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Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo denies owning 17 plots in Ndola

Headlines Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo denies owning 17 plots in Ndola

Coppperbelt Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo speaking at the Copperbelt Consultative meeting
File:Coppperbelt Minister Hon. Bowman Lusambo speaking at the Copperbelt Consultative meeting

Copperbelt province Minister Bowman Lusambo has refuted claims that he owns 17 plots in Ndola. Mr. Lusambo has since appealed to the people spreading such information to report him to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for the commission to take legal action.

Responding to some telephone calls when he featured on Ndola based SUN FM radio program this week, the minister said that if it is true that he owns the said plots he is ready to resign as Copperbelt minister and Kabushi Member of Parliament.

The minister stated that after the investigations are conducted and the allegations are proved to be true he is ready to resign from his duties because he will not be fit to serve the Zambian people.

“I want to challenge those people who are spreading such information to go and report this issue to ACC and to the Police commissioner and if these allegations come out to be true I am ready to resign as Copperbelt minister and as Kabushi Member of Parliament,” he said.

Mr. Lusambo has urged people who are in the habit of spreading false information without evidence to desist from doing so because they are alarming the nation. The minister has also challenged the Ndola City Council to ensure that illegal land allocations are dealt with.

Mr. Lusambo added that whenever there are illegal land allocation issues in the province it’s always Ndola City Council who are involved. He further said as the provincial Minister he always gets embarrassed that Ndola City Council is always mentioned in illegal land allocation adding that as if it’s the only council in the province.

Mr. Lusambo further stated that the province has 10 Councils and out of these NCC is the one which is active in terms of illegal land allocations. He has since challenged the Ndola City Council Mayor and the Town Clark to be on top of these issues and make sure that they bring sanity at the council.

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  1. There’s no smoke without fire bakalamba. You’re a trainee of Rupiah Banda’s corruption. Just give back what you’ve accrued corruptly. Clean your hands.

    • indeed their is no smoke without fire.he thinks his neighbours are happy with what they are seeing.corrupt your neighbours since we know that this government is full of criminals…

    • Someone needs to pump iron or copper through Lusambo’s jaws up the head

    • Why not DR Lusambo, I thank that was more fraudulent than the 7 plots.
      A liar could use round numbers like 5 or 10. But 7, sounds real.

    • I just thank the Qualifications people for clarifying this issue now he is just being referred to as Mr. Lusambo and not that misleading Dr. Lusambo nonsense

    • This Bowman was a stone throwing kaponya for hire…let him resign and see where he will go with his Diploma Certificate!!

    • Bowman Lusambo, the thick headed pr.ik! You have to resign now so that we can do the investigations. Remember that Chishimba Kambwili was fired to pave way for investigations. This is exactly what should happen to you corrupt and evil thug – why should it be done differently to you?

    • I cannot even begin to tell you just how difficult it is to get a plot in Zambia, because of so much corruption. It’s absolutely disgusting. No one threatens these th1eves with jail time, and that’s why they keep selling land corruptly. Decent Zambians who need a plot, especially those outside the country, suffer as a result. Until someone patriotic enough to begins to send some of these corrupt officials to prison, nothing will change.

    • Abuse of office, of-course these plots are in his relatives names yet belong to him. PF leaders are such a shame, worse than Chiluba regime.

  2. Shouting on mountain tops will not save you. The very people you are castigating everyday are the ones who will bring you down. How come they know the exact number of plots that you have dubiously acquired? They very people that gave you those plots have decided to come in the open and shame you. Police and ACC move in now before they they destroy the evidence.

  3. Talking about illegal allocation of land in Ndola and every where else in Zambia , I also want to appeal the government to give poor people enough time to develop their plots , knowing pretty well that some of us are just fruit and vegetable Street hawkers and can’t afford to generate enough money to fully finish developing a plot within council stipulated time frame.even government take years to finish many building projects. Our appeal to the provincial minister and the president himself is that council stop immediately to take away plots from poor people in Ndola which are not developed fully.

  4. Give a black man power and he immediately starts to enact the stereotypes expounded by PW Botha in 1985

  5. The dishonorable minister will only resign if the plots are exactly 17. I have got a feeling that he has more than 17 so the condition to resign wont hold.

    Even if he was found with the 17 plots, this issue wouldnt go anywhere. Dishonorable Masumba was found with a case of forging a certificate but he still found honour with his bosses and continue masquerading as a honorable. This is Africa. The higher ideals of humanity are not embodied in Homo Africanus but only exist on paper. They are too abstract for the African psyche. Ethics dont exist. Morals dont exist. Hypocrisy, corruption and greed are the creed to live by.

  6. There proper avenues where corruption can be reported and that is the ACC.It is naivety of the worst kind to crucify people through the media like The Post used to do.If corrupt elements are in public,let them be reported to rightful institutions other than facebook and twitter.Here the minister is right.Cowards rush to media with unsubstantiated claims while bold people go and open dockets at police station and prove the allegations.

    • How many of these thieves has the ACC prosecuted and convicted????


      Like the Police, the Courts, the public media, the ACC is only used by Lungu and his gang of PF thieves to harass and keep quiet dissent!

    • Please tell us how many politicans have successfully prosecuted by ACC…we only see small fish like clerks, middle level officers.

  7. Do not discourage hard working government officials.Even if he has 17,the fact is it is an offence and if he notices that there are some copying from him he should discourage them. You can have a girl friend but surely you will not encuorage your son to do the same because you know the consequences. Honourable even if you 117 plots do not encourage them to do the same. In Ndola you are the father. Do what is right for Zambia. Your case will come later!!! why do you want always to be equal to your leaders? Get into politics you will see how insults are thrown at you and your family and you want to have the same number of plots …NIKUSOBELA UKO!!!.

    • Leaders are our servants. Why is it that the public servants are the richest in Africa? Because of people like you – your thinking is warped

    • @ SADDENED…You sir, do not know what you’re talking about. This is the same disgusting passivity of Africans that people around the world constantly laugh at and condemn. To you it’s okay for a public servant to steal from the Zambians because of his public office? What kind of stup1d 1gnorant thinking is that? No wonder foreigners keep coming to Africa to stea1, pillage, rape and plunder our continent’s resources — it’s because of people like you and your ignorant views. Shame on you.

  8. We know ACC can not do anything…why can he tell people to check the land registra and search for his name or his wife’s name.
    I get all these PF empty tins offering me land and i have told them point blank that i do not want to part of this cancerous disease called corruption. I politely tell them to stick it where…

  9. You obviously have not heard of the stinking Chingola South Scandal. The Mopani vs Residents Saga near the Chingola Rd cemetery in Kitwe. Check your facts bowl man.

    And you have the audacity to say ”…that Ndola City Council is always mentioned in illegal land allocation adding that as if it’s the only council in the province.”

    What crap. So you expect all councils to be corrupt, te?

  10. Bread of wickedness do not last .If you get to the top through crookedness , you sins will found you out. Wealth acquired in a righteous bring less worry to the labourer. The wicked are restless because of ill gotten wealth.
    You talk too much during 2016 elections . I hope you did not sin against your opponents and GOD. If you sinned, then your sins are following you.

  11. There you are, we have a toothless and stinking corrupt ACC. Should they still be on GRZ payroll?
    If there is any iota of credibility left in them I expect them to show the people that they are worthy of the tax payers money they receive.

  12. Why is president Lungu not firing Mr Bowan Lusambo on allegation of abuse of office. Kambwili was fired on allegations, what is special about Lusambo? Show leadership Mr President fairness will prove you are a leader who is not shielding corruption. Kambwili is not proved of any of those political motivated allegations. Fire the so called Dr without sitting in class- Lusambo.

  13. Whenever there serious accusations towards an official,he/she is quick to point at investigative institutions to investigate and call for drastic measures if found wanting. But the same official knows well that those investigations will never take place so long as he holds office. Just another circus.

  14. Ba Lusambo Boman why are you refusing you got K300,000 from MEI MEI to allow him to build in the road that car wash and you want to show pipo that you are clever, you are using deputy mayor Kasaba to get businesses from companies without shame.Right now deputy mayor has a contract with Kafubu water and you corrupted some councillors 13 in number to vote against impeachment of deputy mayor at your home. You were giving them K 2000.00 each so that they vote for your thief Kasaba. You removed George Chilumba from legal department to put Kadewere so that you have access to plots. You have give your sisters 8 plots and names are here at the council in Dola hill. Dont show pipo that you are clever

  15. You are jelous of BA minister wesu mulekeni ateke bane BOMAN FOR LIFE. He is hard working minister on the COPPERBELT. Boman Lusambo long live.


  17. The MMD die hard Lusambo should stand aside as Minister in order to allow an investigation so that he is cleared by ACC or it’s a futile exercise

  18. If people resigned like that, there would be no one working. If I want you out I just accuse of a wrong, you resign they investigate , find nothing I go back to work I accuse another he resigns iwe…..

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