Chambeshi salutes Zambia’s U20’s positive spirit


Beston Chambeshi says his Zambia U20 team has settled down in South Korea and looking geared for Sunday’s opening day Group C clash against Portugal.

The U20 AFCON champions arrived for the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup on Wednesday at the end of a fortnight pre-tournament training camp in Spain.

Zambia have settled down in South Korea after their gruelling flight from Europe via the UAE in Jeju where Group C are based and held their second full day of practice on Friday.

“The team is OK now from the time we arrived and they have acclimatized and there is a positive response to training now,” Chambeshi said.

“Now, they have to focus and look forward to Sunday’s game, it is the opening group game so we have to start on a good note.”

Iran and Costa Rica are the other teams in Group C whom they play on May 24 and May 27 respectively.



  1. Go yee and conquer the world. It is possible if you believe in yourselves. It’s either make it or break it. The ball is in your hands. We will continue to pray for you boys.


  2. It was in South Korea in 1988 that Zambia demolished Italy and Guatamala 4-0 each in the Olympics and Mexico before the Olympics. History is on our side. It is well!



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