African, Caribbean and Pacific countries should re-examine trade policy with their EU counterpart-Mulusa


Lucky Mulusa speaking at the 'Invest in Zambia' business forum held at Sandton Convention Centre, in Johannesburg, South Africa on 3rd November, 2016
Lucky Mulusa
Minister of National Development and Planning Lucky Mulusa has called on the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries to re-examine trade policy with their EU counterpart.

Mulusa who is leading a high-power Zambian delegation to the European Development Days (EDD 2017) Conference in Brussels, Belgium said it was time developing countries migrated from rhetoric to discussing issues that are more practical with potential to create wealth for least developed Countries.

He said although trade remains a key component in discussions surrounding EU-ACP relationship post-Cotonou Agreement, it was critical for Africa to emphasise value addition as one of the drivers of job and wealth creation. Mr Mulusa called for an end to the existing trend of exporting raw materials among developing nations as doing so was synonymous to exporting jobs to developed countries while importing unemployment and poverty.

“This phase of discussions provides us with the opportunity to re-examine our trade policy and have a common denominator”, he stressed.

Mulusa expressed hope at the future of the ACP group in light of the willingness demonstrated by EU Member States in negotiating the framework around which the new partnership agreement will be anchored. And the Zambian Minister said it was encouraging to see how unified countries are in support of the Paris Climate Change Agreement.

He said the fight against Climate Change requires countries’ combined efforts as the phenomenon has the potential to cause untold huma catastrophe globally.

The European Development Days conference is organized by the European Commission: each year brings together key development actors from around the globe to discuss new ideas and share experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships, bolster innovative ways of finding solutions to most pressing challenges of the time. This year, the development community has gathered to shape the debate around the main theme, “Investing in Development”.



    • I remember FTJ Chiluba sent Ronald Penza to represent him at SADC meeting. At the end of the Conference, other SADC leaders were asking why Penza was not the President instead. Same question over here. Dr javu!


  1. Always conferencing and more talk but no action. I agree with him, however, when he observed that developing countries are exporting jobs when they externalize their resources.


  2. We can make a lot of diplomatic and economic headway if Caribbean countries stopped their Tax Haven provisions to Western conglomerates stealing wealth from poorer countries in the group.


  3. O of u talking above r ova looking smthng. Can u ask the same minister what “processed products” his Zambia will export to the EU? He is the minister of “development .. “, what industries ve o r they planning to develop? Where r these plans? Where is the finance model? Get those answers & verify what’s on the ground. Then u can start buying into talk talk, which is common in Z



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