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Kambwili is the most undisciplined PF Senior Party Member- Kampyongo


Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Stephen Kampyongo stresses a point when he addressed staff at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria on 2nd February, 2017
Home Affairs Minister, Mr. Stephen Kampyongo

Patriotic Front PF National Youth and Security Chairperson Hon Stephen Kampyongo has charged that former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Roan MP Hon Chishimba Kambwili should be the last person to talk about discipline in the PF as he is the most undisciplined Member of the Party’s Central Committee.

Speaking in an interview with the media in Lusaka, the straight- talking PF National Youth Chairman who is also Minister of Home Affairs and Shiwang’andu Constituency Member of Parliament says contrary to his rantings, Chishimba Kambwili is the one who is undisciplined as he has been daring the party and its rules since he was shown the exit door from President Edgar Lungu’s Government barely months of his reappointment.

He says Chishimba Kambwili should remember how he was politically handled prior to the 2015 Presidential by-elections when he tried to challenge President Edgar Lungu for the Party Presidency and subsequent National General Elections against the will of the Majority PF members.

Mr Kampyongo has since urged Chishimba Kambwili to come out in the open and declare interest in the party presidency unlike having dark corner manoeuvres meant to destabilize the progress of the Patriotic Front because of his rantings, stating that no one in the PF has stopped him (Kambwili) from expressing himself in the way of becoming presidential candidate at the General Conference in 2020.

And Kampyongo has warned that the PF has not gone to sleep and will not allow detractors like Kambwili to succeed in destroying the party all for person satisfaction.

Meanwhile the Patriotic Front in Luapula Province says it will back the candidature of Republican President Edgar Lungu in the 2021 general elections.

Luapula Province Chairperson (PF) Nickson Chilangwa says the province will back President Lungu because of the rate at which development programs are being rolled out in the Province under his administration.

Mr Chilangwa, who is also provincial minister, has also described President Lungu as a transformational leader said the Head of State has managed to build on late President Michael Sata’s vision of taking development to all parts of the Country including areas where the Patriotic Front receives minimal votes.

He has further said that consistent with what the party stands for, President Lungu was not only taking development to different parts of the Country but was in the forefront uniting the nation beyond tribe and any other consideration.

The Luapula Provincial Chairperson has also called on senior members in the Party to lead by example if they are to inspire the ordinary members to uphold discipline. He says the Party must insist on discipline starting with the leadership down to the structures.

He appealed to Zambians across the Country to continue standing with the Patriotic Front Government affirming that while challenges and tough decisions would have to be made, these are designed to position Zambia as one of Africa’s top investment destinations.

This is according to a statement issue to media by Pf media Director Sunday Chanda in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. There is a power vacuum in UPND , Kambwili should consider defecting and take over GBM’s position since the presidency is reserved for Tongas. And you know Kambwili will be very welcome because apparently UPND fanatics know that they can’t rule Zambia without the help of a token Bemba…forgive me that didn’t work with GBM!

    • Why are these leaders finding it hard to concentrate on their core responsibilities? Is the Presidential debate necessary at all? Do our ministers understand their KPIs? How many spokespersons has the PF got? Those in govt must concentrate on govt work and leave party issues to be dealt with by the SG and his staff.

    • The title of most indisciplined belongs to none other than Vodiga Rungu, but since we are all beneficiaries of this indiscipline, no harm in Kambwili taking the heat as he is a threat to our benefits.

    • I have net several Zambian men dated a Tonga and a Bemba unfortunately and they are the most despicable useless people and I feel dirty I allowed my body to mix with them.

      That is indiscipline by me to have allowed that.

      Individually Zambian men are useless but as a group and collectively as a country I wholeheartedly respect them and will always love Zambians.

      I’m a PhD holder now and I m only 27



    • I dont know why Kambwili is always a topic.
      I dont support anyone who rises against him, he was the most hard working member in PF during campaign for both Sata and Lungu.
      PF must check themselves well, they are begining to irritate me – i know its UPND behind all this.

      For now keep HH in jail.

    • The day that the likes of Kambwili became president of Zambia, I will renounce my Zambian citizenship…what makes some of these lumpens think that they are presidential material?

    • @kabova: Zambian Leadership is about their mouth not deliverables / KPIs, it’s a shame that they all operate on Guess Guess than having a strategy. They don’t even understand the work KPI but Gossip and fights in the media is what they think they got elected for. We are in 2017 yet people are already talking about their leadership aspirations.
      Sign of selfishness and taking Zambians for granted. F should be voted out. They are not serious.

    • This is a good riddance to the effects of PF bandits fighting against each other.

      PF is now enjoying its violence & anarchy. Good, chop chop chop chop chop each other on your throats of mwamoneni.

      How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • The best you can do not speculate. They have not said anything like that. A mature person does not relish on rumors but facts which are proven and seen.

    • This is music to our ears in UPND-I can foresee Kabwili being barred from challenging Chagwa at the convention and consequently being expelled from the party for indiscipline. The fake lawyer is too weak to face competition…he will go for the easy way out, that is, sole candidature, by bringing out the pangas to chop off Kabwili if he dares coming anywhere nearby the convention premises!
      Once Kabwili is expelled, he will go for his own party as president and come up with the green team, and out goes on the tribalistic campaign war path in the hills of Kasama, Mpika, Mansa, Mbala, etc. Once this happens, there will be a massive vote split between the PF warring factions, in all the PF stronghoods. Meanwhile UPND strongholds will remain intact…I can foresee an easy victory to HH,…

      quote from @1.1: “Why are these leaders finding it hard to concentrate on their core responsibilities?”

  2. Why are these leaders finding it hard to concentrate on their core responsibilities? Is the Presidential debate necessary at all? Do our ministers understand their KPIs? How many spokespersons haa the PF got?

    • No Kampyongo, YOU ARE!

      Are you jealous that Kambwili has managed to steal more land for his Golf Course houses than you have stolen with your 17 plots?

  3. The presidential debate is an unnecessary distraction for now. It will just make PF unpopular. Let President Lungu show through his performance he deserves to go beyond 2021. Ambassadors and other senior public officers are being told today that the renewal of their contracts is going to be based on their performance. Why can we not say the same about President Lungu that he performs first before we can think of whether or not to renew his mandate?

  4. iwe ka kampyongo ka nu-de, don’t fu-ck around the big fish For for your own information. now what you shod consent-let on is making sure that you keep HH in jail longer please you big fu.!!!!

  5. Kambwili has divergent views, and you know due to immaturity, PF is not tolerant to divergent views. So Kambwili without committing any offence is being punished for a divergent view. And divergent views strengthen intra party democracy, but of course not in the dark continent of Africa

  6. Undisciplined is not a word. But it is okay since you only need a form five certificate to be elected as an MP and be given a ministerial job that you are assured of keeping if you bark loud enough like this Kapoli.

  7. Its amusing that in his message in which he tried to “nationalise” his birthday, U-5 now talks about fighting for freedom and civil liberties for all Zambians. Look here U-5 , everybody knows that you originally fought to be the President of Zambia first through the ballot and then through a dead “petition” and failed miserably in both ventures. Then you tried some st.up.dity and now you are locked up. You are now fighting for your own personal freedom baasa. How can you fight for the freedom and civil liberties of Zambians who are the freest peoole in the world? Civil liberties do not mean breaking the law or acting like a savage just released from the jungle, there are norms of accepted behaviour in any society. If you don’t learn that quickly U-5, you will be spending the rest of…

    • @Terrible,
      Don’t diverge from the topic at hand, you comment on your PF quarrelling – Internal PF power fights. Leave the man you are oppressing !!!!!. It’s visible that PF is oppressing its own people within your party. If you are fixing your own party members, how would you behave to opposition parties? If PF is serious about development and democracy, why are you fighting fires all over the place? Who is on defence?? PF !!!. Ask yourself WHY? On daily basis, we read about “warnings”, “Directives”, etc Why? Something must be wrong with PF. HH is just a victim of PF Power hungry, nothing else. There is no reasonable case, you are just persecuting him. Poor guy !!!

    • ..hhmmm, if you had defended Canicius Banda the way you are defending CK, upnd would be a democratic party. You worry about the stick in PF’s eye and fail to remove the log in upnd’s eye??? Canicius rightly called for a change in leadership as the current leadership had lost elections five times in a row, even to the newcomer from Chawama. What happened to him??? Who’s the poor guy now????

  8. ,……. If you don’t learn that quickly U-5, you will be spending the rest of your birthdays in correction centres. The good thing is that the vast majority of Zambians including your UPNDonkeys are going about their business and lives normally as if you U-5 did not exist. Anyway, see you next on 12th June. I hope you treason case can take off soon. Enjoy your birthday cake in correction.

  9. Who is ever disciplined in PF? Starting from the top guy to the bottom no one is ever disciplined. All are just swindlers and criminals.. And these Northrners and Westerners keep praising Lungu for “bringing development “. My question is; What development has Lungu brought? We don’t see it in other provinces. All we see are people wallowing in abject poverty with PF government not caring about the welfare of the citizens. PF is absolutely a failed government.

  10. Kampyongo should be reminded that this is not Katondo Street where he can do money changes. This thug Minister is now fighting with the Chinese Jerobes and helping Lungu to self destruct. Now the Lenders, Aid Donors, Investors are desserting Zambia with illegitimate Lungu govt in charge. They are now forced to release the Chinese Jerobes from Jail leaving a true son of Zambia rotting in Jail. HH is a husband, a father and one of the biggest investors and employer in Zambia. HH is innocent and there is no evidence to show that HH and his workers committed Treason. HH & GBM are law abiding Citizens that is why they Petitioned the 2016 Election Results as opposed to mobilising their supporters to go on the Streets to reclaim their stolen Election Victory. Release HH unconditionally, commit…

  11. I do not align myself to tribe but to intelligence. I have mixed with people from various tribes and found them interesting generally but yes some are indeed tribal as seen from above writings.

  12. Kampyongo is the most undisciplined junior pf cadre. His rantings about elsers and senior pf members are so annoying. Take it easy boy its time factor your exit door can open to you anytime as it did to CK. Its foolish to laugh and your colleague just because you are in office today.

  13. How can he be the most indiscliplined when he has been cleared by the commitee responsible for disclipline …really laughable statement from this former street currency dealer.

  14. UPNDonkeys leave PF squabbles to PF. Why don’t you concentrate on helping your under five boss how he is going to come out of his treason case & to change or may be to mature. As it is you have a big job to do of which you are not even supposed to poke your noses in other parties’ problems.

    • Hh has already spent 2 months in prison and trial has not started . Treason trial last from minimum 2years. And if he clocks 6months in jail then it will put a final nail to hus presidential ambition as the constitution will bar him from contesting. Byebye to politics under5.

  15. Why is Kambwili wasting his time on things that don’t suit him, who would surely vote for him to be President for Zambia? Kambwili and GBM are more or less the same, you guys are just disturbilising the image of Zambian politics. I personally don’t know how you even found yourselves on in those positions. Is it lack of people to vote for in some of these constituencies for such persons to image victorious in elections?
    I think Zambia needs to overhual candidate adoption system by scrutinisng and taking candidates for psychological and mental examinations and checking their backgrounds before standing in the election, then we come have reputable persons in our parliament. How in country like Zambia can you have GBM as the veep, running mate for that matter who automatically succeeds…

  16. Moya @12 “Release HH Unconditionally” Such demands are appalling. Who are you asking to carry out this Appalling demand? Its just as appalling as asking for the election petition to be heard after 10 months. Things don’t work out that way.Lets be serious with our demands.

  17. who automatically succeeds the Presidential seat in the event of the Presidents death, unacceptable. Someone after selling industries of the country steals the money, stirs the country into tribal tensions and aspires as presidential candidate? We’ve a lot of crap in our leadership. Nooo something needs to be done for Mother Zambia. Africa twasebana.

  18. Moya@12 If he is innocent the courts will set him free, who are you to demand his release. So in your opinion if you are a Father, husband, employer , investor etc you are immune to prosecution? If HH knew he was a Father, husband etc he should have behaved as such but alas he behaved like a 2 year old. Extremely childish and irresponsible. His action has never happened in Zambia and anywhere in the world. So ba Moya before you post anything rethink.

  19. Is there such a word as undisciplined? Lusaka Times I hope you quoted Kapolyo correctly so as to expose his level of grammar usage.

  20. African presidents are true typical “Tumwendo munjila”! President Robert Mugabe was the first to arrive in New York to attend the United Nations Oceans Conference that opened there on Monday. It’s a total embarrassment given that like Zambia, Zimbabwe is a landlocked country and the nearest ocean is the Indian Ocean which is about 1000km away. Like some of the conferences Rupiah used to attend or not going far this Dununa Reverse Lungu keeps on attending, we have no reason to be at most of these conferences. All he does with his Kaiser Zulu is patronise whore night clubs screwing them and bringing new strains of AIDS into the country. Anyway, at least with Sekuru Mugabe, umbwamba buli ndwii, to him screwing is like tring to paddle the Nalikwanda with rops!

    • Last time i checked, to attend these conferences, one is usually invited by the UN. For Bob to be there, it is probably because non landlocked countries like Angola or Namibia are part of SADC and other regional groupings hence the need to involve other strategic regional countries.
      Your language is a reflection of the unruly behavior and culture of insults that characterise the tonga grouping and its political affiliate upnd. It shows the hate your kind have for other groupings in the country and hence your inability to ascend to power. History has shown that this hatred is inculcated in you donkeys from a very young age and it develops into full blown extremism; KK knew you people very well and his deliberate policies of denying you development are being comprehended today!! To write…

    • …such insults and your lack of respect is the reason why majority Zambians (it is like fate that your population is compromised as you would have unleashed hell on the country had you been in majority!!), even the new generation, will NEVER ALLOW YOUR PROFANE KIND TO EVER HOLD THE REIGNS OF POWER OF THIS COUNTRY, GOD BLESS ZAMBIA!!!

  21. All what Zambia politician talk about is fighting each than developments they have done. It’s a shame you choose selfish leaders who have power hungry than serve their people. Hope you have learnt a lesson.

  22. If I were Kampyongo, I would just shut up. The fact that he is the only one in the ruling party attacking Kambwili is a sign that he sees Kambwili as the obstacle to his hidden motives. My guess is that Kamyongo is eyeing a very senior position in the party and government, probably that of Vice President.
    My advice to Kampyongo and his cohorts is that this is time to work; time deliver on the campaign promises of 2016, not time to float ECL as the presidential candidate for 2021, NO! Its’ time to explain the PF-led government’s achievements and plans for now and beyond. This talk of “ECL is the PF’s presidential candidate for 2021” is sickening, to say the least. It’s time to work, please!!!

    • @ Fuehrer-I totally agree with you that this presidential talk is absolutely unnecessary at this time. This is the time to deliver on the campaign promises but again we are in Africa where party members are rewarded not according to their output but according to how loud one sings for the president.

  23. Kambwili has divergent views, and you know due to immaturity, PF is not tolerant to divergent views. So Kambwili without committing any offence is being punished for a divergent view. And divergent views strengthen intra party democracy, but of course not in the dark continent of Africa

  24. “Ati let him not forget how he was politically dealt with” thank you kampyongo for admitting that firing kambwili was driven by selfish individuals like yourself.

  25. Kambwili is now rich, after stealing from Govt. Like o others who ve milked boma, GBM (defence & zesco contracts), hh (personal privatization of parastatals), now he is next to get sturbon due to stollen money. Good luck Kambwili, yo friends GBM is on the run in South Africa, hh is eating birthdays in jail. Just don’t b next, anti-corruption is going thru files with yo name on them.

  26. These verbal exchanges among senior party members is sign enough of leadership vacuum. We are watching PF crumble into segments right in our faces. No respected among leaders. cho, chise. pa last ati akashimi ka chipani ca PF kapela.

  27. These are just tactics to divert attention from the rising cost of living, electricity etc, lack of jobs, no money in the pocket. Why does PF and its leadership not issue statements and have press conferences on the economy, how to pay retirees, how to cushion Zambians from the harsh and venomous economy

  28. shame on you mr kampyongo …leave kambwili alone as zambia is a democracy.why cant you sir deal with the chinese and improve these horrible 1910s prisons .the chinese have scared you to hell and you have now releasesd their mafia in the mines you have nothing to telll us .the zambian law is not respected and you shamely pretendiding all is well

  29. PF and ECL they have released the chinese and yet they were saying they dont control the judiciary ..ha ha ha these people are very dangerous and they mean to harm zambia

  30. PF under the current leadership must be very careful as they are playing in the hands of UPND and this will prove to be disastrous. Reading the current constitution I do not think ECL quilify to stand as President in 2021 yet people like Kampyongo and Mwila are endorsing his candidacy, what is there basis? I foresee a situation we’re the current Constitution will be amended to allow ECL to stand. But in my view that will be a big political miss calculation as PF will be divided and split into factions. This is when CK will be the ice breaker and handover power to UPND. I can assure you CK will form his party and eat in PF support base in Lusaka, CB,Luapula, Northern, Muchinga and parts of central amoung the Bemba speaking support as this regional voting is very real in Zambia while the…

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