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Let no one deceive you, PF is still Zambia’s number One Party of Choice-Davies Mwila

General News Let no one deceive you, PF is still Zambia's number One Party...

Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila
Patriotic Front Secretary General Mr. Davies Mwila has reminded the Party structures in Kaputa District that the ruling party is Zambia’s number One Party of Choice. “Let no one deceive you. We are Zambia’s premier political organization. We are incomparable to none. While we lead, everyone else is playing catch-up,” said Mr. Mwila.

The PF Secretary General Mr. Mwila emphasized that the only functional and living manifesto is that of the ruling party running from 2016-2021. “There is only one manifesto being implemented and that is the PF manifesto. Everybody else has shelved their manifestos to gather dust. It is the reason why they fail to provide checks and balances to the ruling party. A clear indication that the Opposition has shelved their manifestos is when they resort to personal attacks at the expense of raising substantive issues,” Mr. Mwila stated.

Mr. Mwila has appealed to Kaputa District officials to understand the Party manifesto and explain it to the people. “For the ruling party, our manifesto is not just for winning elections but our blue-print to guide our implementation for a period of five (5) years,” he said.

Mr. Mwila emphasized that the under the 2016-2021 promised measures not because they were the easy but because they were tough and the correct prescription for Zambia’s development. “We are ready for difficult decisions in order to get to the promised land, a land flowing with milk and honey. As you all know, to press milk from a cow, you risk being kicked but you must do it because you need milk. To get the honey, you must be ready to be stung by bees but you endure because you need the honey…In the same vein, we know that to get to the promised land, there will be challenges but let us endure for the greater good,” explained Mr. Mwila.

The Secretary General has reminded structures that through the 2016-2021 manifesto, the Party created a social contract with the Zambian people. He said the manifesto and it’s implementation will be the basis for renewing the Party’s mandate in 2021.

“PF is the only Party that shares into the people’s aspirations to overcome poverty. We are committed to addressing the nation’s deficiencies. Our manifesto seeks to reconfigure Zambia’s development model into a more diversified economy. We are a political party that grasps the challenges of today and create a better tomorrow,” Mr. Mwila said.

State House Minister and member of the Central Committee Hon Freedom Sikazwe urged the Party to work closely with the Office of the District Commissioner in driving development in the District.

Hon Alfreda Kasembe called on the Party in Kaputa not to fall for Opposition tricks. She recounted her experience as a member of UPND and advised that it was not a party to trust.

Chairperson for Mines and Mineral Development in the Central Committee Hon Yamfwa Mukanga urged the Party to remain United and Chairperson for Lands and Natural Resources Hon Musonda Mpankata called on the Party structures in Kaputa District to remain loyal to His Excellency President Edgar Lungu. He challenged the structures to remain proactive and not leave room to Opposition. He called on the Party to focus on strengthening the grassroots.

And Chief Kaputa has called on Government to expedite the procurement process on the Mporokoso-Kaputa road. This was during a Courtesy call by the Secretary General who thanked the traditional leader maintaining peace in the Chiefdom. He was also grateful that Kaputa District had been allocated 13 Solar Mills through the Office of the District Commissioner Mr. Mulenga Fube.

The Secretary General has proceeded to address his next meeting in Nsama District.

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  1. It’s PF bandits of visionless Lungu deceiving themselves. Shame, PF is illegally, unconstitutionally & undemocratically in power.
    The Skeleton Key

    • I don’t agree with “Dr” Mushota Chimfwembe (PhD in Scottish Erections). PF is only number one among Bembas and easterners. It is a tribal party with no support in one half of the country. They have lost all the seats that they once held in parts of WP and NWP.

    • …but if you use the tribal route, Bembas encompass 4 provinces-namely Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and the Copperbelt. Then Eastern and Lusaka has a huge Bemba/Eastern population-that makes 6 provinces and 60% of the country. If you include half of Central, that’s 65% of the country. How can you say with no support in one half of the country??? The rest of the country is only 35%!! Then if you use CSO statistics, the Bemba/Eastern tribes alone make up almost 50% of the population. Like the former PF Sec. General Davis Chama put it before you constituted the shameful chuundu chaitwa, DON’T USE THE TRIBAL ROUTE AS NUMBERS ARE NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!!

    • If all you do is campaigning when are you going to work and if you are no 1 choice why violently stop others from campaigning,why campaign with guns,pangas etc you are feeling the heat of no populality.Infact you have personally experienced that in your constituency.Only a failed system can appoint a defeated candidate to a high responsibility-shame.

  2. Mr. Mwila, it is you who is deceiving yourself. By the way, have you returned stolen taxpayers money as directed by Constitutional Court?

  3. And mwila you are still the number one ugliest monitor lizard looking creature in Zambia

  4. In Zambia political parties wither very quickly.: UNIP in total confusion,..MMD no one knows the president, PF has started cracking.Sata’s manifesto was to help the poor, it is not like that any more in PF but some people have realised the diversion and are working hard to correct but they are being branded something else. witch craft is at its best …how is it possible that some one can be involved in RTA’s three times in three different vehicles with different drivers in three different areas? TULEKELENI UMUNTU WESU TWAPAPATA

  5. Luke 6:31
    Do to others as you would have them do to you.
    “Treat others the same way you want them to treat you.
    Just as you want others to do for you, do the same for them.

    And behave to your fellow men just as you would have them behave to you.

  6. Davies Mwila you are just a pf cadre trying to protect your job. You will all run away and leave Zambia when your time to go comes. Time is the only thing too powerful which man can’t change but can change you.

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