Copperbelt rocks to the rhythm of Vodafone JUMP music

Thousands of music-loving revelers sing along to Chef 187’s hit songs at the JUMP Music launch.

Chef 187, Magg44 and Cleo Ice Queen wow Kitwe party-goers at launch of online music streaming and distribution platform.

Kitwe came to a near-standstill on Friday (May 26) when thousands of music-loving revellers showed up at the launch of Vodafone JUMP’s music portal, which serves as a free distribution channel for up-and-coming musicians.

The spirited event, which was held at the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP), showcased an entertainment platform that displayed such top acts as the renowned musical maestros Chef 187, Magg44 and Cleo Ice Queen.

In the weeks leading up to the launch of JUMP Music, a competition was created with the aim to find the most outstanding unsigned solo recording artists in Zambia from different genres of music, such as Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae. Through a series of online auditions, a group of four finalists were selected by a panel of judges who included Magg44, Chef 187, Cleo Ice Queen and Slap Dee.

JUMP Music Manager, Mutale Kapaso said, “Many young people have a raw talent in music which remains undiscovered especially when you consider the difficulty of penetrating the music industry without funds and support. As part of JUMPs objective of empowering & developing youths, JUMP music is a unique platform for discovering young talent, mentoring and giving them a platform to reach their target audience, thereby helping them launch into the industry.”

Vodafone JUMP Manager, Mutale Kapaso shares the vision of JUMP Music.

JUMP, which is a unique online social media platform with categories in education, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and entertainment, hosted the event and its representatives expressed their glee at the overwhelming success of the launch.

JUMP Music ambassador Cleo Ice Queen took to the stage and delivered a stellar performance
Part of the enthusiastic crowd at ZIBSIP
Esther Chungu
Rap maestro Chef 187 wows the enthusiastic crowd of 2,000.


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    I stopped attending Zambian music festivals long time ago. They are very poorly organised just like the illegal pf government. Now I travel to Europe for the big festivals such as party in the park and glastonbury in the UK.

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      At green wich you are upset because you are an economic refugee in UK and cannot cannot even afford to attend such festivals whereas as me I am based in Zambia but just fly there to do my shopping and enjoy myself.

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      I cannot get myself worked up over lies. You’re a dreamer!!! Where do you shop if I may ask? You actually fly? On an plane?

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      I fly but not on “an plane” I fly on an aeroplane. I have of course shopped at many different shops. Just depends on what one is looking for mune. For example tedbaker, a bit of Next, House of fraser and high end like gucci and armani. Just depends on what am looking for. But that is just trivial because these are jsut material things. I am more concerned with the plight of poor zambians like you who are forced into economic asylum

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      Tedbaker???? Oh dear. Not a location mentioned? Most Zambians who travel for shopping would never buy tedbaker. Trust me I don’t suffer here nor in zambia. I get the feeling you’re struggling in life? Your over zealous attacks on everyone and often trying to align yourself with influential people?

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      Zambians never cease to amaze me! Arguing who has the biggest todger and gonads.

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      So all this talk about Zambia but you cant give credit where its due. Not everything is about boma. The people you are getting so worked up about are going about their business. Development doesn’t all come from one source, and if you feel you can organise a better event then do so.

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    Ted baker? Yaba mudala you can’t afford even that ticket pa “aeroplane”. Its I do not suffer not here in England or in Zambia. I live a life you’d envy, but since I detect mid level education and penchant for fantasy I will continue to use this medium to educate you.

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    MeaNwhile our data bundles is disapearing… vodafone for sure, u sleep with 1gb u wakeup you have 700mb, WHAT!!!

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    Even me guys I don’t shop in Zambia stopped long time ago I fly to Rwanda where the president is serious. today capital city the best in Africa second in the world as if they have never experience civil wars shame to our leadership we need to change our altitude towards our country.

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