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PF regime erred in repossessing ZAMTEL from LAP Green-Hamududu

Headlines PF regime erred in repossessing ZAMTEL from LAP Green-Hamududu

Party of National Unity (PNU) President Highvie Hamududu has stressed the need for systematic and serious reassessments regarding the reversal of LAP Green deal with ZAMTEL because the outright reversal by the Patriotic Front (PF) led Government was wrong.


The Zambian Government under the late President Michael Chilufya Sata in 2012, seized control of the country’s biggest telecoms company which was sold to a Libyan investor in 2010 by the Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD)’s Rupiah Banda regime.


And that was after a Government inquiry which ruled that the sale of a 75 percent stake in Zamtel to LAP Green was fraudulent.


Zamtel is one of three mobile phone networks in Zambia alongside Airtel of India and MTN of South Africa and it is the only operator of landlines and also provides internet services across the country.


LAP Green had stated that it grew Zamtel’s subscriber base by over 600% in just over 18 months and created 1,700 jobs in Zambia.


PUN President affirmed that ZAMTEL could have been the largest mobile network in Zambia had Government maintained Lap Green.

Mr Hamududu state that the PF Administration only needed to renegotiate the terms than the arbitrary reversal when they came in power.


He reffirmed his statement made in parliament the during the reversal of the 75 percent sell to LAP Green that ZAMTEL only need to undergo a partial privatization for it to deliver effectively to the Zambians.


Hamududu said ZAMTEL as a 100 Percent Government owned parastatal is subject to abuse because of political interference and patronage in Zambia and insisted that a 50/50 joint venture was the best for Zamtel.


The opposition leader noted that what is required currently in Zambia is to overhaul the system of Governance which is failing the Zambian Government in the mining sector.


He further cited Kagem, the system which allowed selling the cream of Zambian emeralds at a cheap price, adding that it is now a mine which has the life span of over 200 years but it’s in the hands of foreigners.



  1. You are off to a good start PNU. If you had a party Spokesperson it’d render your checks and balances credibility. In recent times only Rainbow Party went from 0 to 60 in 60 seconds. Many newly formed Political parties stay at zero.

    Nonthless, Zamtel had to be repossessed for the sake of national security. We put our national security at risk and that s not the any number of people LapGreen can hire. However, your observations about emerald mining are true. PF is selling the country for cheap. Who can imagin that they sold ZCCM-IH?

    • “…Zamtel had to be repossessed for the sake of national security…”??? Or for the sake of PF plundering?

      Correct because Zambian Brains in managers are wicked failures and incompetent. They lack plans and are filled with serious corrupt hemorrhagic traits. Wrong in the sense that just like the nation yearns for national aviation sector. We can’t leave it up to foreigners to foster ICT service for Zambians, security and real growth for the sector considered.

    • What national secruity? Dont you know that the chines run and manage Zamtel servers …some places are out of bounds for your own Zambian engineers!

  2. With time you come to appreciate the true value of Zamtel and you will wish you never made this statement.

    • The only true value of Zamtel is a conduit for plunder by PF and employment of Bembas. I hope the Libyans will remember to sue for compensation when they stop fighting.

  3. Zesco is another one which should be given to private hands. You can imagine in Kitwe on 21st street in Nkana East ,a number of houses are off supply from 14hrs yesterday with Zesco failing to restore supply up to today. This organisation is the worst to say the least

  4. Political interference has contributed ….if managers were hired on merit with no political agenda all these companies would be in profit by now…look at ZAMTEL and ZESCO, up to now they still have no CEOs, when the CEO are sacked they are replaced by their deputies and expect things to change.

  5. Hamududu continues to call a spade a spade. He is the leader Zambia needs, he doesn’t pretend. Unfortunately, Zambians don’t appreciate frankness, they want flip floppers and liars. Hamududu is took frank and therefore, won’t go anywhere in Zambian politics. I pity you comrade Hamududu, you are in wrong continent.

  6. @1 Lombe, what national security? Airtel, MTN etc are doing exactly what Zamtel does and better, are you aware of any breach to.national security? Or maybe you are talking about extremist moslem terrorism? Be careful not to be misled by defunct thinking about the now obsolete Mwembeshi satellite station as the only international gateway, Zamtel is just another telecomms company like any other company that wants to make a profit.

  7. On the other hand, I agree that Highvie Hamududu and his PNU is a welcome breath of fresh air compacted to ifisushi air of the UPNDonkeys. For example, when Gary Nkombo, Nalumango or that fart of a running mate speaks I have to cover both my mouth and nose. Fortunately HH is on break from public speaking, I can’t imagine how much worse the air would be.

  8. We need such checks and balances which is beneficial to our country mr president Hamududu . Continue with the good works you have started. Never give up. Some will want to oppose for nothing but never give. We need to build this country together. Your start on national issues is the best and every well meaning zambian should see that. Don’t worry about those who don’t want to call a spade a spade. They will come along to build mother Zambia.

  9. I laugh when people cite SECURITY as the reason not to sell ZAMTEL. These people don’t even have a clue about what they are talking about. For your own information, in developed countries like the United Kingdom, you will never find a telecoms operator which is owned by the government. They only have an industry regulator called OFCOM. In Zambia we have ZICTA.

  10. Don’t forget Mmembesnd Mutembo played a key role in this saga because the sale was done by Rupiah.

  11. Hamududu is a very intelligent person..I remember during my days at unza when I was studying economics he was one of the people my lecturers used to refer to as on of the best economics students Unza has ever produced…

  12. Hon Hamududu, you are very WRONG please check your statistics. zamtel has increased in revenue and subscriber rate far much more than RAPGREEN. everyday zamtel is having and avarage of 10 k new customers while mtn and airtel combined are doing less than 5k.

  13. @jay jay THE CEO for ZESCO is VICTOR MUNDENDE a very intelligent young man who has done his level best to improve zesco operations but due to natural factors as low water levels one cannot blame him, the CEO for Zamtel IS mr mwanakatwe the husband to COMMERCE minister MAGY MWANAKATWE

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