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Levy Mwanawasa Hospital upgraded to a Teaching Hospital


FILE: Vice President Inonge Wina(l) flanked by His Excellency Mr.Wang Young State Councillor Peoples Republic of China doing a symbolic ground breaking ceremony of the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital Phase II
President Edgar Lungu has upgraded Levy Mwanawasa Hospital into Levy Teaching Hospital (LTH) at a cost of 48 million United States Dollars.

Speaking during the groundbreaking ceremony of the expansion of phase two of the Levy Mwanawasa University Teaching Hospital, President Lungu says the expansion will bring on board specialized medical services to ensure quality health care in the country.

In a speech read on his behalf by Vice President Inonge Wina, President Lungu says the upgraded facility will accommodate 3, 000 students.

President Lungu has since praised the Chinese government for their continued support and immense generosity shown through its unwavering support to the Zambian government and particularly to Levy Teaching Hospital since its inception.

He says government has an on-going robust programme of constructing health facilities across the country in line with the vision of providing equitable access to cost effective, quality health care services as close to the family as possible.

And speaking at the same event, Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong says the Hospital will be expanded from 239 to over 800 bed capacity health facility.

Mr. Yong says this is the biggest health institution built by China in Africa.

Speaking earlier Health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya thanked the Chinese government for its continued commitment support to the country stating that the expansion will transform the health sector in Zambia.

Meanwhile Munali Member of Parliament Professor Nkandu Luo has thanked government for taking this development in her constituency.

She says this will create jobs for the youths in her constituency.


  1. Everything is begging? Where do you foools take our tax dollars? Surely can you not put aside $50 million for this…this is how much RDA over spends on 50 kilometers of road.

    • Uko!

      UTH is already failing in anticipation of 980 deaths within 3 weeks.

      PF & visionless Lungu are just in govt for chipantepante purposes & have no agenda for the economy whatsoever.

      To date, the minister of health~Chitalu~ has not spoken about 980 deaths within 3 weeks at UTH & has failed to provide a report. Now the visionless man is doing what he knows best, being without a vision & ordering everything unorderable to please PF bandits.
      When is Lungu going outside Africa or he is confined within dictatorial Zimbabwe, Sudan, Congo,Togo & Uganda?
      By the way, how much is mealie meal are Lungu after your “fruitful meeting with the miller”~LT 2017~in January? Its been 6 months ago when Dora Siliti & blind Lungu had a “fruitful meeting with the millers” to reduce the prices…

    • …of mealie meal. But to date, its zero.
      Can are Lungu be disposed towards chawama so that PF can upgrade taverns to pubs~lol.
      How much is mealie meal today?
      The Skeleton Key

    • This is the kind of news we want to hear as Zambians.

      UPND cadres and their HH fail to engange Zambians on developmental issues affecting our nation. This government is here to stay for a long time, thats why the debate about 2021 shouldnt be at all because PF is going beyond that.

      Having said that, all Zambians must begin to shift camps from UPND to Green party – this is the next reasonable and largest opposition in Zambia.

      Forget about HH, he insulted powers that be and broke the law, he is away for a long time and when he comes out of prison (depend on courts rulling) he will just concentrate on farming.

    • @Jay Jay
      You do not have to be rude to make a point.
      There is a National budget which you can look at and answer your own question before you ask. Don’t be lazy.

    • It is trendy for Zambians to flock to something new/latest! First it was Manda Hill with O’Hagans as the meeting place then came Arcades with News Cafe which attracted the hanging out flow before the remodeling of Manda Hill then the back flow not overlooking the share taken by Levy Junction!

      With the afore going experience it now diminishes attention that “old/mature” unattractive UTH desperately needs for consideration definitely diverts to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital as a now favorite of governments’ favor being “new/young” and an externally supported UTH!

      Pity the once University Teaching gem with a reported 980 deaths within three weeks assuming a mortuary role!

  2. “Meanwhile Munali Member of Parliament Professor Nkandu Luo has thanked government for taking this development in her constituency.”

    What kind of stupidity is this…this is the selfsame reason people complain in other areas what is there to thank.

    • Jay Jay~Nkandu Luo’s parliamentary seat was nullified by the courts together with Margaret Mwanakatwe’s Lusaka central.
      It seems LT is not aware of the courts nullification of Luo & Mwanakatwe’s parliamentary seats, unless they are playing a blind gallery of pretending to not knowing at all.
      As such, both Luo & Mwanakatwe are illegally, undemocratically & unconstitutionally being mp’s when they are fully aware of their seats being nullified by the courts.
      When will violent & visionless PF bandits ever respect the courts, constitution & rules of the electoral system?
      The Skeleton Key

    • I am surprised a learned woman like Luo can use these words ” taking development to her constituency” when this is clearly Chine money…she knows Zambia are so so docile they wouldnt know the difference.

    • One thing I like about Trump is he follows through on his promises..all these corrupt African leaders who been very lazy like Lungu and dependent on Usaid like Zambia will have stand on their own two feet.

  3. At the beginning of the year, no mention of such things in the budget. and you wonder why we have such a big budget deficit. At budget preparation , what do we plan for?

    • Jinx Popo~Its CNP & leads to chipantepante leadership.
      PF doesn’t know what the budget is all about, everyday their slumber policies are changed illogically, that is PF for you.
      The Skeleton Key

    • I thought you read this id.iot “And speaking at the same event, Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong says the Hospital will be expanded from 239 to over 800 bed capacity health facility.

      Mr. Yong says this is the biggest health institution built by China in Africa.”

    • Aini sure!! Ati LTH, like Lusaka Trust Hospital (LTH). kikikikikiki!!!
      Kusoba vochita mwe banthu!! Awe sure.

  4. Its not a joy to have a teaching Hospital. We should have a specialized hospital instead where we have high level operations and research. A National Hospital

  5. Even if ECL worked to bring heaven to Zambia, some people would still violently criticize … kano nga ebo!! But hey Zambia matches on regardless!

  6. So much in this and that. So much money spent on this and that…..we appreciate so much the government should continue with the good works that it is doing, but there is one thing that all the governments have not done!!!! The PLIGHT of the RETIREE. Please can this government find money to pay RETIREES. In Zambia retiring from employment is a nightmare. most people who retire end up dying without enjoying their money. We are all potential retirees for sure. Why is it so difficult to pay what one has worked for? This fight is for all well meaning Zambians. Lets stand up and fight for our dear retired friends. You just hear that government has released money for this and that, especially sport…why cant they find money for people who have worked for so many years? How are we going to…

    • The govt can not find a mere $50million to upgrade a hospital do you honestly think they would bother about retirees? They are happy to create districts and increase salaries for chiefs and councillors…these are people who do not even work full time.

  7. Upgrading hospitals adds no value to people’s health and wellbeing in the absence of drugs and required patient_nurse ratio. Upgrading those hospitals without medical equipment is an extension of morturies rather than hospitals. UTH sees more deaths than well treated people walking back home. The government is good at making hollow and empty promises that become even more pronounced during campaign time. We are sick and tired of fake extensions and upgrading of hospitals and schools poor policies to result into meanigful development.

  8. Uwakwensha ubushiku ….hope those who are insulting this development will be too proud to use this facility.

  9. Zambians should be asking this govt how much it spends sending vip patients abroad and where it takes all the taxpayers money.

    • with a negative BOP, It is only timely that the Chinese are able to chip in and finish this project. At the current rate, it would have taken the government another 2 to 3 years to implement this project. But ofcourse, your frustration is that it bodes well with PF and ECL, hhmmm???? If it was under hh, you would be shouting about how the international community support hh, isn’t it my brother??What is good for ECL and PF is also good for hh as IT IS EVENTUALLY GOOD FOR ZAMBIA!! Peace be with you, fellow countryman.

    • statement say upgrading but the picture shows laying foundation stone by veep and china man, which is which?

  10. Lungu and Mutati will learn the hard way that while China can finance infrastructure projects they supply everything including shovels and the food they eat. They import everything from China at higher prices compared to World Market Prices. China will never give Zambia a cash Bailout with which It can import medicines and other items to run a Hospital. China doesn’t give Cash Bailouts to finance Balance of Payments or Budget Support. China will not give Zambia loans and grants that they were getting from the West. So it is grave error for Lungu to tell the West to go to hell with their money. Zimbabwe has been trying to get a Cash Bailout from China for years but to no avail. After Mugabe told the West to go hell with their money the Zimbabwe Economy started a continuous free fall and…

  11. @Musonda your observations are spot on. Zambia will regret it when they finally realise that China in spite of their USD Trillion foreign exchange reserves they don’t give Cash Bailouts to support Balance of Payments and Budget Support unlike Western govts and Financiers. Lungu should avoid Zimbabweanising the Zambian Economy becoz it will suffer the same fate as the Zimbabwe Economy. Its a grave mistake by Lungu to chase away Western Financiers and Donors from Zambia to avoid criticism for Gross Human Rights Violations and the imprisonment of HH . Lungu just has to find an answer to the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election. The problem will not go away on its own or by forcing HH to withdraw the Petition and causing him to recognize him as a Legitimate President. HH will not recognize…

  12. Hazaluza Hagain with his Under Five Card supporters with negative under five brains – masters of negativity! Please leave Zambia for good and stop commenting on our beloved country!

  13. Accolades have been attributed to the wrong people. It is the Chinese people who should get the credit not the lazy b…. The Chinese financed and built the hospital.

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