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PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri advised to stop attacking Mrs Mutinta Hichilema

Headlines PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri advised to stop attacking Mrs Mutinta...

PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,
PF Deputy GS Mumbi Phiri,

United Party for National Development (UPND) Lusaka Province Chairlady Rosa Zulu has said Mumbi Phiri’s attempts to curtail UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s wife from speaking against the incarceration of her husband is ill-intended and out of line.

In a statement unveiled to the media yesterday, Ms. Zulu said Mumbi Phiri has no legal or moral right whatsoever to advise Mrs Hichilema not to speak against the ills her husband and her family have been subjected to by the allegedly PF led Government.

Ms. Zulu expressed worry that Mrs Mutinta Hichilema is a victim and instead of being supported, another woman who is also PF Deputy Secretary General decides to hold a Press Conference to attack Mrs Hichilema.

Mumbi Phiri even had the audacity to hold a press briefing to attack a selfless and innocent woman, Mrs Hichilema

She noted that it will be imprudent for Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Secretary General (DSG) Mumbi Phiri to expect Mrs. Hichilema to be silent after the heavily armed police without a warrant invaded her home, broke her gate, damaged her house, stole from her house, tortured her workers, teargased her, the son and the husband.

“Mumbi Phiri even had the audacity to hold a press briefing to attack a selfless and innocent woman, Mrs Hichilema. It’s a well-known fact that Mutinta Hichilema has always shied away from the public life”

“She is a very private person who rarely speaks or appears in the public domain. Her recent statements have been necessitated by the manner in which police misconducted themselves during the raid at her house”

“Zambian need to be weary of the likes of Mumbi Phiri. By attacking and calling Mrs Hichilema a liar is going out of the political realm and is bordering on personal hate”

“My advice to Mumbi Phiri is to keep her hands off Mrs Hichilema. She is a dignified and respectable woman whose privacy has been invaded. She is currently going through a turbulent time and instead of giving her emotional support she decides to kick her when she is down” Ms. Zulu said


    • Does this deserve to be news?

      This woman talks alot, but when she is talking about HH its total sense and truth.

      So maybe its news

    • We men, why is Mumbi Phiri still married? I can’t sleep with such an insulting woman.
      When why Inonge and Jean Kapata has let down Mumbi to be such a jealous hateful woman?

    • Well, it’s not a secret that Mumbi is a lunatic. I wonder why anybody even pays attention to what comes out of her mouth.

    • If all say Zambian women were united in striving for causes which place them in better standing with national governance most positions would have been occupied by women leadership! Women are their worst enemies and once given peanuts by the male dominated leadership the few who thus get privileged lose it and devote to working against all that would uplift women folk! Pitiful!

      LT kindly Categorise this article as GOSSIP! No farther comment. It’s purely gossip brought out in public.

    • Mumbi Phiri is a disgrace to her husband, family and women. Please can Mr. Phiri divorce her quickly so that she can become Mrs. Mumbi Franck Bwalya.

  1. Quite the contrary, Mumbi Phiri was right by saying upnd should not have paraded those poor old women and drunk youths during their protests, why didn’t the prominent people of the party (including hh’s wife herself) be in the forefront of that primitive act??? Why didn’t Gary Nkhombo and Mutale Nalumango lead by example??

  2. Mumbi Phiri behaves as if she wont have any problem in her life…. She insulted GBM and accused Mr Kaseba Sata and Mulenga Son to have killed Late President Sata….
    Bwane , ba mayo Mumbi Phiri needs to examine herself… Politics is beyond personal life…. She wont be Deputy SG for life or be in power till her death… One day she will lose a relatives , or get sick herself… We shall empathize with her…. That is the normal way of life…. Only her mouth has a problem….
    Her uncle Dr Never Mumba is empathizing with HH family…..
    Please Madam Mumbi be mature, and act as anoble woman married to a noble woman… I know your husband. He is a noble man very dignified… engineer by profession…. Hope it rings a bell

  3. Correction
    Please Madam Mumbi be mature, and act as anoble woman married to a noble man… I know your husband. He is a noble man very dignified… engineer by profession.

    Hope it rings a bell

  4. Mrs Mumbi Phiri’s husband is a very good man. He is a hard working, well trained aircraft engineer. His expertise in aircraft maintenance is almost unequalled with regard to all Roan Air aircrafts. He is a very approachable gentleman, quiet spoken, and full of respect for everyone. I never heard him raise his voice on anything disturbing. He is the extreme opposite of MRS Mumbi Phiri. I am really worried as to whether what she presents to the public is what she subjects her husband to in their home. Or does she have a split personality?

    • Mrs. Mumbi Phiri brings to mind the picture of Madam Grace Mugabe. One can only hope that her well-spoken husband is safe in some enclave, somewhere.

  5. After watching The stream on aljazeera yesterday and today’s repeat, i could tell that amos doesn’t even understand what is treasonous.

    • Mwenze kunvela chi potugwizi baba not chizungu, you should also watch that documentary on aljazeera on boko haram, find out how the Nigerian government mishandled and turned a once small religious grouping headed by a dove hearted Yusuf into the ruthless boko haram we know today, after he was arrested and brutally killed.

  6. And this stupidity of referring to people one is not related to as ‘my sister,’ or ‘my brother,’ must stop. Kuti neshilu ati, ‘my sister.’

  7. There is something seriously wrong with Mumbi Phiri. I was shocked to learn that she is actually a sister to Prof. Nkandu Luo. (Munda ni muchabu for real). In our culture as Africans, when someone is mourning, they can say anything (ichimbo chamalilo or Kuyabila), and none of us is to question them. otherwise you will be said to be the one who has bewitched the deceased.

  8. Zambian citizen i must be reading the wtong blog….where does this refer to naked women and drunks . Just deflection on your part because you have nothing intelligeny to add to defend the MOUTH. Juliaf admirable on your part to try and defend the indefensible.
    However this ” lady” , madame phiri,put bluntly has no class

  9. I know a lot of Mumbi Phiri but out of respect of a noble man her husband. I restrain myself to tell her off. I value my friend’s marriage and normally counsel him to stay away from his wife’s wild adventures.
    He is a noble man and her children are at peace with the father. Mumbi Phiri has a very terrible weakness and her mouth is wavy and non stop….
    she fears me and she know how much I helped her in her marriage…

  10. If Mumbi Phiri claims Mutinta Hichilema lied, can Mumbi Phiri avail the evidence to the contrary. The onus is on Mumbi to prove that it is not her lying. If she fails to provide the evidence, then we know

  11. Whatever comes in the public domain,be prepared that people will comment on it,whether negative or positive.Whether shy or not,once your statement is in the domain,be lest assured that comments are coming.More so if it has political connotations,indirectly or directly.When Mrs HH talked of Zambia on fire,she invited the onslaught.When UPND let other people’s women to protest in nakedness for a cause of someone’s husband,I remain to wonder why the owner was not anywhere near the protest.Is it another case of using gullible people,to achieve own motives?

  12. Amandapalmer as much as u may respect her noble husband, respect yourself or you will be judged by the company you keep. She cannot be counseled. She is pompous for no reason. An insecure person with.limited education who compensates by her verbosity. In reality she is a nothing without her aligning herself with similar individuals..
    Nobody can feel sorry for ner husband, he has chosen his path

  13. Madam Mumbi Phiri, though I know her not, seems to me that she lacks a head and a heart. As to what it is that she has, I have not the slightest clue.

  14. Madam Mumbi Phiri appears to have neither a chest nor a scalp. How any man ma be able to put up with that, is a mystery to me.

  15. We had Dora Siliti Siliya in the Corrupt MMD. She seems to have learnt something from the MCS PF defeat.
    Mumbi Uziless Phiri see you 2021

  16. This is exactly the problem with Zambian politics, it is very uncivil! Zambians have institutionalized abuse and insults, and just plain bad behavior in their leaders. If our society was more united, such utterances would be condemned from all quarters. But unfortunately, Zambia is a country in decline, in all spheres. The parallels to Mr. Trump’s America are uncanny. Inflammatory language, police brutality, lack of civility etc. The only good thing about America is that they still have an independent Judiciary whereas in Zambia, EVERYTHING is under the president and the ruling party!

  17. Timely reminder and friendly advice to Madam Rosa Zulu. When former Presidents Dr. Kaunda. Mr. Sata and Mr. Rupiah Banda were under incarceration by Chiluba’s regime for no offence committed against the Government, the wives of these former Presidents NEVER rushed to the Press to castigate the incumbent President. The Ladies steered clear of the political landscape and thus did not attract the wrath or outrage of the politicians from MMD. Mrs. Mutinta Hilchilema should herself STOP making uncouth statements to local and international media if she is to be spared and may be later gain the sympathy of politicians in the governing party. As for my sister, Rosa Zulu, you will soon appreciate that “WAKO-NI-WAKO” is NOT an empty slogan, and HH’s money will not sustain the welfare of your…

  18. Ba Rosa Zulu, try to experiment by venturing into Choma, Dundumwezi or Monze and greet them in Ngoni or Nsenga. Then the results of your ethnic experiment will make you wiser. HH’s money will not sustain the welfare of your children. This advice is coming from a soul that has traveled extensively in Southern Province. Mama Zulu consult your family and Review your stance rationally.

  19. Did you know that when Mumbi Phiri was an MP, she had a physical fight with a fellow MP Elizabeth Molobeka at parliament. Those are the levels we are dealing with….

  20. Naimwe ba UPNDonkeys, dont just hiho hiho from without, leave Mumbi Phiri she is doingvwhat politicians do.. The issue here is that by her senseless hiho hiho Mutinta has put herself in the political limelight. It is therefore right and proper that a fellow politician will respond to Mutinta’s clearly political rantings. No one ever attacked or insulted Mutinta when she was a respectable housewife Mrs Hichilema. But now Mutinta is an underfive politician like HH so politicians will respond to her. If she does not want that let her shut her beak and politicians will also forget about her. If she wants to join her husband in that correction room, she knows what to do, go and block Eagle One.

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