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Pay back CEEC loans – Dr Mutukwa

Economy Pay back CEEC loans – Dr Mutukwa

Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) Board Chairperson Kasuka Mutukwa has called on the beneficiaries who have acquired loans from the commission to pay back the money.

Dr Mutukwa says it is sad that while government was encouraging initiative by organizations such as CEEC to give out loans, it was sad that most of the beneficiaries are not paying back loans.

ZANIS reports that the CEEC chairperson said this when he paid a courtesy call on Mambwe district
Commissioner Caroline Mwanza, who was represented by District Works Supervisor, Mabvuto Zulu yesterday.

The Chairperson said Zambians should however take advantage of getting loans from CEEC whose interest rates stood at twelve percent.

Meanwhile, Dr Mutukwa noted that Mambwe district is among the three districts that were in the lead in projects accessing the funds from CEEC alongside Chipata and Petauke since its inception six years ago.

Dr Mutukwa also said the district is famous because of its rice production which is being processed locally through hammer mills procured using funds acquired from CEEC.

Accompanied by CEEC Commissioner Mercy Siame among others, Dr Mutukwa , toured several projects in Mambwe district .

Among these included the first ever Zambian owned Air Mafuta Aviation Services Limited (AMAS) at Mfuwe International Airport which supplies aviation fuel for both local and international planes.

Other projects toured include Mangani Banda, Ndembe, Minemac and Lillli Rice projects, some of whom have already paid back.

And AMAS Managing Director Eliya Zulu disclosed that his company acquired K1,015,734.00 from CEEC in 2011 and has since paid back.

Mr. Zulu who has a workforce of five people is intending to spread his business to Chipata and intends to apply for over K2 million from CEEC to fund the project which requires a total sum of K2, 862,860.

The commission was on a three day tour of some projects funded by CEEC in three districts, namely Mambwe, Chipata and Petauke.


  1. Has Mwanakawte the minister of commerce paid the loan she got from there? If not no one should pay back

  2. If these loans are not paid back, this only proves you, Kasuka Mutukwa, have FAILED TO DO YOUR JOB and should be FIRED FORTHWITH!

    There is a thing called “due diligence” that should be conducted before handing out public money like sweets!

    Just another way of doing corruption like the presidential empowerment fund!

    Besides being fired, you should be JAILED for corruption too! But then we all know the ACC is toothless and controlled by Lungu!

  3. Problem at times is corruption in the way money is given out. Some of the viable projects are not funded over poor ones due to corruption in the awarding processes. Unless this us sorted out some beneficiaries will always fail to pay back.

  4. How can Zulu talk of borrowing again. Is he the only one to benefit from these loans? After the first loan he should now build on that to expand and give chance to others to access the funds too. But knowing how this organisation operate, they may just give him again. All because of corruption. We all need to access these funds.

    • He has paid back the loan he got meaning he is a viable entrepreneur so there is nothing wrong for him to apply for another loan. The success of the progarmme is not by how many have got the loans but how many have put the loan to good use. Dont cry foul all the time. Just put up a bankable project and dont always think that you can only get something unless you know somebody. That is very wrong mind set. Learn something from the Zambia U20.

  5. You will not get this money you *****ss, when they tell you that corruption bleeds corruption you thought that they were joking, you corruptly stole our business plans and gave them to your relatives who had no idea on the business you stole from us, now that they have failed to perform and pay back the money, you are crying out loudly. Are you sure if you had given the money to us the originators of the business plan you would be crying out the same way? Corrupt monkeys and stupid *****ss.

  6. Chakolwa Kadansa Kamwendo and the entire pf thieves should pay back the money he has been stealing from poor Zambians…

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