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Waste management has potential to grow economy – Malupenga

Economy Waste management has potential to grow economy – Malupenga

Amos Malupenga
Amos Malupenga
Government says the waste management sector has potential to contribute to the growth of the economy.

Local Government Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga is therefore urging stakeholders in the waste management industry to take it upon themselves to become champions of the necessary paradigm shift that no longer views waste as merely a by-product of society’s economic and social activities to be dealt with by government, but rather as something from which both the private and public sectors can derive economic opportunities.

Speaking when he officiated at a symposium aimed at discussing issues around waste management based on a study on waste management with a focus on decent green jobs creation in six cities namely: Lusaka, Livingstone, Chipata, Ndola, Kitwe and Solwezi, dubbed turning Zambia’s Trash Talk into public Private Business and Employment Opportunities, Mr. Malupenga reiterated government’s commitment to transforming waste into a resource that is aimed at improving the economy.

Mr. Malupenga says fostering sustainable development and reducing people’s vulnerability from the risk of climate change, natural and man-made disasters and environmental degradation are key pillars under the framework of the sixth national development plan.

He has also observed that solid waste management is a growing challenge for city authorities in several developing countries.

And speaking at the same event, Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) Director General John Msimuko says the changing human consumption patterns and economic activities are contributing to the generation of various types of waste that require sustainable management.

Mr. Msimuko says waste has been recognized and utilized as a resource and has resulted in significant employment creation.

He says ZEMA remains committed to providing regulatory guidance in waste management in the country.

And speaking earlier, International Labour Organization ILO Country Director for Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, Alexio Musindo says about 16 million Zambians and 7 billion people in the world produce waste every day.

Mr. Musindo says it is however sad to note that very few people know how much waste they produce, what happens to the waste, how it is collected and where it is dumped.

He says the amount of waste generated by humans globally will more than triple from 1.3 billion tons today to 4 billion tons by 2100.

And speaking at the same event, Finnish Ambassador to Zambia Timo Olkkonen says the public can benefit from the waste that is being pilled everywhere.

Mr. Olkkonen says there is need for Zambia to lead the way to carbon-neutral circular economy where materials are not destroyed at the end of their useful life, but are used to make new products

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  1. We have alot of ways to diversify our economy.

    Waste management has potential to even provide power for the country and reduce the pressure on Zesco and all the squabbles around kariba dam.

    UPND must be bringing such ideas, not insults

    • PF cheap talk without actions is free.

      Ask Lungu & PF that~
      ~What happened to the Mulungushi textile of which visionless Lungu recently & officially opened?
      ~Where are the 500,000 jobs?
      ~Where are 13,000 & 3000 respectably permanent jobs for Kavindele’s North Western rail line which as per PF illusions, the construction which apparently started in January & why is DeadNBC or Daily nonsense not reporting about it?
      ~How much is mealie meal which is precious to Zambians like water today?

      The Skeleton Key

      The Skeleton Key

  2. The talk of waste management is beyond politics… Serious men see big business in waste. No UPND or PF in this business. I passed the Chuunga Dumpsite, the place is something else.
    Consider the way we dispose our waste…. Let there be education among ourselves… every home should have separate bins for plastics, papers, bottles , food leftovers etc and sell these wastes to recycling companies .
    I know of a recycling factory run by a Chinese woman. It is located near Buseko market and Bata factory.. The factory makes 50 kg bags where most farmers buys for their produce. I am the customer.

    • @amandapalmer. you correct. However, waste materials separations at domestic level should be guided by sufficient policy combined with adequate implementation. We have one but deficient of your good idea. If you went to the office of this PS you will quickly observe that his basket bin is a cocktail of waste materials ranging from remains of fast foods to empty coke cans. So then if we develop a good policy on waste management, waste separation will begin from his office and our homes, and only then can we make good gains in the said area.

  3. Am I Behind In Development Or Wat?
    When Did Solwezi Became A City? I Know We Have Five Cities In Zambia, These Are Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, L/stone And Chipata.
    But You Are Now Having Good Ideas. Its Not Only About Solid Waste. You Can Further Think Of Producing Electricity From Sewage Kaili..

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