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SACCORD commence public meetings to protect ICC consultation outcome


Given Lubinda
Following the announcement by the Justice Minister Given Lubinda that Zambians had elected to remain part of the International Criminal Court, SACCORD and some selected partners last week commenced a series of public fora aimed at protecting the decision of citizens.

The meetings which started on Thursday last week are being supported by the World Federalist Movement (WFM) through the Coalition on the International Criminal Court (CICC).

The first Public Forum which was held at Protea Hotels in Lusaka featured the Executive Directors of Operation Young Vote (OYV) Guess Nyirenda and Media Institute for Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia Austin Kayanda who represented his director Hellen Mwale.

The discussions centered around the recent results released by the Ministry of Justice indicating that over 90% of Zambians prefer to remain in the ICC.

The discussions concluded that CSOs need to continue being pro-active in protecting the peoples decision as the final validated report is taken to cabinet and Parliament respectively.

They feather agreed that the media was critical in any democracy and that all Zambians must create an enabling media environment that will allow them to cover important matters such as those related to the ICC.

Recently Justice Minister Given Lubinda announced that Zambians through a consultative process which was conducted in 30 Districts across the country had chosen to remain or be part of the International Criminal Court.

African Heads Of State’s last seating were met with a contentous resolution of leaving the ICC to which most African Union members are part of. This was arrived as a resolution in part to the establishment of an African friendly court to deal with African matters.


  1. Just looking for allowances. We have said we remain in ICC so what consultative discussion for?

  2. The Government of the day is being deliberately misled by the Zambian intelligence also infamously known as the Office of the President (OP).
    Consequently, Zambia today has a misguided Foreign policy and a Domestic policy marred by Institutionalized Political Assassinations, Torture, impunity, Use of Children in Criminal Activities, Use of Instruments of Torture and Death / WMD, Undermining of Democracy, Gross Human Rights Violations, Reign of Terror and Fear, and perpetuated Repressive and oppressive culture.
    Zambia has had and continue having one of the worst Human Rights Track Record, largely due to OP’s Brutality. Innocent people have been and hitherto being tortured to death, with impunity, by the OP.
    Since its inception in the 1960s , the OP has been behind the downfall of the…

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