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President Lungu urges traditional leaders to cooperate with govt

Headlines President Lungu urges traditional leaders to cooperate with govt

President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in kalumbila District
President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in kalumbila District

President Edgar Lungu has urged traditional leaders to corporate with government in fostering development despite their respective political affiliation.

President says this because government will continue to partner with traditional leaders in fostering development without discrimination.

Mr Lungu said this in Kalumbila district in Northwestern province yesterday when he graced this year’s Kufukwila traditional ceremony of the Kaonde speaking people of senior chief Mukumbi.

Government attaches great importance to traditional ceremonies as they preserve cultural heritage of various traditions and promote unity, he said .

The Republican President said Zambia has been acclaimed as a beacon of peace because traditional leaders have played a major role in upholding peace and unity in their various chiefdoms.

He said government is undertaking a number infrastructure development project in Northwestern province such as rehabilitation and upgrading roads and schools among others.

President Lungu however apologised for the slow pace at which developmental projects in northwestern province were moving and assured that government will accelerate the process and free more resources to be channelled towards development.

He also implored traditional leaders to cooperate with government in ending child marriages which poses the biggest challenge in most chiefdoms.

Meanwhile the Mukumbi Ibaloli royal establishment has expressed gratitude to the Republica President for gracing this year’s Kufukwila traditional ceremony.

Mukumbi Ibaloli royal establishment chairperson Brenda Mukumbi said no other President has ever graced the Kufukwila ceremony.

He added that the visit by the Republican President to the Kufukwila traditional ceremony is a confirmation that president Lungu has the people of this province at heart.

Ms Mukumbi said the royal establishment supports the establishment of Kalumbila as a district and its development.

The current senior chief Mukumbi Ibaloli is celebrating his 55th year on the throne following his ascension on 16 may 1962.

President Edgar Lungu on Tour war banker of the Kaonde at Senior Chief Mukumbi IBaloli XV
President Edgar Lungu on Tour war banker of the Kaonde at Senior Chief Mukumbi IBaloli XV

President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in Kalumbila Distric
President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in Kalumbila District

North Western Chiefs
North Western Chiefs

Senior Chief Mukumbi of the Kaonde people of Kalumbila Boma
Senior Chief Mukumbi of the Kaonde people of Kalumbila Boma

Senior Chief Mukumbi of the Kaonde people of Kalumbila Boma
Senior Chief Mukumbi of the Kaonde people of Kalumbila Boma


  1. Great advise

    Especially the ones in southern province

    Our president must be worshipped



    • What the opposition, the chiefs and many people neee to know is that

      The presidents will stand in 2021 so in simple Zambian English he will be the highest serving president in a democratic Zambian of all time.

      This is like realising you don’t like your mum and trying to rebel against her – are you insane.

      She is your mother whether you like it or not you are stuck with her so love her for heavens sake.

      I have a PhD



    • Zambia won the game this morning. The good news is that a Bemba scared 1st. Then a Ngoni scared second goal. Two great tribes of zambia. Wonderful

    • Mushota have traced your IP adress lol.It was fun,you will soon receive an email but please find a job.Thank your wife for the rescue.I would not go into details lol.I must say we did it for fun.Sorry Mr

    • What pride is in people carrying a fully grown man on their shoulders .

      This is backward can’t they simply drive him around

    • Tonga chiefs have honour & dignity and are incorruptible, end of story. I wish we had 10,000 men of honour in Zambia. Brown envelopes will never develop, feed, unite the country.

    • @idiamindada Mushota is a Man? I knew about that, but I thought he was a shushushu working for OP, he doesn’t have a job? Nanga PhD? Lol

    • Zambua has been acclaimed as a beacon of peace on the continent until PF came on the sin with lies and oppressive approach in politics. Simple minds strategy.

  2. Well done Mr President ! U have a heart for NWP and we shall never forget about u in 2021.Last elections we were misled that some one wud give us free animals. We have widely consulted our relatives who stay in Southern and we are told the person who misled us has never assisted even his own relatives.Next time we shall not entertain tribal politics in NWP.

  3. Truth even Lungu will not give you free animals he is an hypocrite. Look at how his own people who campaigned for him are being treated. A pretender is worse than someone who doesn’t pretend.

  4. Ok this is beginning to make sense. So all this HH treason kerferfle and imprisonment was merely a ruse to keep him from attending this ceremony and having another heroes welcome. Very sick, Lungu, very sick!

  5. We no longer take this jocker seriously. Am sure he did not f00l the learned white chief and her cant f00l chief Nshindi chief Mukuni and chief Sosala.

    • Only in Zambia, a country of a docile brainwashed people…maybe he brought them mirrors, bibles and chocolates…they made him a Chief.

  6. What this smiling gap toothed lazy id.iot in a silly hat is saying is Chiefs should support his PF govt….this man has the brain the size of a croc….he only sees prey or predator!!

    • Oh, so you actually do not know the IG – you should have just added a question mark to the first part of your statement and stopped there.

  7. @ Mateo
    At least Lungu never cheated when he was campaigning. He promised development and we hv seen Chngola – Solwezi road being done,districts being connected to the power national grid and our strategic road leading to Ikelengi / Angola border being worked on. Schs and clinics are also being done etc. The indicators for development can nw be seen unlike those who cheated that they wud gv free animals which they have never given their own pipo where they originate. Abash politics of deceit !

  8. Lungu has been forcing HH to withdraw his Petition from Court and also publicly recognize him as a Legitimate President. Lungu is obsessed with the wish to be recognized as President. Did these NWP Traditional Leaders as a Legitimate President of Zambia? HH is in Jail becoz of Lungu so where is Lungu’s Love,Peace and Unity? Lungu is a Sadist who enjoys HH’s pain and suffering in Jail. Lungu is not a man of God or a Christian. He is Satanic and hypocritical.

  9. Lungu will end up badly. He will reap what he is sowing, It is just a matter of time. Lungu has to be reminded that God doesn’t reward evil doers.

  10. Nomba everyday is pleading for people to recognize you or work with you? Then something is not right. If you’re a good leader people flock to you. Imagine if Jesus Christ was always asking people to recognize him and work with him, can you believe him if he says that he Is your Savior?

  11. It is surprising that most of the chiefs have atleast minimum Bachelor degree, though some with Phd, this is evidenced from the “Graduation Gowns they are wearing infact most of them trained overseas because of the different gowns. BUT WHY SHOULD SUCH HIGHLY EDUCATED CHIEFS NOT BE PART OF PARLIAMENT TO EXPRESS THEIR WISHES FOR DEVELOPMENT PROJECTS ?

  12. Lungu says Zambia is a “beacon of love,peace and unity” Really? With Stolen,Dispute and Petitioned? HH and more than 5000 UPND Supporters are in Jail on instructions from. Lungu is a Sadist who enjoys to see HH suffer in pain while he is Illegally enjoying 6 Star Treatment in State House. Lungu is a Devel Incarnate and a hypocrite who cannot be trusted. Release HH and let the Petition be heard in Court. Period.

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