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Prophet Bushiri takes a swipe at Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili

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  1. Comment: Im my view the minister hasnt handled herself soberly.This might just be the bigining of rrligious intolerance in our country.
    Let people exercise their freedom of worship.You cant police who people follow.Its a right!

    • In as much as I dont believe in this Ministry of Religion in Zambia, I must say that this so-called “Prophet” sounds very fake, emotional, childish and extremely carnal. My verdict, he is fake!

    • That is PF real fight! You hide behind your Lungu
      Christian leadership. WHere is your Pukuta Mwanza to help Sumaili from Bushiri insults.
      Leave HH alone.

    • From Bushiri`s language, i am just seeing a worldly business man who can even kill in order to defend his name and interests. Otherwise,this man does not even qualify to be a Cell leader in the church. The fruit of the Spirit is missing in his comportment.

    • [email protected] liar. Ka “profit” Bushiri. These pastorprenuers rub me the wrong way. But what irks me more are the stupid women who support men like this Bushiri parasite. He is mad only because his “father” lost money. While he is still lying to his gullible and $tupid sheeples, he better take some English lessons because his English $tinks!

    • Bragging over material things bought from poor people’s offerings with no shame whatsoever. And listen to all those women adulating and yet they have nothing in their pots to feed their children. What $tupidity!

    • This is what happens when you create useless ministeries…this ministry is just causing confusion …dont blame these smart young foreign businessmen blame the docile fooools that go chasing miracles and paying a premium.

    • Where in the Bible have you heard a major or a minor prophet speak with such a tone. He should not enter Zambia.

    • That is PF level, so street-like behavior. And Emmanuel Mwamba is not performing, how can he torelate such rubbish from ka chkala kaBushiri.

  2. Kachikamba aka kalitumpa sana … just because you have money does not mean you are anointed. Government is right in putting a stop to such religious pomposity….

    • Published on Jan 28, 2017

      The church that you need to pay R7000 see how they operate. We call this professional scammers.
      We work hard to be rich but you Bushiri steals from the poor. You need a visit by the …
      what kind of church demanding money to see a pastor as if, is a doctors consultation, even the doctor consultation is not as expensive as 7000 this guy came to South Africa to make money not to spread word of God?
      Bushiri is like Magaya and Makandiwa of Zimbabwe, TB Joshua, Odeyepo and pastor Chris of Nigeria they are so many but i list few. They judge people according the money they pay (they call it PARTNERSHIP. Front seats are for those who pay more going back accordingly. These false prophet are so evil and thirst for money.

  3. What is wrong with Bushiri’s country? Why does he want to stay in Zambia? Is he running away from something he has done in his own country? For sure Zambia is heaven on earth for people like him to be crying just to be here.

    • You miss the context. Bushiri is Malawian. He also is at loggerheads with the Malawian government. He is based in Pretoria – South Africa were he has build quite an empire. The bulk of his followers are non-South African Africans who are based in South Africa but he has a significant following in many other African countries (Uganda, Zambia, Malawi, Botswana etc). His interest in visiting places like Zambia is to grow his domestic base in these countries and by extension his business empire by milking the gullible masses in these countries.

    • Why chase him now after giving him the rights to mine minerals in Zambia? These are the things we need to think of first before indulging in serious issues we will fail to handle later on in future. What goes round comes round. Maybe he did not oil the Minister of Religious Affairs.

  4. It is the people who follow this man that I find so deluded. How can a real prophet of God speak like that? I cannot believe the arrogance from a so-called man of God.

    • You, the govt and this businessman should be ashamed of yourselves for believing in rubbish you can not question.

  5. Yaba!! Even taunting the Minister to arrest him!Man of God saying he will ‘mess’ someone ‘up’! Ohh my!! There are so many innuendos in this clip. He ridicules Zambia which he has come to recognise as an investment destination. He is just inviting unnecessary attention to himself.

  6. You shall know them by there fruit. He does not display biblical conduct in his talk. We shall not be left to allow you come in with false Zambia does not need you. My people will perish due to lack of knowledge as for this one you a not welcome our Ministry has been spiritually guided not to allow u in Zambia bye bye

  7. Aside from the video, the main issue is what yard stick is the minister using to choose who is false prophet and who is not? What authority is she using to choose who I or you should pay to see or not? The constitution is clear about these freedoms. If Im gullible or have the money to pay to watch a guy perform a magic trick or something, thats my buzz! This ministry has got a roll back to freedom written all over it.

    • Despite my misgivings on Bushire, I agree with you that it is not Minister’s place to judge whom individuals decide, they will believe, follow, worship etc. That is why the Ministry was a mistake in the first place. That said, is Bushire wise by picking a fight with this Minister? Does he really think this is a fight he will win…or it a strategic fight by him. Raising his own profile with his followers by picking fights with governments and screaming religious and political persecution.

  8. People have freedoms of association and beliefs. The Minister who is partisan in this matter as she is a Pastor at Imakando’s church should let Zambians choose who to follow. So far I have not heard any justifiable reasons for calling Bushiri a fake prophet. Please don’t false Zambians on which Pastor or Bishop to be inclined to. Thus far Bushiri has not done anything to suggest he is or can be a danger to Zambians. I agree with him that it’s all jealousy from the two bishops including Pukuta Mwanza who have failed to make a mark in their ministries.

  9. Many shall come in my name” says the good book.Ba minister should not think she is God to know who is fake and who is not.she might also just be a fake pastor,only God knows.

  10. Zambia is the only country that has been declared as a Christian nation in Africa – it is also enshrined in the Constitution and that is why the devil is very mad he keeps sending his agents and using them to prophecy doom over Zambia. You can’t curse what God has blessed (Numbers 23:20). We are blessed to have God-fearing leaders who can also discern and know these fake & Wordless prophets and their evil motives. We don’t want our people to be brain-washed like you have done to the South Africans and Nigerians. May the light of God continue to shine over Zambia and continue to expose these Gospel merchants. God bless Zambia! John 8:31-32.

    • Ati “Zambia is the only country that has been declared as a Christian nation in Africa”
      Typical of an !diot.A thief wakes up with a hang over declares your country as a Christian nation and you applaud that.In your Christian country sir innocent pipo are being incarcerated for no reason,babies are being defiled,nobodies are now millionaires out of proceeds of corruption,you have to look over your shoulder before talking coz you can be arrested,Ministers are committing adultery in full view of the public with in Laws of other country’s presidents.No sir I would rather be proud of a secular country like Botswana.

  11. @ Mule. Exactly my thoughts. What yardstick is the Minister using to suggest who is fake or not. This is a dangerous path to take bwana minister. These men of God have a following larger than your Bishop Imakando’s just here in Zambia. Please allow for People to worship freely and not use your office to stifle this constitutional right.

  12. You see an ant-Christ spirit in Zambia, which you have not seen in Malawi. Go to Malawi, in Zambia we have our spiritual fathers and teachers by the name of Bishop Joshua Banda and Bishop Imakando and many men and women of God, don’t talk about the Gifts God has given us like that, even you, yours days are numbered. Don’t even dare the Zambian people in those lines, and follow the instructions don’t even come to Zambia, we don’t need you.

  13. The STATE has taken over the CHURCH. That means trouble. Expect more fighting. Expect Laws to be passed in favor of one faith against another. Church and state must work independently of each other. The US made great progress because of this understanding. When you see the state sanctioning religious matters, expect persecutions and loss of Freedom of Worship! This scenario is fertile soil for dictatorship!

  14. I saw another recording of Bushiri attacking a man who criticized his ministry. He threatened and said the man would die in turn the man mocked him because he was still alive. Clearly Bushiri is upset because of loss of income, he is not concerned about lost souls

  15. Bushiri is a False Prophet. In all his rantings, he did not quote scriptures. He spoke in the flesh as a fleshly person. He worships fellow mortals like his so called ‘Father’ another false prophet.

  16. Extract from another source below:

    Patrick Sikana wrote:
    To the Minister of Religious Affairs
    Republic of Zambia.

    Dear Madam Godfridah,

    First of all, I would like you to know that I don’t like false prophets. In fact I don’t really like Prophet Uebert Angel. His predictions that Liverpool would win the English Premier League a few years ago did not come true. That left me devastated and heart broken. But for you to bar him and other “prophets” from entering the country on grounds that they are false, is wrong. (unless, of course, you are a Liverpool fan). It is even illegal. But I’m no lawyer. So let me quote from an authority you will easily recognise, since you are Minister of Religious Affairs.

    Madam Minister, before you continue to ban these men and women from…

  17. Cont……..

    Madam Minister, before you continue to ban these men and women from entering Zambia, I urge you to calmly reflect on the wise counsel of Gamaliel. When the Sanhedrin had had enough of the Apostles’ ’heresy’ they decided it was time to kill them. Then one Gamaliel, a professor of the law, stood up and spoke these words: “keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God!” (Acts 5.38)

    As far as Gamaliel’s personal belief in that Christ was the Messiah, we can offer only conjecture, but I like this Gamaliel guy—and I like him in spite of the fact that he was a Pharisee. No, he did not display the same reverence to…

  18. Christ as did Nicodemus, and no, he did not display sympathy towards the Christian movement. Yet, he defused a volatile situation by counselling the Jews to act judiciously, and that is why I like him. He honoured God by reminding the people of a useful truth: Since God does what he wants anyway, there is no harm in letting these men play themselves out. If they are fake, they will wither. If not, no amount of criticism, plotting, attack or banning will thwart their mission. Hard as his advice was, the Sanhedrin reluctantly accepted it and let the men go (after flogging them, of course).

    Oh wise Gamaliel! He saved the moment by giving truth its chance. You, Madam Minister, can, too. Just give pause, and be the Gamaliel of our times. During his time there were others that claimed to be…

  19. prophets who turned out to be frauds, therefore making the apostles to be martyrs would not have served the Jews any useful purpose. I guess Gamaliel was of the “give them enough rope and they will hang themselves” mentality. Of course, if they commit a crime, let the law take its course. Let’s not be vindictively excited about this.

    You have no breathalyser to determine who is a false prophet and who is not. God does. Leave it to Him. Stick to your lane. You and your government must focus on what is in your control to do: Address the poverty and ignorance that is making your people desperately vulnerable to abuse. God can, and will defend Himself against those who use His name falsely.

    Thank you.

    Patrick Sikana

  20. if this house of prayer cartel are realy men of God why are they using lungus gorvement to extend their miracleless churches coz at the end of the term its lungu who will be facing this prophetic churches they are persecuting one by one to ask for votes they are just decampaighning pf that’s all using mwebantu and tumfweko thisis all nonsense instead. it is just igniting the rumour that they are the ones who are Satanist since people died in their churches and in bushiris church people have been raised from the dead grow up


  22. My opinion is that the church mother bodies should have come together and form a committee that looks into cases like these. To use the government power is wrong. Using government machinery means that as church leaders in Zambia, you cannot find fault with these false prophets. You don’t have a reason to ban them.

    In addition, how do you know who is fake and who is not. Does the zambian people know what their Bishops do behind closed doors? Even Father Bwalya is believed to have a child, are you going to ban him?

  23. After listening to him for the first and last time. He is a conman and a very disrespectful chap who cannot be a man of God. Where did he get all that wealth and he can now start insulting a sovereign country. Christianity does not allow that. CONMAN

  24. Prophet Mushiri vs PF cadres, let the good justice system of South Africa deal with the matter. You can’t trust the Zambian judiciary system when its a PF cadre who is at fault. Examples Daddy crazy with weed, Kanene with defilement, Max with friends on a panga tour in Katete , Kaizer with the stadium assault issue just to mention a few.

    By the way, where is the gold mine? Who owns it? How is it contributing to the national coffer? Is it a government’s secret? Sounds like the black Mountain saga.

  25. Good! Now you have an opportunity to see for yourselves.

    Jesus’ test is simple. “You will know them by their fruits.”

    It is not their charisma, miracles, suits or wealth.

  26. Rev.Sumaili should not be intimidated by these false prophets who make their congregants feed on grass. Every preacher(foreign or local) of questionable character should not be tolerated in this country.

  27. The shepherd galu called bushiri is a fraudster. How can any sensible being listen to that dog bark rubbish!

  28. Be careful and be honest with yourself we do not have laws you are mentioning. Christians we are happy that criminals are not being allowed in our country anymore. If i may ask,why are you angry is Zambia the only country in need of spiritual help????…. Big SORRY to your followers….


  30. Iam disappointed by the prophet and his conduct is a shame. For your information ” prophet” its the Zambian who are reacting toward falsehood and not the Government. I agree with the FDD MP who said you could have done better to take those issues to God in prayer than using it as an opportunity to brag about material things. You are a shame!! I think what Imakando and Banda are doing is to protect the flock which is part of pastoral work.

    • God will punish you ,infact your days are numbered,stop attacking the true man of God,to start with did u watch his svs

  31. Atase! Ba fake childish “Prophet'”. More interested in earthly wealth than eternal inheritance. Will see if he will go with those jets he is bragging about. I pity people who can sit and listen to his rubbish

  32. The Bible clearly indicates that “Bring the full tithe into the storehouse” (Malachi 3:10), but not this way these people are doing. (Matt 7:15-16) I quote “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits.” they are asking for payments before you see him one-to-one for him to pray for you or to give you a prophecy. I have a question for all who are supporting the prophet to come in Zambia. Quit OK he wants payments from believers but how much did he pay to God for the gift of prophesying given to him by God? If he mention how much he paid to God then its OK, let people make payments but if he did not pay anything to God then it’s not biblical, because freely he received freely he gives. The Minister…

  33. He who comes to court must come with clean hands. Iam seeing a conflict of interest. The minister is a pastor of Bread of life. Whether you like it or not, today church is a very lucrative business. To day the clergy are among the richest people in the world while there followers are wallowing in abject poverty.
    Both the minister and Prophet Bushiri are wrong because the fight is not about saving souls for the Lord but for monetary gain. But one thing for sure is that Judgment time is coming!

  34. We were better off before the declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation. We were more happy and more tolerant as a secular state! We are now a Dane of thieving hipocrytes! What a shame! Please disband this religious affairs ministry before it is too late! Judge not so that you are not judged. It is our people who dull believing everything wind of doctrine. Let them perish if they have to. At least it will teach those who survive some wisdom. Let people choose freely and live with consequences!

  35. Bushiri has committed a terrorist crime against a legimate zambian govt. A crime by far worse than hh alleged to have committed.cage the witch.boma in boma. You can not threaten a minister who is part of collective of the Zambian government.

  36. There are many of his like here in Zambia. Besides, when one critically analyses these so called prophets & many of politicians in Africa, there is no difference. They are both fake, exploit the poor by taking advantage of their ignorance. Just think of it seriously, you will understand what i mean

  37. leave the true man of God major one alone and believe in what you believe,to me i have seen Gods work in him he didnt say anything but he just wanted to respond to the accusations and i see no reason why you hurt him too much ,God will punish you and he will rift us up,

  38. Its wrong to call genuine prophets as false.The Bible which is a guide for christians tells us not to judge but test every spirit and do not criticize.Pentecostal are always jelousy of others pastors better than them.Indeed her church doesnt recognize Propts Bushiri ,TBJoshua except RTM church of pastor Adeboye.This dicrminative ministry of religion will bring confusion and hinder our freedom of worship.This ministry is controlled by some pentecostal pastors.Even amongst themselves heer in Zambia they restritc their members attending seminars etc at other churches They are suscipitious of other progressing minisrties,Our President isnt spritual mature and can be swerved by the wind of variuos doctrines and I can see this will be a problem.Remember Bushiri has a large following in Zambia…

  39. Even Jesus was called false prophet and magician by the religious people like Pastor Godfridah-The pharisees.We have to be careful or we could be fighting God

  40. Bushiri is just a crook and conman. He should be sitting in jail in S Africa for his criminal threats to kill. Lets hope more Governments protect their people from this fraudster who just wants to rob the poor.

    • He sounds self respecting and certainly runs a solidly earthly agenda this Prophet called Bushiri. An anointed man guards his nouth, not that I support PF in any way, I shall never have respect for Lungu and his Team, including the Imakandoz and Bishop Banda, they are not different from Bushiri, they are all Devil’s disciples.

  41. Zambians have no problems with this sh**t. Bushiri is fake because he is praising Lungu who is really not a man of God. Don’t tell us to wake sata**nyoko!

  42. Comment:ze battle is between ze prophets of baal and elijah and who wins,godfridah,banda,and imakando or major one at ze end we re back in 1 kings.we shall see who is fake and christians allow 5fold ministry.also ze level of faith differs,due 2 zat anyone can b a follower to any man of God they want wheather fake or not fake at the end judgement ll come

  43. Bushiri now the laughing stock of the world now that so many have seen his simple magic tricks on his recorded TV sermons. Everybody is laughing at him and his gullibles. Its time for the fraud Bushiri to retire and give upand stay in his home Mzuzu and stop robbing the poor of Africa. Deport him back to Malawi. He just scum, a crook.

  44. What Manner of Man is this that publicly threatens the kill people? If any of the mentioned people die anytime soon, their blood will be on his hands. I have no doubt he can kill. If he can think it and speak it, he can definitely kill. Maybe until that happens then we will realise that the action taken by the Clergy was necessary and for our own good as a nation. Zambia lets be watchful and prayerful.

  45. Please people of God don’t judge, but let’s test the spirit. Because you may end up cursed, let’s think u may comment but,what of you today if God called you? You can be persecuted like Bushiri.please don’t be against.

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