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President Lungu Pardons 428 inmates countrywide


President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in kalumbila District
President Edgar Lungu at senior Chief Mukumbi in kalumbila District

PRESIDENT Lungu has pardoned 428 inmates countrywide on the occasion of Africa Freedom Day which is commemorated on this day every year.

Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said in a statement yesterday that President Lungu has further commuted long prison terms of 11 inmates to various shorter terms of imprisonment.

“President Lungu has exercised his prerogative of mercy in accordance with the powers vested in the President of the Republic of Zambia by Article 97 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia, which provides for presidential pardon and substitution of severe forms of punishment imposed on convicted persons,” Mr Kampyongo said.

He said the Ministry of Home Affairs is grateful to the President for exercising his prerogative of mercy because the correctional services are extremely congested.

“The President’s noble gesture is a step in the right direction as it is a very big contribution to the decongestion of correctional centres and the upholding of the rights of inmates,” the minister said.

Mr Kampyongo said the move will also ease the lives of inmates who are yet to serve their various prison terms.

“We are confident that the pardoned persons have been rehabilitated and are ready for reintegration in society. Successful reintegration of former inmates, however, largely depends on the support of members of the community.

“We therefore appeal to members of the public not to discriminate against former inmates but to embrace them and help them find their feet as law abiding citizens,” Mr Kampyongo said.


    • These presidential pardons are gradually becoming a “political ambulance” meant to save and satisfy those in political circles.

    • So you are releasing dangerous criminals just to ease congestion in your filthy jails. Kaponyongo is a joker!

    • So Edgar only pardoned the mere 400 prisoners just to decongest prisons?
      Some ministers is an insult to civil society.

    • And these criminals will be jobless, and looking for sex after a long time od starvation…all those with daughters must be aware of potential rapists, criminals and gangs

    • All those pardoned are PF sympathisers.

      Has Mwaliteta and other UPND poliyical prisoners been pardoned? Big No.

      Lungu s strategy is to create room for more UPND supporters to be locked up. All those released are on strict orders to support Lungu otherwise they will be returned to jail.

  1. O ho! uko, efforts to cleanse illegitimacy it wan’t wash away. A cashed fogged cheque remains a crime, even the good deeds proceeds from it. Its source! – ILLEGITIMATE.

    • Who should tell the nation the selection criteria? I am assuming you are not so plant to put such a lame question to the Head of State.

    • 1. Substantial portion of setence served.
      2.Terminally ill.
      3. Good behaviour
      4.Rich criminals
      5.recommendation from the corrupt commissioner of prisons.
      Now go hang or join your is hh and mwaliteta

  2. The Prisons system recommends to so called committee of mercy made up of priests,pastors,and other credible citizens who recommend to HE..ecl just signs on the appropriate govt form…a couple of years back the commissioner took $$$ from criminals to include their own in the list… for your is HH. It must first learn lesson 1. The hard way.

  3. No amount of political bankrupt gymnastics will hide the fact lungu is a budding dictator hell bent on suppressing democratic freedoms…..

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