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High alcohol consumption among ZAMPOST workers worry Postmaster General

General News High alcohol consumption among ZAMPOST workers worry Postmaster General

ZAMPOST Post Master General Mcpherson Chanda and Finance Director Best Mwaichi touring the refurbishment of the main Postoffice building
ZAMPOST Post Master General Mcpherson Chanda and Finance Director Best Mwaichi touring the refurbishment of the main Postoffice building

Postmaster General McPherson Chanda has attributed the staff absenteeism at ZAMPOST to high levels of alcohol consumption among workers.

In a circular dated May 5th 2017, Mr Chanda has since advised workers who are in the habit of over indulgence in alcohol during weekends to limit their consumption.

He said it has been observed that workers who are prone to absenteeism and reporting late for work are those who have a reputation of excessive alcohol intake.

Mr Chanda warned that the habit of by some workers to consume water and soft drinks excessively in the hope of mitigating their hang overs will not be allowed anymore.


    • This is the level of indispline in zampost !
      After stealing our money parcels and letters they blow the money on beer and don’t come to work!
      so why don’t you fire them?
      Because you have not paid them thier salaries! You have not paid ZRA NAPSA or your many creditors but paid government a dividend to make you look like Zampost is doing fine and protect your job!
      This company will just seize to operate like zambia airways too much pretence by this Chanda boy.

    • Let them Drink there are too many issues in this country and this is a mode of escape. Besides Kateka leads on this one as well 🙂

  1. Yaba!! elo lwanya, no drinking water or softies at work!! Postmaster general walashupa nomba!! Just reprimand those who abscond work without a good reason!! Water is for life, let it flow in!!

    • The stoopidest workplace rule ever: “the habit of by some workers to consume water and soft drinks excessively in the hope of mitigating their hang overs will not be allowed anymore”. Is this Chanda appointed to the position because of his tribe? There are alcohol limits at work places and anybody who is too drunk to work can be fired after testing for alcohol levels at a clinic.

  2. Apparently binge drinking reached epidemic proportions a long time ago. However it’s good that the nation is finally coming to terms with it. I remember Edith Nawakwi saying that, “We are a nation of drunkards” a few years ago.

    The Ministry of Health must call for an indaba with everyone concerned including the Brewers and form a National Action Policy.

    • I don’t agree. Alcohol consumption in Zambia is quite low on average (per capita). The nasty reputation comes from a few heavy binge drinkers. Those are the ones that need help, not every Zambian.

  3. Fire them for heavens sake.We condone mediocre that’s why this country will not develop. While yo are at it put a time machine.

    • They don’t have one. So they cannot implement a policy they don’t have. The CEO is left to whinge about employee behaviours as if he was a ConCourt judge. Chanda is clearly not in control of his company.

  4. In Zambia, Gout medicine sells more than vitamin tablets. Beer out-sells milk. Zambian Breweries is bigger than all dairies, soft-drinks manufactures in the country

    Zambians now drink on a daily basis, passing through a favorite watering hole after work. Some even drink during lunch break. Best is to introduce alcohol breathalyzers at gate & dismissal if found guilty 2 times.

    Youths start drinking early in the morning. And they say we have a govt!! These are real serious problems, not fake treason traffic charges.

    • The reputation of Zambians as drunkards is not justified. Zambia is a country of very moderate alcohol drinkers. That explains our outrage at the few binge drinkers. Let’s not ruin our own reputation on the basis of the few alcoholics. Most Zambians are sober people. That’s why Lungu is lambasted for being a drunkard because it is not normal accepted behaviour in our society. If we were all drunkards we would not notice how Lungu is always wasted.

  5. I want to advice the Post Master General on their Swift Cash money transfer. This is a noble and perhaps one of the cheapest in the Country in terms of charges. We thank the post master for many initiatives put in place to improve this service. But the main problem is that this service is confined to the Post office building. These buildings manly are located away from the homes where people stay. This means one has to travel long distances to go and cash the money. At the end of the day the service becomes expensive due to travel costs involved. Why cant Zam post also open small booths as their friends have done for example Zoona. These are located everywhere and its easy to walk a short distance and cash your money. You also can open Swift Cash Booths in as many localities as…

    • Good idea. Unfortunately, the Postmaster is not remunerated on the basis of creativity. Your proposal is more work for the ZamPost managers. Ask yourself why should a power utility like Zesco urge people not to use too much electricity? Instead of working hard to supply all these consumers with electricity, they spend millions of Kwacha discouraging customers from using too much electricity! That’s the way parastatals work. That’s how Zamtel failed to dominate the cell phone market because they concentrated on land lines that they understood.

    • Zoona and other similar mobile money platforms like Airtel money and MTN money works on mobile phones…hence the infrastructure required is very light and can be deployed through booths. On the other hand, the Swift transfer is like that used by Western Union or Money gram and is run on desktops/laptops. This would need to be deployed in the booths or a new software deployed that can run off mobiles. I think an investment that Swift/Post can’t afford anymore. The model depends on agents (non-employees) and I am afraid the first thing Zampost management will see is that this will undermine the role of the Post office buildings and their permanent employees….hence will be reluctant to go for this model. On a more practical basis, the management of agents/booths and ensuring that they…

  6. Twanwa again. After all the blule pays more tax than any other ventures in the country and thus helping the government with much needed revenue. I will be at my favorite watering hole after work.


  7. Weak CEO instead of taking advantage of this and get rid of deadwood and thieves. Its no surprise a small parcel the size of a lunch box that is sent by Royal Mail International tracked signed for takes 4 days to reach KKIA from England and 4 weeks to reach a box in Lusaka.

  8. twanwa nalelo!!!!!!! what nonsense is this that am reading today ai, if you don’t drink just be, i will be drinking for as long as i want to. who are you to set such stup!d rues on the beer that we by with our own money? we have a lot to think about in this nation. so be it Mr, you want don’t but let us chemfula more.

    • You drink all you want BUT dont call in sick and if you do come in keep your sticky fingers off our parcels when you are at the sorting depot.

  9. this is NOT news from a CEO hahahaha..kosamwa manzi bane aiya very useless man with foolish management skills

  10. Rwanda is being run on lies,intimidations, police & military state of emergency, terror, fear, clandestine, disappearances,cheatings,deceits,silencing,emprisonment, kidnappings, propaganda, lobbying, corruption, lootings, suppression,oppression, showing off, parading,,,,,

  11. Nanga ndiwe ubagulila moba? Basiye si ndalama zanyoko. Buku lolembedwa ikuti, “tiyeni tidye, timwe, poti mailo tidzafa.”

  12. Restricting of drinking water at a place of work is not a solution,I think Mr Chanda should revisits his buildings and put the mechanism that will automatically deny access to entry in premises by any employee found drunk…full stop.

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