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Lusambo ‘ breaths  fire’ on China JCHX for delayed works on the dual carriage way

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo making his remarks at the funeral late Ben Kapita
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo 
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has directed Ndola and Kitwe District Commissioners (DC) to find out why China JCHX ,  the contractor working on the Ndola kitwe dual carriageway,  has taken long to complete the works.
Dr. Lusambo has observed that the contractor exceeded the two years time frame for the works and has since directed the two DC’s to find out reasons for the delay.
He said that the contractor has failed government because he has failed to complete the works as agreed.
ZANIS reports that the Minister said during the Patriotic Front interactive forum held at Protea hotels in Ndola.
Dr . Lusambo added that on his way to Kitwe, recently, he noticed that the contractor had blocked part of the road to re-do it.
He said that government has tolarated the contractor for too long now adding that he  seems to have  taken advantage of the situation.
Dr. Lusambo noted that it is in this vain that he has directed the two DC’s to find out the status call on the road from the contractor.
Road users have been complaining that the contractor keeps on blocking one part of the road  to the other
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    • Bane please remove “Dr ” naimwe. I’ve done a lot of research on life changing issues on the copperbelt but I am still called Mr Ndanje and not Dr.

    • So how is it got to do with district commissioners isn’t it the work of RDA to issue a statement. Obviously RDA should know what is going on as they are the project monitors unless they just sit and do nothing like many other GRZ agencies. Or maybe nobody can make China company do the job because of corruption. Yeah corruption is the key word here. This is the reason corruption is bad bcoz contractors become untouchable by anyone for fear of been exposed

    • @HF I think Lusambo is acting out of pressure we the commuters are putting on him. However he should have first approached ba RDA before going to the press. That way his statement or instruction was going to be based on professional facts.

    • Mushota,

      I don’t think it is, quoting you, a “grammaRtical” headline.

      Before you throw stones at others, check your hand!

    • Cherry you are too old for bowman, besides your senseless statements here and he’s ignorant empty threats would make you two an embarrassment.

  1. Bwana You have no money and you haven’t been paying contractors …. why else is RDA, Ministry of Works and Supply, Office of the President (Under which RDA sits) are not saying anything or pushing the contractor …. except the mighty Lusambo. Can RDA issue a statement so that we hear it from the experts and not this gentleman who bought his Phd at an Auction like one Mushoteni.

  2. Good Lusambo, you seem to have the energy to get things done, that is the kind of ministers we want.
    Now, instead of directing those poor DCs, you would have made much impact had you made a surprise visit to meet those Chinese. By giving directives, you have just created a vacuum for them to use and find a reason. Anyway, good to put the pressure!!!

    BTW, hold on, 2 years beyond agreed timelines, and no one knows the reasons for delay??? And we want to find out the reason now?Does this project have any stakeholders?

  3. Kiki that is why his woman Is sleeping around. Sort your house out first

  4. LT,please stop debasing the title “Dr”. Honorary degree holders are not entiled to be addressed as such,only phd holders or medical doctors.You are there to educate people.UNZA can you please press statement to clarify same.It is getting out of hand.

  5. Pardon me, but I do not follow the drift here. I take it the so called dr(sic) has is the DC’s supervisor. So, as a supervisor you normally would summon the supervised to your office to get answers/ explanations for the poor performance or whatever with a view to rectify it. How does telling it or complaining to the media help this?

  6. Only a fooool would shout praises here for this big goon…we know that there is no money no wonder MMD Accountant Mutati is running up and down.

  7. There is a saying, the higher up the tree u are you take more responsibility. In other words the buck stops with Mr. Bowman Lusambo.

    • Does Bowman work for RDA? This is politics…he should not even be there disturbing works when they are releasing funds as there is nothing everything has been misapproppriated result of borrowing.

  8. You mean to say that since his appointment and over the last 2 years it is now the first time he has noticed the problem when he was on his way to kitwe.

  9. Ba Lusambo,
    The problem for the delay could well be late or delayed payments to the contractor / lack of details from consultants / force marjeure (Eg Edgar). Try not to rush to press with matters that are contractual. And by the way, there is a termination clause for contractor’s continued non-performance. Have notices been sent?

  10. Lusambo is the clever one here, if he call s the DC or consult the RDA how are the voters or the people who have been querying him going to know that he is making a follow up so instead of answering one by one he has to make it public for all to hear / know that he is doing what they want (working). Even if the problem is the delay of payment to the contractor or anything else who ever is in charge of this will respond and all of us will know why since now it is in the public. Well done Lusambo.

    • You honestly think the contractor will respond…they know he is merely putting on a show to dupe illiterates and kaponyas. This is not working its silliness…a contractor that size would have finished the work if it was paid promptly by these reckless tins!!

  11. This JCHX has a mining contract in Lufwanyama and has brought in dozens of Chinese labourers who have taken jobs from Zambians.

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