe that are in support of his nonsense! Mwebwa mwe!!!

    • Very true. Madam Mumbi is right, these people want to come in now but when hh was insulting judges and the speaker, they kept quiet. ZCID has become useless as they have never taken a leadership role in any national matter.

    • Dialogue is overrated, especially with a pumped up tribal dictatorship that uses the PFolice to intimidate and humiliate citizens. Let’s just have war instead. It is only when there’s no country to loot that PF will realise the dealt route they have taken. Lungu is beginning to realise his PFolly and that Zambia is totally divided. You cannot force people you hate to unite with you, to respect you.

    • Why does the UPND behave as if they are the only opposition party that matters? Other parties, though small, have accepted the outcome last year’s elections and moved on. When is this party going to stop mourning their loss? Every funeral has an end.

    • Is telling Zambia that on election day in 2021, he will be busy contesting in courts the last 5 yrs of Lungu being in power

      I have never been a fan of Mumbi Phiri. But on this occasion and totally agree with her proclamation or rather statement.

      It appears HH is angry with Lungu when he should be angry with the majority Zambians who have rejected him on the ballot box a number of times.

      It appears the money he has lost is a catalysts to antagonism, resentment, anger and annoyance he has developed that is really reducing to lower levels politically

    • Cont…


      [1].. Is HH saying all International Monitors were wrong in their observations and conclusion?
      Why is he not addressing the very International Monitors such as the European Union asking them that their call was wrong to agree with the outcome of the election?

      [2].. Is HH saying the majority of Zambians who voted for Lungu are wrong and stupid?

      [3]..Why has he completely failed to produce the overwhelming evidence he promised to show Zambia. He was given a Grand Stand Opportunity to do so within 14 Days as required by the Law which his MPs were part of the legislators who drafted the Law. He fumbled it like a kid.

    • Cont…

      This is a man who was so pompous and declared himself a winner weeks before elections were even held. Why because Fred Mmembe advised him to do so. Such as it was stated…

      You… HH go and pre-declare yourself as a winner before elections and we The Post will just re-emphasise and announce you a sole winner on Election Day.

      Unfortunately Mmembe failed to pull the announcement on the Election Day. Which we also know that has pissed off HH. Fred promised but failed to deliver

    • Cont…

      HH must accept that he lost the election, so that he allows UPND to go back on the campaign drive for 2021. We have his MP’s who are basically become lacklustre.

      UPND need to be an opposition that monitors the PF Government and bring accountability which is needed. And contribute to managing the nation. And not shooting down everything.

      The route he is taking is a dead end. He wants to keep protesting until the next election day in 2021. Time is now to move on.

    • This dog has RABIES!

      Can somone please call the Veterinary Department to come and put it down?

      Before it infects anyone else with this fatal disease.

  2. May the Lord be with you dear bloggers on this beautiful Sunday. Let us remind ourselves that we’re a christian nation and as such let us strive to address all our issues by first asking ourselves the question; “How would Jesus have answered the question or acted in a given situation”. Then try to emulate him and we’ll never go astray.

  3. That is called Leadership failure. Elsewhere the Head of State says that there is no longer One Zambia One Nation becoz the country is divided and should stay divided. Now this confused woman is asking God to bless Zambia while rejecting the need for Dialogue. Its a fact that the 2016 Elections were flawed,disputed and Petitioned. That is the Root cause of heightened Tension, disharmony and political instability in Zambia today. This problem has to be resolved first if there is going to be peace in Zambia. Lungu’s idea of arresting and imprisoning HH on trumped Treason Charges and forcing him to abandon the Petition and to recognize illegality will never work. Millions of Zambians want HH released from Prison and the Petition heard so that we know who won that Election. Lungu knows HH…

  4. Madam Mumbi Phiri is very right in her analysis of UPND’s political games. The Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) should have been on the fore-front to counsel HH, GBM, Katuka and the entire UPND leadership – including the UPND’s Legal Team – on the world re-known fact that the August 2016 Presidential elections was won by Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

    The anarchy being perpetrated by HH and GBM cannot be flagged as the basis for dialogue at this hour. Yet the ZCID knows that lives have been lost at the instigation of these two rich men. Does the ZCID have any moral conscience on the plight of relatives whose sons have been slain by UPND cadres in cold blood?


  5. Mumbi Phiri, please behave, that language and insinuation should not come a leader. This bitterness and hatred must be condemned. In fact, this bitterness, hatred and pettiness between PF and UPND is taking us backwards. We have hotheads in our politics, unfortunately, it involves both camps. The main culprits are Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Sunday Chanda on one hand, and Hakainde Hichilema, GBM on the other. Give us a break you chaps, Zambia is more important that you spoilt chaps.


  7. Lungu has said that he personally holds the keys to HH’s freedom and the Courts are under his direction. Lungu will release HH on condition that he withdraws the Petition from the Courts and he recognizes him as the Legitimate President. This means Lungu is abusing ZPS and the Courts to punish HH and other political opponents. This is committing crimes against humanity and Lungu and his fellow Criminals must be indicted to ICC shortly. Lungu’s strategy will not restore legitimacy. Its only the Petition Hearing that will solve this problem. Lungu must release HH unconditionally and unharmed and then Dialogue can start. That Dialogue can only start with the Hearing of the Petition. Lungu is oblivious to the fact that a continued divided Zambia will dethrone him from power. So he has no…

  8. She is one of them who instructed criminals (police) to break He’s house after getting instructions after her boss boyfriend.

  9. I stopped reading your hogwash when you started mentioning Tsvangirayi. Never equate Tsvangirayi with HH. Tsvangirayi is a popular leader who had his victory stolen and today majority Zimbabweans love him unlike HH who is a tribal leader. Zambians must shut their mouths as far as Zimbabwe is concerned. We are more educated than you and more sophisticated than all Africans . We knw our status quo. Wat the problem in our country really is…Someone who used political expediency for a genuine cause…land…when he realised popularity had waned. So shut up madam. Don’t try to be a hero in our name. Solve your Zambian problems and leave it there.

    • Muzivi,

      I agree with a number of points you have raised, but would like to advise you on the virtues of humility and objectivity. Do you figures to prove that Zimbabweans are more educated than Zambians? Can you please give us those figures? Do you have an accurate and scientific measure of “sophistication” on the basis of which you refer to all other Africans as less sophisticated than Zimbabweans? An intelligent person never proclaims himself as intelligent: he lets others judge him.

    • If Zimbos are that sophisticated, how come they have been ruled by one dictator since independence (37 years ago)? How come there are millions of them spread all over the world having run away from Zimbabwe to the extent of selling biscuits and washing cars on the streets of Zambia? The trouble with Zimbos is that they are a tribal cartel of Shonas (85% of Zimbos) who connived in killing thousands of Ndebeles during the Gukurahundi genocide. They are now shocked that their country has collapsed completely. Zambia has nothing to learn from Zimbabwe.

    • True (Facts). In as much as there is some fractions of truth, talking about a political leader of another country that explicitly is not a good thing. We need to limit ourselves to our own issues (local) or we end up invite external conflict(s). However, claiming to be more educated or being the most sophisticated country in Africa is a misplaced statement. What is your mode of measure and where are your statistics thereto? Let us not speak out of frustration or wishful thinking. Just bring out facts period

  10. Its clear to see that pf is really feeling the heat. The jailing of hh seems has not worked to pf advantage but its a disadavntage.its clear to see in the madams message. The madam shd also be told that lungu said just two days ago that zambia is devided.ask yosef madam when it became devided.

  11. Mumbi Phiri is intelligent and in fact, she is a good psychologist. HH should follow the good advice given by a Dr Mumbi Phiri.

    HH is a well known thiethieve who has caused untold suffering to all zambians by cheating them that privatization of the mines was the good thing and little did we realise that the man had in fact an evil intentions.

    We a?l trusted him that he is a Zambian and so he would help us but “No” we trusted a liar, manipulator and a thieve.

    All his supporters are equally thieves and they want to finish even the little that is remained. In all honesty and with due respect to the Tongas and Lozis and not forgetting the Kaondes, how do you even support such a man with this kind of record?

    I seriously doubt your consciousness? All supporters of HH should seek…

  12. Muzivi Iam happier being in Zambia than the more educated people in Zimbabwe. You know; an intelligent person can fall into a ditch and know how to come out but a wise person Will not fall in a ditch to start with. But Zimbabweans are in a ditch and they dont know how to come out of it. Give us a break.

  13. @Muzivi
    You sent your message to a wrong forum! I understand Mugabe your ‘plezident’ has 7 degrees, and apparently his aquired knowledge work very well for him and the family and friends, but works the worst for the rest of the country!

    • Even Americans could be sophisticated voters and end up with a Russian puppet for a President. Its politics. When you are learned enough you will know that democracy is not the best form of governance. So the fact that Zimbabwe has had a leader they dont like for 37 years is neither here nor there.Unlike you Zambians calling for another country’s leader to come topple your democratically elected President.

    • I have a right to comment here because your confused madam commented on things she has little knowledge about!

    • @15.1….They also ended up with a meekly weaklying of a president in the name of obama whom russia never respected or feared. At least, the one call russian puppet has restored some pride for america and the world.

    • @Buck Teeth Lungu. Either you have a very short memory, are very shallow or both. Zambians have been streaming to Zimbabwe since time immemorial…working in mines and gardens. It’s called economic cycles. So Zambians have something to learn *****. Ndebeles refuse to go to school and choose to migrate and commit crime in neighbouring countries. Whose fault is that. I now seriously doubt all HH supporters here….because of you.

  14. Any dialogue which is one sided is a sheer waste of time for nor, ZACID do not try to scrutinize one party that’s wrong. You mean you did not see the need when UPND declared Armageddon before elections and demeaning the electoral process and the judicial system? Are you not aware that Mr. HH has been heavily funded by Craig Miller the leader of Anglo American? where were you all this time? Good Morning.

  15. What gibberish, she probably paid someone to write this bull crap. This grade 9 drop out should know that HH is an important element in our political equation. This kind of thinking is archaic and outdated. Respect and equanimity is what promotes dialogue and brings long lasting peace. Your visionless one has accepted that the country is decided and that the one Zambia one nation motto is only lip service. Pomposity and delusional out bastardized will only worsen the situation.

    • Bamwine – Laws are laws people need to respect them. Since 1991 the country has been divided. Why? because of multi- partism. No president or party has won elections by 100%. As long as there is multi partism the country shall be divided according t0o parties.

  16. Now calm down. Leave Zimbabwe out of this, they have their own problems and their own solutions.
    And we have our own Underfive to correct, educate and grow into a responsible citizen. Food wise he is not malnourished so we are fortunate there that we will not need a UN nutrition expert. But politically this boy is grossly malnourished, that is why we have sent him to alangizi to be corrected. I am told its working very well and results are already showing. Just another three weeks he will be ready to talk to the nation and share his transformation with the nation.

    Otherwise, like Mushota, I agree that Mumbi Phiri is absolutely right on Underfive which is why we have taken the above remedial actions. All that Madam Mumbi Phiri has said has been said before but fallen on deaf ears. My…

  17. …….All that Madam Mumbi Phiri has said has been said before but fallen on deaf ears. My conclusion and advice to ZCID is not to jump the gun and give Underfive a false sense of importance. Give correction a chance, only then can our Underfive be receptive. Finally, let’s not waste our time guys, Underfive will cure and come to us to seek dialogue himself; actually dialogue may not even be necessary after correction.
    I will say something about why Chief Mukuni is not one of the paramount chiefs later today, watch this space.

  18. She needs a lot of advice on conflict resolution. She also need to see a big picture of the nation and not always PF/ECL and UPND/HH. Zambia actually had and will have better leaders than these two. She makes a lot noise as if she is the only hen that attract cocks.

  19. Muzivi,

    I agree with a number of points you have raised, but would like to advise you on the virtues of humility and objectivity. Do you figures to prove that Zimbabweans are more educated than Zambians? Can you please give us those figures? Do you have an accurate and scientific measure of “sophistication” on the basis of which you refer to all other Africans as less sophisticated than Zimbabweans? An intelligent person never proclaims himself as intelligent: he lets others judge him.

  20. The best thing that a human being can do is to deal with the devil in oneself. You may boast of being the best in using vulgar language against others especially when you are a failure. Our innocent children are being polluted by this insanity of hatred and tribalism which have found fertile ground in politics. The judgement of a fool does not respect objectivity. Wrong will always be wrong no matter who is behind it. The peace and stability that Zambia has at the moment is because we have more peace lovers than these merchants of hatred and violence and we thank God that they will ever be in minority up to the time they take off for their graves. What does it profit a man to get the whole whole through hatred and tribalism and lose one’s soul.

  21. Mumbi Phiri take it easy. There used to be a Nakawala in the MMD talkative like you. She’s no more. PF will not be in power for ever. Soon you will pay the price for your bitter words towards others.

  22. It is unbelievable that Zambians can have so much hatred towards fellow Zambians over political differences. In a civilized society, people differ in political opinions but do not threaten to beat or kill each other. What is there to fight over in this sh*thole? People are living in houses where others cannot defecate in and you are only interested in fighting and killing each other. Be civilized you scumbags!!!

  23. Mumbi Phiri, your own Boss has said that Zambia is divided and no longer One Nation and therefore Lungu and Mumbi should strive to re-unite the Nation. As they say, in Unity there is strength and divided we fall. Lungu and Mumbi are dividing and Ruling the Nation. That will not work. Responsible Political Leadership should preach for Unity rather than disunity. The Role of the Head of State is to unite the Nation rather than divide it. KK,Chiluba,Mwanawasa, RB and Sata fought hard to unite the country. Why is Lungu dividing the Nation? For selfish Reasons and to establish his own dictatorship? Lungu has lost it. U need Dialogue to re-unite the Nation!!

  24. Mumbi Phiri should be taught some diplomacy. Why is she Zimbabweanising the Zambian Situation by talking about Morgan Tsvangirai and Sanctions? The way Lungu is handling Zambian Affairs will certainly lead to Lungu and his Cabal being slapped with International Sanctions just like what happened to Mugabe. Under Sanctions Zimbabwe cannot receive new Loans and grants from the West. Mutati is therefore wasting time negotiating a $1.6 loan for Zambia. The IMF Board will not approve such a loan becoz of the breakdown in the Rule of Law, Poor Governance,lack of Respect for Constitutionalism and Gross Violation of Human Rights. With HH in Prison Mutati and Lungu should just forget about IMF Loan becoz it wont come.

  25. The gullible PF zealots are singing praises on Mumbai Phiri for this statement yet this statement was written by Sunday chanda.Mumb’s IQ is not in sync with the language used in this statement, of course this is not to say Sunday Chanda is any better. On the issue of Chief Mukuni, Mumbai is being hypocritical, a few months ago chiefs from muchinga province were paraded to sing praises for PF and this was okay. Any way love or hate HRH Chief Mukuni, he is well above those zealots from muchinga province in terms of wealth and exposure, intact he doesn’t need any of those brown envelopes that you keep dangling to chiefs to be praise singers.

  26. Mumbi Phiri you are just a Jazebel causing confusion in this country due to your reckless statements. You are a danger to Democracy. We are fed up of your rotten language. You were sent to Kenya by Sata but due to heavy drinking you were brought back. Stop yapping.

  27. Alangizi have relaxed in Zambia. They have a list of candidates they urgently need to attend to. People like Mumbi Phiri and Mushota and others in PF can’t continue to be on the loose…And yapping and yapping, when is time to work? The economy is on it’s knees please

  28. Some reasoning here is atoundingly foolis.h. Who told you that Mumbi Phiri wrote the statement? Didn’t you see that she signed it off as Deputy Secretary General?
    It is this kind of ignorance of processes that make it impossible to carry our a reasonable conversation or debate with UPND and it is exactly the reason why I call them donkeys. Unfortunatelt it started from the top, especially more pronounced the moment tge PD reject GBM was adopted as a standard for reasoning capacity in UPND. Someone tell me whether any of you out there has ever carried out a conversation with a donkey?

  29. Did the constitutional court declare that Edgar Mumbi Phiri Lungu was duly elected? NO. Shut up up iwe Mumbi Phiri. I would not allow HH to dialogue with an illegal president. There’s nothing to dialogue here hence Edgar Lungu’s extension of an olive branch for dialogue is misplaced.

  30. The constitution states that the petition shall take 14days and indeed the aggrieved HH took 14days to petition and the country waited for 14 days as the constitution states and HH rights were exercised. .

    What about the rights of ECL whose elections were petitioned and all of them are Zambias. HH wants things to go his way. Life doesn’t work like that. He openly insulted the Judges and HH lawyers didn’t provide what ever evidence they claimed to have. .

    Preliminary issues is all they are good at even when they knew that they had 14 days to prove their case.

    They think it’s only them who are right and majority Zambias are wrong. .

    ZCID must let the law take its course and leave our Judiciary to do its work.

    HH is learned and he ought to have known that his behaviour…

  31. I’m sure Mumbi Phiri na Mushota bacila Kuna so ifinyo filebaba. Ati pf, pf amafi fye pwelekete. Muchinji railway mwalisala. U have failed to run Muchinji Railway and Zambia Railways. U have increased ZESCO tariffs and introduced toll gates to fundraise for 2021.No wonder National Road Fund is at State House. Hand it back to the ministry or else ukalondolola iwe. Politics. Have a time frame. U can fool people and not Jehovah God. Lesa nimalyotola said our beloved late president Mr Sata.

  32. Mumbi is a witch period, on mothers day you produce such a statement. The devil resides in PF what can one say.

  33. By “reality” as in “…that ZCID should help him come to terms with reality,” are you, by this, referring to PF’s view point? Is that the reality you are talking about? If so, doesn’t that sound like your way or the highway? that, at all costs, HH must accept your point of view, start seeing things your way and not his way? Is that what you mean when you say that HH “must come to terms with himself”? If so then, that happens to be tough talk. It is suppression, oppression and subjugation. It’s not democracy.

  34. @ 11 Muzivi mhotsa

    Shamwari, If being ravaged by a nearly senile, semi blind and legless nonagenarian is being more educated and clever, then sekuru you can keep that intellect to yourself. One thing you should know is that you ZImbabweans are usually SLOW! Look at the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, you were the last to break out of the yoke of colonialism in 1980 nearly 16 years after Malawi and Zambia became independent. When Morgan defeated Mugabe, instead of staying to claim power that was his, the lumpen legged off to Botswana to hide. Half of your population are now refugees in all neighbouring countries all scared of a dying oldman. You are all a shameful lot before god and all your beigbours. “Imi munopenga shamwari”.

    • MaBwidi munonetsa. Ungrateful now that you have a little piece of a meal from a volatile commodity. Come to Zimbabwe and ask yourself why nearly half of Harare has Zambian and Malawian surnames. Why don’t you call them home? Those are the people that vote Mugabe ..a fellow MaBwidi. Get that into your thick head. When push comes to shove all those moegoes and trolls like you should stay out of Zimbabwe. When a REAL Shona takes over. Remember Kaunda? So don’t spew bile.

  35. Why is Mumi-Piri’s mouth shaped skew like that? Is it becase of the blow jobs she keeps ongiving to Dununa Chagwanic reverse whose “tool” niyebendela ku left?

  36. B the way you people in Zambia know what Phiri means in Mandela’s Khoza? It means “Hena, Chimbwi, Suntwe, Situkumba, Sitongwani”.

  37. Hon.Mumbi Phiri is very correct on this one.
    Its HH who needs dialogue with himself because everyone in UPND heard local and International organizations declaring 2016 Zambian elections free and fair.today,thats the position of all those observers.SO WHY SHOULD HH DECLARE HIMSELF A WINNER OF ELECTIONS WHICH HE LOST?yes about 1.7millions Zambians(majority from 3.5 provinces) voted for him but they were fewer than those more than 1.8 million who voted for ECL.elections are more like a game,one can lose 1 nil or 2-1 but a loser cant say “i dont recognize the winner because i lost by 1 goal,No”.NO MATTER HOW TIGHT ELECTIONS MAYBE,ONE WOULD BE DECLARED TO BE A VICTOR.THE LOSER SHOULD ACCEPT THAT.IF ANYTHING HH MUST BLAME 1.8M ZAMBIANS WHO VOTED FOR ECL AND NOT PRESIDENT EDGAR LUNGU-PERIOD!!

  38. Madam Phiri, here is what is even more troubling – you are not speaking on your own behalf. You are, instead, speaking on behalf of the ruling party, the PF! In other words, it’s not your views, as an individual, that you are expressing. As a PF spokesperson, you are expressing the views of the PF, those of president Lungu, himself. Not too long ago, the following headline graced the front page of the Lusaka Times: “Mumbi Phiri Threatens To Confine HH To His House.” What followed was catastrophic – HH was arrested from his house, and charged with treason!

  39. Today, the whole world has come to know what you meant by: “Confine HH To His House.” You did not mean to confine HH to his house per se. You meant, rather, to confine him to the new house you have since confined him – his prison cell. Madam, you are evil and frighteningly dangerous.

  40. Dear Madam Phiri, your power, notwithstanding, need we remind you of those others – the likes of Idi Amin of Uganda and Jean Bedel Bokassa of the Central African Republic, etc..? We know, you too know, how their end became, what yours could be? Why can’t we be civil, at least for once. Or is this the intoxication of power, so aptly enunciated by our first Republican President Dr. Kaunda, when he remarked: “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Dr. Kaunda was still the president of Zambia then. You will do well to ask him about that today.

    The Opposition as you see them – they too are humans, deserving to be treated like humans. They are not animals. One who chooses to serve his country as a politician is just as human as any other citizen of that country. Just like…

    • continued:

      Just like you, HH is human, we all are. He deserves to be treated like a fellow human. He too deserves the protection of the law. Why? Because we are all supposed to be equal before the law – you too included.

  41. Mumbi Phiri is deadly wrong to force Zambians to accept forged election results.
    -Office of the Chief Justice did not consent to the rigged results, hence not sworn by her office.
    – Petition regulations of handing over the office presidential seat to Speaker of National Assembly was not followed.
    – Process of Justice deferment does not turn into judgement.
    – and a cashed forged cheque remains a criminal act. Lungu remains is an illegitimate head of state.

  42. Shut up mumbi Phiri! You prostitute what are you talking about? Days are numbered for Lungu and his minions! Machende yako president and nyini yako mumbi Phiri!

  43. @MunaDekhane:why do you cheat yourselves?do you live in Zambia?
    Didnt you see Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima at Heroes stadium sworing President Edgar Lungu?the CJ stood beside her officer when ECL was being sworn by herself.Dont believe everything you read on ZWD.UPND is always there to cheat you.ask anybody in Zambia who witnessed this event at Heroes stadium or on ZNBC to prove me wrong!!CJ madam Ireen Mambilima is the one who did that.YOU CAN ALSO ASK FOR A VIDEO FROM ZNBC OR PICTURES FROM ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL,TIMES OF ZAMBIA,DAILY NATIONS ABOUT WHAT HAPPENDED ON THAT.EVEN ANY NEUTRAL ZAMBIAN CAN CONFIRM IT TO YOU THAT INDEED ITS THE CHIEF JUSTICE WHO SWORN ECL AT HEROES STADIUM!!
    lies will kill you in upnd!!!

    • @Nimbu: I was in Zambia during that period and witnessed all the circus that went on. Njimbu are you aware that former CJ Chibesakunda was asked to perform the swearing of Lungu but equally declined her name to be associated with an election fraud that transpired. Njumbu, cheat illiterates and continue defending the indefensible. Facts stand that 2016 election results were stolen by PF and this will NEVER be reversed, the world knows and yours will be to continue defending as the TRUTH BECOMES MORE VIVID TO THE WORLD. We have put up permanent protest posters on our UK Zambian embassy and the British government has allowed it to be publicly known. Come and defend it.

  44. If only MUMBI Phiri could learn to keep quiet and let others who are more mature talk, our nation can be greatly helped. HH has been treated unfairly. The ECZ, police, constitutional court etc. The man is being frustrated with these statements as well. MUMBI and her friends will not have power forever. They will be treated the same. CK said icili pamunobe cili Pali iwe.

  45. These woman is crazy. How you Insult the Innocent chief. let me tel you one thing madam think twice. Mwaliteta isue. You know very well. That’s why you are in for front saying petition was over. to us the icc who be the solution. Let me tell again Leave HH alone otherwise you will run like rats. The country is divided as Lungu said. You did not win the 2016 election. Where is chavula. Isau . May God bless you for mocking HH after stealing from him. We north westerners.

  46. Is this woman trully a christian. Alikwatisho ulupato. This is just politics, one day she will face the same hatred from others. Politics has a time frame and no matter how long it takes, she will taste the same hatred. Looking at her, akafwa fye uyu mayo.

  47. The way she is body languaging Davis Mwila, the next thing you will hear is that she climbed on him administering a savage sansamcation! Anyway, he should just be careful he puts on a socks because she is sick with HIV and “kala isundawila kachiny.o ngo wakatinta pa kaBeans akakwe”.

  48. what is it that is in state house that parties fight for? UPND has tried for 20 years and has failed!!!!!!!!!!!!VIVA PNU VIVA HAMUDUDU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Why you all are so worked up with what Mumbi said, is it not a repetition of what has been said already? What she said is true.
    As for Zim’s opp. Leader’s actions, she was just giving an example of what happened to Zim. can also happen to us.


  51. The problem is that these leaders feel they will be in power forever,,,those words one day will be used on you.Respect the citizens pliz

  52. ZCID is acting for one party. ZCID, EVEN IF THEY TOOK the leading role in giving advice to political parties on how to deal with electoral disappointments and post-electoral trauma; will find HH and UPND will ignore them and continue on a self combusting route.


  54. Mrs Phiri have a heart, you are a mother and a wife too. Feel for the other woman who is hurting because of what her family is undergoing.

Comments are closed.

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