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China confirms Zambia has freed 31 Chinese held for illegal mining

Headlines China confirms Zambia has freed 31 Chinese held for illegal mining

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying speaking during a press briefing
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying speaking during a press briefing

China’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that 31 Chinese nationals who had been held for illegal mining in Zambia have departed the country to return home.

China had complained that Zambia provided no strong evidence of crimes committed by the 31 arrested on the Chingola, including a pregnant woman and two victims of malaria.

But the Zambian Immigration Department said the Chinese would have to be deported for violating the law.

“After repeated representations by China’s Foreign Ministry and its embassy in Zambia, on the afternoon of June 6, the 31 Chinese citizens that had been seized and detained boarded a plane and left Zambia smoothly to return home,” Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

In a letter, the 31 had expressed their “satisfaction” with the Chinese embassy’s efforts on their behalf, Ms. Hua told a regular news briefing.

Answering questions from Journalists, Ms Hua said “I am pleased to tell you that after China’s Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Zambia made multiple representations with the Zambian side, the 31 Chinese nationals have left from Zambia for China by air on the afternoon of June 6 local time.”

She said, “According to my information, relevant departments of Zambia allowed normal departure of these 31 people. Before leaving, they wrote a letter of thanks to the Chinese Embassy to express their appreciation of and satisfaction with the work done by the embassy.”

Chinese companies have invested more than US$1 billion in Zambia, but there has been animosity, with some Zambian workers accusing firms of abuses and underpaying.


  1. And a 15 year school boy in Mpika has been arrested for playing with his goat’s aakalofu.
    Chinese jerabos are free… Zambia is for some-of-us.

    • If this crime by the 31 individuals were committed in China, they could possibly have been executed.

    • Where is the validity of the statement from the president who says he only pardons if convicted now??? Consistently inconsistency PF

    • A Chinese life is superior to a black life.

      Visit China and visit zambia.

      In my opinion 3 Zambian lives are worth 2 Chinese and as well equal to one whiteoperson.

      Look at novel peace, Einstein, people that mattered and revolutionised this world – any Blacks?

      My point is – don’t jail Chinese lives



    • Sovereign country kwisa? Mwe mbushi mwe buunda bwaku bwatabwata pali HH!
      Where is kapyango or whatever he is called where is Sunday and mumbi mwe mbuli mwe!

    • Ba Lungu, these Chinese you have released, were they convicted? Proof enough that you deliberately planned to punish HH. This is not healthy for Zambia Mr President. You can’t forgive HH? Even if he does not recognize, simply ignore him. With evidence against them, KK pardoned Shamwana, Christon Tembo and others. By keeping HH in prison, you are simply denting your name, more so the country’s good reputation, the consequences of which only poor Zambian will bear. Is that the kind of legacy you want to leave? You still have a chance to do the right thing and save the good name of Zambia, and indeed yours. It’s not too late. The Pukuta Mwanzas, the Joshua Bandas, and the Imakandos of this world, help the President by explaining to him what the bible says about forgiveness. He is a…

    • The Pukuta Mwanzas, the Joshua Bandas, and the Imakandos of this world, help the President by explaining to him what the bible says about forgiveness. He is a christian. We have heard him time and again encouraging Zambians to pray to God. I think he needs to be encouraged to pray as well so he can receive the grace to see the importance of forgiveness.

    • Useless president. He said he doesn’t interfere with police cases. Who released these illegals and how? You’re selling our country to the Chinese after giving them Deadnbc. What is next?

    • On Friday 26 May, Lungu said “Zambia is not a ‘Cinderella Republic’ where anyone can come and speak as they wish and meddle in the affairs of the country”. Well, the Chinese have done it and shown you – Lungu – that your words don’t amount to anything; full of nothing but hot air; like the new age psychological bubble. How does it feel to swallow your own “vomit”? Sovereignty my foot!!

    • Drunkard President
      Weak President
      lazy president
      rigging president
      illegal president
      Jealous president
      Wanna-be Dictator president
      3rd term president
      God-mocking president
      vengeful president
      corrupt president

      Now tu ma illegal immigrant chinese are untouchable & above the law? See how they’ll rape our resources without even licenses or paying taxes.

      Guys, lungu ni wa wrong.

    • that when you are realsing ati tulifipubafye?Africans were stolen from africa to the new world(usa,brazil,canada, etc).Not one african president even talks about reparations on behalf of these brothers and sisters.every year you go to new york for UN,yet in your addresses you cant even collectively speak for the black man in the americas.We hate ourselves more than we love the foreigner.we would rather sell our own to death and gladly bend over backwards for the foreigner to walk over us.We are a damaged people and we wont get better unless we throw away all that is foreign to us.Lies such as(Christianity,democracy,white mans education,white mans concept of civilization).we are trapped like the monkey in shaka zulu.Our greed wont let us let go of these lies

    • @ Ichalo the point is they have been deported which is the right thing to do. being in a country illegally is an issue whose ultimatum is deportation and not long term imprisonment. My only contention is that these Chinese must have impacted a high standing PF Members Money channel…. and they are paying the consequences this is not a normal immigration move …. otherwise they would be deporting these people in droves

    • So much emphasis on the “safe” and “comfortable” departure of these suspects. No details, however, of what they did and how they did it. If truly they were doing illegal mining (which is supposed to be a big crime) and the only penalty you can give them is a ticket back home, then you’re not enforcing the law properly. Because if you were caught doing anything illegal in China, such as mining, most likely you would receive more than just deportation. Also this sets a bad precedent for others doing illegal stuff in the country, as it seems to suggest that if you’re committing crimes, the only penalty you get is deportation. Enforce the law accordingly, you PF 1eaders . These people needed jail time. Shame on you.

  2. “No one will tell us who to arrest or who to release.No,no.We are a sovereign nation..” I remember someone saying these or words to that effect not too long ago!

  3. I don’t blame the Chinese for anything. I blame our govt. Lungu or someone before him except for Kaunda and Mwanawasa. During KK such nonsense would not have been allowed. The rule of law is broken. Corruption is at all time high. The police are working for those in power and not for the people. Meanwhile, low wages, high cost of living, diseases, and poverty are flourishing. We either let the Chinese take over or we demand a change as a country like we did in 1991.

  4. Only in Zambia…even Chine Rhino/ elephant poachers can be freed if China put pressure on Lazy Lungu. What useless waste of oxygen.

    • You really are an oxygen thief. You talk nonsense after nonsense either you are young or thick mentally.



  5. The irony of this act by the Zambian government really raises alot of questions to many of us. A foreign government intervenes and we quickly oblige. But we leave our own people rotting in our prisons and abroad without a care in our minds.

  6. What good can come from people who are only known for ama sipsip? This country called Zambia really sucks!

  7. The Chinese foreign ministry should now clear our towns of undesirable characters among their citizens. This includes those who are putting up ugly structures in our beautiful townships, in the name of investment. We do not need such investments, keep it in China’s rural areas where it belongs. While they are at it, let them also ensure that they dont allow such citizens to venture into Zambia. For now, I am happy enough that they have deported themselves but must not come back to finish our mukula trees after their arrests for illegal copper activities and copper thefts. We will lock them up again if found.

    • Mr Terrible, it’s this govt which gave license to Chinese to harvest mukula tree then later realized we were losing out,

  8. Diplomacy and dialogue are important. Don’t go on the assault insulting the Republican President and the judges. Some dundar heads can learn from this peaceful solution

    • Well done China and Zambia. Respect the President and get good results. Don’t be pompous that’s styupid

    • Tell them to do same diplomacy to Tanzanian and Namibian trucks they are detaining which were transiting mukula logs from Dr Conga

    • Iwee ka Kudo! you think Lungu alikwata amano. Your Lungu is a coward who is being controlled like a machine by the chinese and even very junior cadres in PF. You want people to respect a convicted thief iwee c1kala chawiso, who is clueless on everything apart from drinking kachasu.

  9. Innocent Zambian s are in jail but Chinese illegal miners are released without Trial in Court and allowed to leave the country without any hussles. So we have selective application of the Law. Our own Citizens are in Jail and without Trial are being treated as convicts. HH is being persecuted thru Prosecution and being treated like a Criminal even though he is innocent and has not been convicted. Lungu’s Dictatorship will be made to account one of these days. All those who have been arrested and rotting in Jail must be released forthwith. These are politically motivated charges and should be dropped for God’s sake.

  10. Confucius says , it is a very good diplomatic move to deport rather than try them in Zambian courts. Their removal is as good as a Zambian punishment.

    Nothing wrong with this decision, but they must not be allowed to return. China must not think their investment means anything goes in relation to their citizens in Zambia.

    • @Patriot Abroad, I don’t know where you’re, but try and commit a crime in China and see if all you’ll receive is deportation. No sir. Rather you’ll face the full wrath of their law, and probably get executed depending on the crime. It’s Africa’s pathetic docility of our leaders, and people like you, that encourages foreigners to come to the continent and think they can commit crimes with little to no repercussions, steal our natural resources with impunity, in broad daylight. And this trend will continue until we have a new breed of patriotic Africans who will not tolerate it, and be willing to stand up to foreign criminal gangs in defense of our continent.

  11. This empty drivel spewing Ka Mushota is a self hating ,low self worth type of black.Go to China and feed on dog meat with horrible human rights record ,illegal harvesting of prisoners organs ,terrible pollution ,high suicide rates and awash in backward communism running the state.
    Zambia is heaven compared to police state China.


  13. Iwee Lungu why didnt you tell china that zambia is a sovereign state. is it not you who told the nation not too long ago that you can only exercise you mercy when one is convicted! Where these Chinese convicted? Why do you say things that you dont mean and believe in iwee Lungu. Nga kwaliba ba president aba shakwata amano iwee niwe namba one

  14. Whatever happened to “sovereign county and we don’t interfere with legal process; Zambia is a country of laws” [email protected] I was hearing the other day? Can’t wait to hear what arguments and the kind of spin they will be using now.

  15. This message is to Lusaka times, You shouldn’t tolarate racism. You have the right to delete and not publish racial discrimination remarks. Looking at Mushota’ s comments in this article, with all honest her comments make your staff happy better? Is Lusaka times running by white people? How can someone insult you and you allow such statements to be posted on your platform.

    We shouldn’t allow racism at all cost.

    Mushota you say you have a Phd holder for once do what’s right. If you are human may God bless you. I guess if your Manager saw what you are posting online you can lose your job. Your comments should not come from someone who is educated but some who is ignorant.

    We are all equal Black, White and or whatever colour.

    Search your heart.

  16. Lusaka Times welcomes and encourages your commentary and debate. However, we request that you restrict your comments to pertinent matters. We will not tolerate any comments that are abusive, threatening, defamatory or libellous, or attacks, ad hominem and otherwise, on fellow bloggers. Should you engage in this behaviour or otherwise violate the rights of other bloggers, Lusaka Times reserves the right to pursue any and all remedies available to it, including, without limitation, restricting, suspending or terminating your access to this site, without explanation, prior notice and liability.

  17. PF is purely evil; criminals including those from State House are walking free while an innocent HH is in prision; what goes around comes around

  18. New version of colonialism taking place. These Chinese are slowly taking over and African leadership is simply not forward thinking enough to see what these short people’s long term goal is. Lungu like Jacob Zuma and Kabila and many African leaders are only in it for what they can get out of it. There is simply no thought for the average people of their countries. Dark continent indeed.

  19. PF vuvuzelas: where is the sovereignty song? Please sing it to the Chinese. Tell the Chinese government that Zambia is a sovereign state. Why are you now quiet? We heard so much of it concerning HH’s illegal incarceration, why are you now quiet? Come on Mumbi Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Sunday Chanda, Emmanuel Mwamba, Amos Chanda: sing the sovereign song to the Chinese!!

  20. The Chinese embassy did their job. They have to defend and represent their citizens in foreign lands even if they are criminals.

    Not this foreign minister Harry ‘Scarface’ Kalaba who would hand over an innocent Zambian to be interrogated by a Dictator in a foreign land.

  21. Do you all think those 31 Chinese are free as wed talk now they are in jail for embarrassing their country, the only difference is that they are being disciplined in their own country. Now where are we going to depot HH? So with him this is his country unless if he was in another country our government was going to do the same as China did. So he has got to face the law until proven innocent.

  22. @23 Diplomat J – It depends on what case one has committed, let say drug trafficking or murder what do you think will happen?

  23. As Zambians we rightly deserve a formal explanation on those Chinese criminals from the government. Otherwise we’ll all lose even the last drop of our faith in you. There should be consistency in what you preach, not being hypocritical! We are watching you day in and day out.

  24. Sober up please. It is just like your neighbour’s child has offended you, what do you do? These Chinese, I presume, will be dealt with by their Government. You should also understand that deportation of someone is also a punishment. Thanks bloggers for your positive contributions though some of you are perpetual oppossers even on something good.

  25. @ Kaputo Davies very dull as for Mushota don’t take at heart what Mushota says he/she is an entertainer just pick what you think there is some sense and leave the rest actually 3/4s of the bloggers are useless just skip/ignore them and yr BH won’t go up.

  26. Wait until Zambians become xenophobic. There are a lot of things which are eating Zambians up. It will just take one small thing which will set this country of fire, it may not be political. This is the only country in the world where foreigners are idolized, it does not matter where they come from as long as they are foreigners then all the top government officials will fall backwards to be walked on. We all know that the Chinese are involved in the illegal harvest of our mukula tree, copper theft, wild life trophy theft, ill treating and killing Zambians who work for them, taking up our land. They do all these vices knowing that nothing will happen to them. Donald Trump says America first but here our government says foreigners first.

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