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I’ll not sit idle and watch the council demolish 800 houses-Kabwe MP

General News I'll not sit idle and watch the council demolish 800 houses-Kabwe...

Kabwe central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube (left in cape ) inspecting road works which he has started grading using his personal money in Kalonga ward covering a stretch of 75 kilometers in Kabwe
Kabwe central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube (left ) inspecting road works which he has started grading using his personal money in Kalonga ward covering a stretch of 75 kilometers in Kabwe
KABWE member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube says he will not sit idle and watch the council demolish 800 houses.

Mr Ngulube who has come under fire for some PF party officials for asking them to pack calls on 2021 general elections says government and the Party should be focusing on improving the lives of the people as they promised during campaign as opposed to looking at general elections due 2021.

Mr Ngulube says he is still deeply rooted in the PF but merely wants to help the party deliver its promises so that President Edgar Lungu receives accolade after his completion of his five year tenure.

Mr Ngulube has cited the demolition of 800 houses in Kabwes David Ramusho ward as one of the negative moves that may not only cost the PF in Central province but the presidency.

He says the demolition of more than 800 houses especially from a ward that gave the Patriotic Front the most votes in Kabwe is not fair to the residents and a negative move for the party.

“The Maganda Nyama ward has been in existence since 1994 and mostly houses former ZCCM employees, it is very unfair that we come and demolish their houses now to make way for a multi facility economic zone without at least relocating them, or compensating them,” he said.

“Actually we have other places we can put the economic zone, we do not need to demolish these houses of people who voted for us.”

He observed that his position maybe misunderstood but maintained that all he wanted was to do the right thing; which is service to the people who voted for him.

He said Maganda Nyama yesterday was at the brink of serious riots and he did not want to see his town come to this.

Ngulube added that he has no intention to break away from PF or go against the President.

“Quite the contrary I want to see my President deliver, and we are his soldiers, I want to make the electorates happy on behalf of my President, that’s why am saying let’s do away with the 2021 talk, moreover we have a pending court process instead let’s focus on issues such as the happenings in Maganda Nyama,” Mr Ngulube said.

“We can not displace 800 households, that is not what the PF manifesto entails. The PF puts the people first.”

A demolition order by the Kabwe council has been issued to demolition David Ramusho ward to make way to set up a Multi Facility Economic Zone. The ward is home to Maganda Nyama compound which houses over 800 households.


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    About 14,000 houses in and around Chitungwiza are facing demolition …


    • This boy is a hypocrite isn’t he the one who fought for the restoration of mazhaandu bus licence? He claims to be a senior member of the party and a professional what a load of bullsh!t.
      Now he claims to be fighting for people does he know how many people have died in mazhaandu buses?

    • “Kabwe central member of parliament Tutwa Ngulube in photo inspecting road works which he has started grading using his personal money in Kalonga ward covering a stretch of 75 kilometers in Kabwe.”
      If an MP is using his own money then why is he in Parliament? Zambians need to wake up from their docility for once.

    • @Jay Jay – I actually support the MP using initiative to improve his constituency. Waiting for government to do it all will not work especially a broke government. If there are jobs where the MP can raise money and do the work, then let him/her do so. After all, all these people campaigned on improving the lives of constituents, its tim dot deliver.

    • @MyZambia:
      I support you entirely – Tutwa is doing the right thing by using his personal resources to help his constituency! Jay Jay has lost his brains and sense of direction because I don’t see anything to suggest that Zambians are docile if their MP is using personal (NOT public) resources for their benefit! Only a very stu.pid and mad person can criticise Tutwa on this one. Let us leave that mad sleeping dog lie!


  3. When you are holding four aces, you talk sense. Tutwa was the main architect of Lungu’s sham elections. He knows what happened in the dead night errands to some fake Judge to sign some fake documents. Lungu will not touch Tutwa.

  4. Politics aside, Tutwa is right on this one. There is plenty of idle land in Kabwe, so why not take that st.upid economic zone somewhere else where there are no people settled! You want land which has residents and to displace them – so how more stu.pid will Kabwe city council be? Mat.uvi, Mazy.u aabantu aya!

  5. “We can not displace 800 households, that is not what the PF manifesto entails. The PF puts the people first.”
    So what does the law of the land say? Where does this empty tin think Kabwe Council is getting this orders from…this is why we dont have clean cities anymore because we have these dull things interfering at every corner.

  6. tutwa i agree with u 100% on the presidential issue. The best thing we can do for now is to help Mr Lungu by telling him the truth that is on the ground, As members of the PF who are on the ground let’s tell Mr Lungu the level of unemployment, poverty, poor infrastructure in education, health, roads, markets, sanitation, and poor delevery service in local authorities. I know all the people endorsing Mr Lungu today they just want favoures from him. The question i want to ask all the people talking about the 2021 elections in which they re saying Mr Lungu will be the PF candidate. what has Mr Lungu done that Will make people who didn’t vote for Mr Lungu in last years elections to change their minds and vote for PF and Mr Lungu in 2021 elections

  7. What is going to be in the economic zone.. government is setting up economic zones around the country but what is going to be in them can antone elaborate. Why not setup one economic zone properly then advance to another.
    At the momentveverything is ad hoc, no planning. We are spreading our limited resources withoit consolidating first.
    How are the inhabitants, and in particular thise from the 800 housholds, of kabwe going to benefit from this zone.
    Are the chinese building this, we are making facilities nationwide for when eventually they, chinese, are the major beneficiaries. Look at the 51 chinese investors on kalulushi rd, creating a stealing generation of zambians to benefit themselves snd send profits back to CHINA

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