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President Lungu commends Zambia under-20 for gallant fight


Zambia Under 20
Zambia Under 20

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has commended the Zambia Under-20 Soccer team for putting up a gallant fight at the ongoing Under-20 FIFA World Cup in South Korea which saw them reach the quarter finals.

The President says although the Juniour Chipolopolo lost Monday’s quarter final encounter against Italy, played at Suwon World Cup stadium, they are still heroes because of their extraordinary enduring spirit and unity of purpose they exhibited throughout the tournament, which is a great inspiration to the entire nation.

The President has said the young team has taught the entire nation a myriad of lessons and particularly the importance of rising above self and embracing unity of purpose in every aspect.

President Lungu says the Juniour Chipolopolo has made the entire nation proud by putting Zambia on the World map and representing Africa very well hence the need for the entire nation to rally behind the team.

The President says the Under-20 should be nurtured into a formidable senior team because they have a bright future ahead of them.

“Well done boys. You have done us proud. There are moments like this when you have done everything to win but the fortunes just favour your opponent. I have hope that we are on course towards the creation of a formidable senior national team from this crop of young players.

“The genius of this young team lies in their extraordinary fighting spirit and unity of purpose. Their extraordinary enduring spirit is a great inspiration to the entire nation. We salute their achievements at the World Cup. On behalf of the Government and people of the Republic of Zambia, and indeed on my own behalf, l wish them the very best in future assignments,” said the President



  1. Now that the cocaine(football) has waned off, let’s be serious for once, electricity tarriffs, political persecutions, were is that dic who was saying sh*t about tongas not been part of the under 20,sh*t ooh f#*k you have been gnawed in your poop shot.

    • Nalelo bawina fipolopolo … congratulations!!! You made the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise proud!!!

      Great job

    • Zambia u 20 lost b’coz PF bandits politicised everything. Where is that PF sangoma Amata~siliva~who lied to PF cadres & visionless Lungu that Zambia was going to win 3 against Italy 1? Alas, Italy 3 & PF 2.

      In the nutshell, God loves everyone even Italy where most Catholics originate from as Christians. Bola Na Italy Ni win!
      The Skeleton Key

    • There’s a lot of wining in losing sometimes and you reached a milestone and made us all proud even if the cup didn’t get home this time around.

      Muli fipoloplo …. now it’s time look at what went wrong and make sure that doesn’t happen again.

      Great job once more!!! Proud of you

    • By the way,Visionless Lungu recently appended his signature to the AMENDED CONSTITUTION & NOT new one which states under article 35 of 1996 as amended that “notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this [amended] constitution or any other law a person who has twice been elected as president shall not be eligible for re~election to the office”. So blind Lungu is not eligible to stand in 2021 b’coz he has twice been president in 2015 & 2016~simple.
      If PF insists on Lungu as its president, so be it but the country’s constitution DOESN’T allow Changwa for a 3rd term period. How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Im sad we are out. I started loving Tongas because of Muchindu and now they have started making noise just hours after our loss.

    • @shooters i knew my comment will drag you out of your devilish tribal abyss, congratulations for recognizing muchindu, you forgot luchanga and the boy from North west nyondo, see how stupid you look now, anyway we won the afcon in 2012 as one nation.

    • We need to start asking questions as to why african countries never go past the Quarter finals in world cup competitions?. A forensic Audit has to be done. For all the years FIFA doesn’t allow Africans to reach the finals but the marjority of footballers in Europe are african.

    • @Divide & Rule why then were you complaining that there was no Tonga in u20 team when there was luchanga and nyondo? I didn’t know you are one of them man. I was shooting at random sorry for offending you.

  2. the country is peaceful, Zambians are idolizing football.

    I am happy they have lost and we don’t have noise!

    • No noise pollution today from br mumba and terrible , koooo discipline today, let them go take a tablet.

    • But let’s be honest. It was a very careless and annoying loss that can be squarely be blamed on the technical bench. Leading our opponents and eventually throwing it away has been our predictable pattern of doing things in this tournament, and it was very dull of the coaching team not to identify and rectify it as a serious weakness. Am not taking away from the fact that a 10-man Italy did well to emerge victorious, but am angry about the fact that we didn’t lose to a team remarkably Better than us…

    • @wanu you,your ancestors nor your offspring non of them was or will be a coach or footballer and make us(Zambians) proud like what this group did. so shuuuut up!!!!!!

    • @2.3 Government (incompetent one from the poor taste of your posting). It’s because of people like you that our country has remained backwards- failure to understand your shortcomings and correcting them. My anger stems from the pride and hope that this team has ignited in me, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get disappointed with them if they do less than we know they’re capable of. Am sorry for being the kind of parent who won’t accept 40% mark from my child, only because they got 80% in a previous exam. Nonsense!!!!

  3. You guys who are tribal inclined aren’t you ashamed of yourselves. Please when will your minds and hearts understand that we are one people. Our tribe is Zambian. Every tribe in Zambia just came here and no tribe must feel superior or have more rights in this nation. At any given time we will elect any leader be it from South, North, East, West or Central. Thats why Iam of the view that our NRCs should stop carrying names of our chiefs, villages and the like. A birth place and Nationality is enough. The other details can remain on the affidavits or application forms. Why should I identify myself with tribe and village when we say we are one zambia one nation.

    • We can identify people by their surnames. So even we make those suggested changes we can still know which tribe that person is. The solution is stop tribalism, erase it from people’s heads and minds. That starts from the top. Wako ni wako is a foolish statement. We hear towards every general election.

  4. Zambian team is full of talent but they are technically poor. We should have made tactical changes to the way we approached the game after Italy were one man down. The team continued playing in the same way even after we had one more man. We needed to push one midfielder to help Fashion Sakala in front. Winning football is scientific and adapt to different situations. You needed a coach who can analyse situations. This is the problem Africa has at senior world cup competition. The coach got it wrong. When Mwepu was injured, an attacking midfielder, we put Muchindu a defending midifielder, we never pushed another player forward. Italy used long balls because they realised our wing backs were shorter than them. It worked. Our temple was slow. We are allowing too many goals, we do not know…

  5. We have mbuzi on these forums. Instead of discussing the issue at hand. They are saying something else. Others are even discussing tribes. Very Mbuzi, useless like that guy who calls himself Mushota

  6. Truth be told. Luck was not with us. By the way, i feel a penalty should have been given to us after that red card. The referee was pointing to the spot. This issue of consulting is making the game of football boring and biased.

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