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Livingstone Investors under probe-Hamukale

Economy Livingstone Investors under probe-Hamukale

Southern Province Minister Edify Hamukale says his office is investigating reports of some investors in Livingstone paying workers below the minimum wage.


Dr. Hamukale says his office has received reports that some industries are allegedly paying workers as low as 400 Kwacha per month.


He says the minimum wage a worker falling under the general workers category can get is 700 Kwacha.

The Provincial Minister says while government wants to see as many industries as possible in the tourist capital, it also wants to ensure that workers are treated well.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hamukale says there is also need to protect farmers from being exploited by manufacturers offering low prices for farm produce.


  1. Who do you blame for such? Is it not the illegal government that has forced itself on people ? Because they are meant to regulate labour and ensure that workers are been paid according to statutory law. So to me this is a fail by the illegal PF government. They do not care as long as they get their inflated monthly salaries and benefits while a zambian worker is not even afforded a mere 700kwacha. Zambia is really in the hands of clowns.

  2. Munone , you are not realistic…. be mature . Kindly prove it rather than utter things that show you hate someone…..
    Even us who living in chibolya can think better than you…
    When a company pays its worker less than minimum wage , you blame the employer whom you see and an imaginary person like HH or ECL.
    Be real…………..
    Are you in Zambia or UK?
    If you are in UK, and sweeping street in Machester and paid low, could you blame Theresa May for your poor wage? Soni ni butu…

    • In developed countries such as USA, you can sue your employer for underpaying you, or even report them to the authorities. Is that the same in Zambia?

  3. Munone your thinking should not revolve on ECL or HH… Think beyond these mortal men…. We had people like Tentamashimba ,Alex shapi, Kamalondo, who were hero worshippers but where are they? Gone…
    Change your mindset, my Friend….
    Where is David Cameron? You are in UK and show your thinking like David Cameron or Tony Blair?

  4. Also investigate some bakeries in Choma there paying workers K500.00 no pay slips no NAPSA and PAYE contributions.

  5. Kwena we are trouble as a country mwandi. Unless something crops up with these under 5s, Zambia as a country will collapse

  6. General worker paid US$70 PER MONTH , DOES THIS include housing allowance , transport , entertainment allowance ? If not the ministry of labor needs to revise these wages because that falls even much below what i pay a prrrostitute for a shot. I normally pay us$800 for a shot on the annus

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