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There is a drop in levels of compliance by importers of used motor vehicles-ZABS

Economy There is a drop in levels of compliance by importers of used...

Zambia Bureau of Standards (ZABS) Head of Marketing and Public Relations Hazel Mafwenko Zulu has expressed worry about the drop in levels of compliance by importers of used motor vehicles to the Zambian Standard, ZS 560 for used motor vehicles in the month of April 2017.

In a statement today, Ms. Zulu noted that all used motor vehicles are supposed to undergo inspection, testing and certification for roadworthiness at the point of origin before they are shipped to avoid bringing in substandard motor vehicles in Zambia.

She disclosed that a number of used motor vehicles have entered the country without road worthiness certificates, particularly in the month of April 2017 which has increased as compared to the month of March 2017.

Ms. Zulu said in March ZABS through its roadworthiness agents inspected 1.028 motor vehicles of which 975 had roadworthiness certificates while 53 vehicles had no roadworthiness certificates and had to pay the statutory penalties while in the month of April ZABS inspected 1,005 used motor vehicles of which 524 had road worthiness certificates while 481 had no roadworthiness certificates and were charged the statutory penalty of 15% of the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF).

“It is against this background that ZABS would like to caution importers of used motor vehicles against bringing in vehicles that have not been inspected and certified roadworthy as such vehicles are a risk to the safety of road users”.

“Consumers or customers of such vehicles on the other hand, should also play a critical role by demanding for valid road worthiness certificates before they buy such vehicles”

“Let me emphasize that pre-shipment inspection of goods in general is a standard international practice which helps countries control the influx of sub-standard products from entering their markets”

“The greatest advantage of this practice is that the sub-standard products are detected at source and prevented from being shipped to importing countries” Ms. Zulu said

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  1. Mr Zulu all so informative, but what are you going to do about it?

    These lectures are nonsensical



  2. The Inspection fee is rather too high. Negotiate for a better inspection fee and you will see the difference. US $ 400.00 …. way too much

  3. MUSHOTA where is Glasgow university? I know of University of Glasgow? Who was your supervisor of PHD thesis?
    Don’t lie…. I have friends at Glasgow…..
    Ba aba Bemba ba bufi sana………

  4. US$400 is just too much for the inspection that is never done. I imported a car that passed the so-called JEVIC and it was rubbish – break downs all the way even after paying US$400 for inspection. I wasted my money. They also quoted a wrong engine number. Total rubbish and waste of money. JEVIC is just a reap off. I need my refund!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Please educate me, fellow bloggers. Is this inspections referring to vehicles from South Africa as well?

  6. Its a scum, The car I bought from some Guy in matero had 3 engine numbers, Imported from RSA 4 years ago.

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