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Zambia Police refutes allegation that IG Kanganja is on Pilatus Engineering payroll

Headlines Zambia Police refutes allegation that IG Kanganja is on Pilatus...

4. Zambia Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja, Zambia Police Service’s Leo Silowa and Zambia UN Mission’s Chibaula Silwamba at UN Chiefs of Police Summit at UN Headquarters in New York USA on Friday 3 June, 2016. Photo | Zambia UN Mission Press Office
FILE: Zambia Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja,
THE Zambia Police Service has described as unrealistic, libelous and malicious alleged claims by Pilatus Engineering Zambia Limited proprietor Joseph Huwiler’s wife, Charlotte, that Inspector-General of Police Kakoma Kanganja is on her husband’s payroll.

Mrs Huwiler was quoted in the Daily Nation yesterday as having said that Mr Huwiler had openly bragged to her that the matter in which she and her four-year-old daughter have been thrown out of the matrimonial house would not go anywhere because Mr Kanjanja is on his payroll.

But police spokesperson Esther Katongo said in a statement yesterday that Mrs Huwiler’s accusations are unrealistic, libelous and malicious.

Ms Katongo challenged Mr Huwiler to justify his claims if indeed what his wife said is true.

“We would like to dispel assertions by the source of the story, who in this case is Mrs Huwiler, that the Inspector-General of Police is on the payroll of Pilatus Engineering proprietor Joseph Nicholas Huwiler.

“The statement attributed to Mrs Huwiler and purported to have been expressed by her husband is slanderous in nature as it lacks facts. We, therefore, advise the source of the information to always verify content before having it published,” she said.

Ms Katongo said the motor vehicle which Mrs Huwiler was referring to in the article is one of the 20 vehicles that were donated to the Zambia Police Service by the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) on February 24 this year.

“We would like to put it clear that the BMW X6 which Mrs Huwiler was referring to is one of the 20 motor vehicles that were donated to Zambia Police by ZRA on 24th February, 2017 at a hand-over ceremony held at ZRA offices on Dedan Kimathi Road,” Ms Katongo said.


    • There is nothing wrong with this.

      Integrity wise or ethically what is wrong with this again ?

      Why are UPND blowing this out of proportion.

      I’m a PhD holder



    • Mushota the Dr. in erections! Please grow some sense and talk like an educated person. Where is UPND in this article. Why are you so obsessed with UPND? My advice is get a life. If you claim to have a PHD find more important things to do with your life. The fact and truth will always stay Lungu did not win those elections fairly and he will always be questionable president.

    • Abena Zabwino Palibe (ZP), you can refute all you like, but who doesn’t know that you can buy andy ZP officer (IG being no exception) for a pot of beans or less??

    • This is not news, marital issues must be kept as a secret.
      The only thing we want to hear about is how HH is doing behind bars, that is key to national development and his prolonged stay means eternal peace for Zambia. Lets all keep our fingers crossed as we hope for the best for him – which is being given not less than 21yrs.

    • This issue is a personal issue and Mr Kangaja is the one who should refute the claim. Mr Kangaja is a civil servant and he is not the owner of Zambia police. I think this is where we lose it us Zambians. This is a private issue and for Mr Kangaja to command the spokesperson to issue a statement on his behalf is abuse of office. There are more pressing issues around the country that require the spokesperson to issue a statement on. Not this one ni abuzi of OFISI IYI BANE

    • True zambia. I feel hurt on this assertion of Doctor on erection

      I made a typo calling an election as errection this needs stopping now !

      Lusaka times please censor anyone calling me that.

      I’m PhD in international Development and that has far credibility than what you are saying.

      I hope this is the last time I’m hearing this from anyone.

      Concentrate on articles for heavens sake.

      You have spoiled my day today. It is so annoying



    • As usual, its all about “refutes” by PFolice with a dramatic story of hearsays without verifiable source of this mediocrity~rivulets of bandit Sakala’s Daily~Nonsense~Nation.
      By the way PFolice, knowing your cadre inclination of biases, Kanganja is a grown up man & can speak for himself if all he is on Pilatus payroll, as alleged by hearsay!
      How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • This is not an allegation against the police as an institution but against an individual. Mr Kanganja should answer for himself. Next, we will hear that the Attorney General is representing him. A corruption allegation has been made and the suspect must be suspended and investigated.

    • Is Esther Katongo ZP spokesperson or Kanganja’s spokesperson? Kanganja has been mentioned in his personal capacity so why is this chap called Esther Katongo coming in? since when did this Esther Katongo know everything that her boss does outside and within the service? this woman needs a Job Description and the earlier she got one the better

    • Her name is Charlotte Mukumbuta, and evidently the two have a child and were very close from the Facebook photos. She should take the matter to court and milk thw sh!t out of him. She clearly has inside knowledge of what Joe gets up-to.

    • But why should a “poor” country be buying BMW X6 for the police? It can never happen in a developed country.NYC is now buying cheap Toyota Prius for the police. For sure the rich will remain rich and the poor more poorer.

    • To me, this is a marital argument between wife and husband. How does the whole lot of a Police Spokes-person come in and defend the Inspector-General? If anything, Kanganja himself should have refuted this allegation not Esther Katongo.

    • The current governance is beyond repair. How did ZRA donate 20 6x BMWs?How did they do this before the tax, money, was taken to MoF. Surely this country is gone. Now ZRA is both revenue collector and a spending agent. Where is ACC, Auditors General Office and Civil Societies. No wonder Chishimba had a bone to chew with ZRA.

    • I suppose this will be news to the PFolice: a wife cannot give evidence against her husband. Whatever Charlotte is yapping about is a typical lovers’ tiff where all rubbish gets aired in the public court. All that Kanganja can try and do is get an apology from Charlotte or sue her for defamation if she will not apologise. I am sorry I am giving advice to Kanganja, the enemy of the people, but facts are facts.

  1. Comment:imwe Ba Katongo,why defend the indefensible!? this is all your own making, no right thinking Zambian can have faith in ZP in its current form. rather than ranting disjointed statements let the Lady substantiate her claims and you’ll be surprised how many of us believe her story.

  2. Lungus Zambia is a den of corruption, thuggery, stealing and rule by PF caders.

    There is no rule of law. The few honorable people left are being swallowed by lungus corruption and immorality.

  3. Comment:There’s no smoke without fire imwe Ba Katongo,we all know how the police force is compromised just ask anyone living in Kitwe and ask how Jerabos were misbehaving? You report them to police you become a laughing stock and double victim because the Jerabos will brazenly boast to anyone who cares to listen that the police from head to toe baba mu tumba yabo. Therefore if lady that is making libelous accusations take her to court after all that’s what you’ve been reduced to now

  4. Why rush to saying the words of Mrs Huwiler are libelous? As one level headed blogger here has said, take her to court and charge her with ‘treason’

  5. There’s shame in the police service, it’s common for junior officers on the Copper Belt to complain that they need to meet their daily cashing to superiors. ZP stinks

  6. Esther katongo, are you a joint signatory to kanganja’s bank accounts? Your job description does not include defending the IG’s alleged dark corner dealings

    • This b1tch is very dull. Are you a signatory to Kanganya’s accounts. You are better off keeping quiet than exposing stup1dity like a b1tch you are.

    • There is lack of professionalism in Zambia, you have a Presidential Aide who talks like he is employed by PF and you have this ZP Spokes woman talking about BMW cars donated by ZRA…how does that relate to being on payroll.

  7. A little bit of advice for the PhD holder. Have some class woman. Your comments are not doing justice to the qualification that u claim. Actually, they are borderline disgracefully. There is no UPND or PF in the article. Deal with the serious allegation of the top cop in Zambia being corrupt. This issue is about the credibility of the police in a time when tensions are high. And I agree with my collegues who have pointed out the fact that there id nosmoke without fire. ACC investigate and tell us the facts.

    • Wait, I’m just articulating the article with a mind of a PhD holder.

      The trouble is, because you don’t have one – you are unlikely to think as strategic as I’m.

      My fiancé is starting PhD soon and like me he feels challenged to embrace the thinking of a strategic consistent mind.

      I’m seeing things you are not and because you lag that intellectual mind, you quickly jump to profanity.

      Shame on you !



    • Mushota, the more you “open” that mouth of yours, the more stupid you sound. You are the type of people that make black people look bad!

      It must be Nick who conferred your doctorate, how else can you explain this!

    • too much dirt in the pfpolice force.they keep on embarrassing us.Already someone has reported for work drunk…

  8. Possibly true. In fact, the whole Police Command is on the payroll of junior officers.

    Juniors deployed for duties to police, say banks and other private institutions, have their allowances extorted by seniors “as a token of appreciation”. The ‘naughty’ ones who refuse to tithe (as it is sometimes called) end up being assigned ‘non-profit’ duties such as manning govt ministries.

    All proceeds of corrupt activities perpetuated by the rank and file somewhat end up in the accounts of apa mwamba. It’s a kind of institutionalised corruption.

  9. @ Ayatollah, that complaint is everywhere. I have traveled with junior officers on many of their assignments and it’s common place to hear that complaint.

  10. Doctor of errections i dont think Mushota has a Phd and deep down she knows that that level of dullness that we always see in her can not be accredited by a university anywhere on the planet. if does she probably slept with a dozen professors. So she probably is a good sex giver which is largely consistent with what dull girls are good at.

  11. Mrs Katongo should know the source of information is credible. I was actually told most police officers are paid by the guy. ITI ISI TULU!

  12. Read between the lines, why hasen’t the IG taken legal action if this was all smoke? This is the problem with our institutions of governance which have fallen prey to charlatans and corrupt elements. This is the wife to Mr Huwiler and my guess is that she must have seen the IG go beg for arms. When we say that corruption is entrenched in PF, pillocks in PF think we are joking. Why speak on behalf of the IG when he can speak and defend himself? Or are we missing something here?

  13. Mwebantu my niece who who is based in Manchester was attending the concert we are yet to hear from her after those attacks


  15. It is the IG of Police to respond in person and not the Zambia Police. It was also the same with the Chilufya Tayali issue where instead of the IG suing Tayali for defamation, the Police command went to lock Tayali up and yet the guy was very specific. You must have the ability, intelligence and capability to discern what is directed at the Police as a service and what is directed at an individual in the Police FORCE

  16. HOW can she attend a concert in manchester when the master who feeds her uncle called NEZ is incacerated in prison , she must be studying IRISISM in manchester. Please come back your uncle here called NEZ is so much obsessed with PF but because he is TONGA cant join US, so come back help him sulvage UPND, oh by the way HH is in PRISON , His VP THE great bag of mealimeal (GBM) has a knee injury he walked long distance on kuomboka, then MUTINTA is now issuing political statements, also masebo has started dating kabimba with a view to bring him to UPND, then MILUPI of ADP has been hired by UPND as interim president ah so many updates for you niece in manchetser

  17. Funny thing is theres no threat to retract the comment, no “it is criminal blah blah to utter careless statements shani shani…” I smell a rat, wina adyamo zoona.. Esthers defence is very luclustre indeed One with PHD in erections should spot this with their eyes closed. Mrs Huwiler has seen the man leaving the crib with a ‘parcel’.. im sure the machinery is in overdrive trying to silence her.

  18. Why is Mushota always reminding people of her PHD.Her PHD is questionable.there ar alot of us who are educated bt never revealed our qualifications.PHD in which field anyway because we have pipo with such qualifications in prostitution.

    • Why concentrate on Mushota who has a serious inferiority complex. some of us completed our studies many moons and decades ago, I would never stoop so low intimidating people about my academic achievements because when you’re learned (not educated like Mushota), shows. In short Mushota is seeking recognition instead of earning it. shame!

  19. President Edgar Lungu must drop IG Kanganja.what that lady said is very true because ZP spokesperson has confirmed here that indeed Kanganja used X6.Mrs Huwiler confirmed having seen IG Kanganja in an X6 at Mr Huwiler’s house.so what was Kanganja doing at that crook’s home in an X6 donated to ZP by ZRA?
    Look,ZRA is grabbing vehicles to poor Zambians who fail to pay tax then donate those expensive cars to people like Kanganja?I’M BEGINING TO DISLIKE EDGAR LUNGU!!!THIS IS RUBISH!!HIS SENIOR OFFICERS ARE TOO DIRTY.SINCE ECL CANT FIRE THEM,THEY DO CORRUPTION ON DAILY BASIS!!GOD HELP ZAMBIA!!!

    • I remember back in the day when Newsted Zimba was Home Affairs Minister, all the posh vehicles that were confiscated by DEC were sold to him peanuts. Here is another case where ZRA confiscate property and are giving it to top brass, why not put them through a Public Auction and recover monies.

  20. This matter is not for the Police to refute when ZP were accused of robbing one house you raided last month you never came out to refute. Moreover what would be the motive of this woman in lieing…there is something here. You can still be on payroll and not drive the named companies cars…such statements can not be simply ignored.

  21. No problem, just send in the DEC to check Pilatus records, files and banking. Then check KK ‘s finances and their sources. It happened to former CB commander Mary Tembo. She was caught ni ckers down, got fired and prosecuted. No need to deny, we know our policemen are living abnormally rich lives and KK cannot be an exception.

    • In Zambia there is a need for an internal independent body …reporting to a Judge or headed by one that should be investigating top brass service chiefs like IG. Surely why would this lady simply pluck IG’s name but since this is a corrupt regime all this will simply disappear….at least Tayali has some paperwork for his case!!

  22. One late commissioner used to protect cobalt thieves at Chambishi. The guy would shoot some thieves just to show he was doing a great job. Those from chambishi township know him. He bought a lot of property which didn’t measure to a policeman’s salary. So iwe Katongo let KK defend himself.

  23. If president Edgar Lungu dropped Dr Chishimba Kambwili who contributed a lot to his re-election in 2016 because of corruption,why cant he fire Kanganja who gave him zero votes?looking at how people voted in 3.5 provinces,am pretty sure that even Kanganja voted for HH in 2016!!is this a person ECL can allow to continue tarnishing the image of his PF-Govnt?God says “a good name is better than fine perfume”,so president Lungu please wake up!!start firing all those senior Govnt officials who are fond of corruption.you are a lawyer,so be like Levy Mwanawasa!!

    • Edgar Lungu’s networth increase from K2 mill in the first election when taking over from Sata to K23million in two and a half years at the next election. What business was he doing to acquire such wealth in such a short space of time? Get real. This government is highly corrupt. Levy was one of our greatest presidents. Very few are like him, and certainly not our current president

  24. Every thing shall remain in this world because they are for the world: But why are you so troubled: Every day looking at your friends house even what is in the kitchen. They world is going fast with its evil.

  25. Mushota talk less of your PHD and more of issue at hand. Many people have PHDs and they do their work quietly. Their works speak for them.
    Do you know ‘Narcissism’? Check on yourself, mama… Kind advice…. GOD loves you mama…..

    • Rob, you like attacking my high good standing in society at a given opportunity, why?

      They don’t sell PhD you work hard for them.

      I completed it and allow me to tell the people who care, who quiet a lot of them here

      Mind you I make valid points prior to reminding people I hold a PhD

      Why is this rubbing you the wrong way?



  26. Some may not know them well personally. I have known the family for more than 15 years and I can say that Mr. Huwiler’s business is not straight forward. Pilatus is not where he makes most of his money. His son told me that it was difficult for him to stay with his father because he started masquerading his young girlfriend around the office. He even bought that same girlfriend an 6X.

    So this story honestly does not surprise me and most likely is true. There is no way that the IG will admit to wrong doing. Which criminal has ever come forward to say yes I am a criminal and I stole especially if he is supposed to be a part of law enforcement holding the highest standards of integrity?

  27. This is not the first time Pilatus have been connected to police corruption. I am checking my old newspapers to resurrect such a story. As for Katongo she should have simply said “Ask the IG himself ” or better still “No comment “.

  28. A secret investigative report to be published soon has concluded that nearly 96% of all public officers in Zambia from “the president, at the top, to the janitor, at the bottom, are on some fiddle”

  29. @35 that’s where we lose sight…..bringing in issues that have no proof. We’re talking about accusations against the IG, an issue that has a potential witness not what bitter people post on social media.

  30. Joe Pilatus keeps all his money in his house at Pilatus H/Q. He has a walking safe with lots of safes in there with cash not in the bank.

  31. Top cop corruption? We challenge ACC to clear him ?

    As for Empty minds like Dr Erection concentrate at what you specialise in erection.

    You don’t add an value to this site.

  32. Joe has stealthily infiltrated every Zambian President’s home (not necessary State House) since FTJ.

    He first melts the hearts of the President’s associates, then pampers the Children of the Head of State with all manner of gifts – state-of-the-art Bimas. Before long, his passage to Plot 1 will have been cleared by the likes of Chanda Sosala. Then all govt institutions will be full of vehicles supplied by Pilatus Engineering, from State House downwards.

    Connect the dots.

  33. Fake Dr. Mushota please tell us the name of the University where you did your fake Phd , also tell us about your thesis/desertation during your phd study and lastly please anyone who does a Phd must publish a paper in international journals, so kindly give us the website link we find what you have did during your research work
    am waiting…….

  34. Edgar Lungu’s networth increased from K2 million in the first erection when taking over from Sata to K23million in two and a half years at the next erection. I know someone with a PHD and lives in UK can write like this.
    I am villager from east…. very illiterate before men….
    Mwana wandi, Mushota…. Help me improve my poor English… is it erection or lag….

  35. Why bother whether she’s got a PhD or not. If you’re eating vegetable and you announce that you’re eating tbone will the vegetable become meat. Ukubepa aka umusheto …those from luapula know the meaning

  36. Why bother whether she’s got a PhD or not. If you’re eating vegetable and you announce that you’re eating tbone will the vegetable become meat. Ukubepa aka umusheto …those from luapula know the meaning

  37. No wonder it was smelling like raw fish here today, it’s Mushota’s consolidated ERECTION that’s stinking us all out.

  38. The response from Police must be taken with a pinch of salt. Let’s hope colleagues in the Police Service are not merely generating a smoke screen to shield each other. Police corruption has stained all road networks making tons of illegal money from funny traffic offences slapped on poor motorists. Rich people are left scotch-free.

    There are many loose links that have been supporting political law breakers during IG Kanganja’s reign. We trust that there are other intelligent security wings that can probe these corrupt allegations without bias. The President needs to be furnished with credible data to help him clean up the corruption mess.

  39. Mushota, your behavior depicts one of a sick person, you’re addicted to imaginary se.x with your fictitious Nick! No wonder you have an ETECTION all the time which means less blood in the brain thus prone to making silly ? monkey comments all over, you’re sick in the head alah we kanyo iwe!

  40. In one neighbouring country a head of police was declared unfit for the position by the court! Could it happen here?

  41. A special investigator must immediately be appointed to investigate this thug masquerading as a cop! Too much criminals about in Zambia today, look at the one in State House or that Fatherless Zikas Bwanya! It’s pretenders everywhere one goes!

  42. Mr Huwiler says he owns the IG, and then you start blaming the wife? What did she do except repeat her husband’s boasts? Iliko bad

  43. Congulatulations to madam Mushota for a hard earned Phd in International Errection Development…well done girl!??????????????????

  44. It is hard to believe that God can bless Zambia with so much evil inside it. How come God never blessed Satan or the Devil? Zambia has become Hell On Earth for its people as a result of the evils that its leaders and authorities are engaged in. We have become an evil nation. There is no law, no judiciary, no employment, etc. How can God bless Zambia with so many citizens wallowing in poverty while living in a country bestowed with many resources as a gift from Himself?

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