Monze Council Secretary Ms Lydah Mapara says inadequate manpower is hampering the local authority’s efforts to effectively control the mushrooming of illegal drinking places in the District.

And the Ministry of Education says there is growing concern over the continued low pass rate in some schools in the District.

Speaking during a workshop organized by the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) held at Golden Pillow Lodge today, Ms Mapara said the council was deeply concerned over the proliferation of bars, taverns, and sheebens which she said were operating without trading licenses.

She said it was difficulty for the local authority to conduct routine checks and patrols due to inadequate manpower.

The council secretary appealed to members of the public in Monze District to help the council in addressing the problem which was spiraling out of control.

During his address to parliament President Edgar Lungu directed the Ministry of local Government to ensure that all those operating in liquor do so within the confirms of the law to preserve good morals and also prevent the country from becoming a nation of drunkards at the expense of development.

Meanwhile, Ms Mapara also said the council would soon relocate the street vendors trading along the main Lusaka-Livingstone Road in an attempt to keep the town clean and bring sanity.

Several calls from concerned residents have been made to the local authority to relocate street vendors who have swallowed the entire business centre but up to date no action had been done.

The council Secretary further said the local authority was working at modalities to give priority to people without plots in order to empower people with land in line with government’s policies.

And Mr. Charles Moonga Education Standards Officer for Open and Distance Education (ESO-ODL) says a myriad of challenges in the education sector that includes inadequate teaching staff, incomplete syllabus, inadequate school infrastructure, inadequate teaching and learning materials have greatly contributed to low pass rates especially at the lower grades (9-1).

Mr. Moonga also bemoaned lack of computers and energy sources at most rural schools in Monze adding that it was still a huge challenge to teach children computer lessons without the necessary tools and/or equipment.

“The general picture is that most schools in rural areas of the District do not have computers and energy sources to power this equipment for teachers to effectively teach Information Communication and Technology (ICT) subjects,” Mr. Moonga said.

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